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I got beaten up at Black Hat in the name of cybersecurity - CNET

For two hours, I endured chokeholds and getting rolled by cybersecurity experts in Las Vegas.

You might not really understand how encrypted messaging apps work - CNET

But you're not alone, new research shows.

Hands on with’s add-on Level 2 autonomous tech - Roadshow treats cars like computers and loads them with Level 2 semi-automated tech.

Instagram users' accounts reportedly being hijacked in spreading hack - CNET

People are being logged out and their personal details are being changed, says a report.

The $1,000 Note 9 proves your next iPhone or Android prices will get higher - CNET

Samsung follows in Apple's high-priced iPhone X footsteps. Other phone makers are sure to join.

Are your live local channels on a streaming TV service yet? - CNET

Six nationwide live TV streamers -- DirecTV Now, Fubo TV, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YouTube TV -- all offer some combination of ABC, CBS, Fox and/or NBC. Find out how they compare in your city.

Twitter Lite launches in 21 more countries, covering more developing markets - CNET

The tiny app added push notifications too.

See striking and bizarre images of cancer cells - CNET

Scientists from Australia find stunning art in the course of their medical research.

Avengers: Infinity War now on Blu-ray: Every way to watch - CNET

Big, bad Thanos is snapping his way to your living room.

Watch this delightful aerial robot dance with its dangly legs - CNET

This quadcopter-powered aerial-biped robot looks like a fun dance partner.

Chinese engineer found to have stolen secrets from San Jose tech firm Lumileds - CNET

He will have to pay $66 million in damages to his former employer.

The Art of Science draws beauty from medical research - CNET

The exhibition features artwork created from scans of cancer cells and protein.

Enter to win* the 65-inch flat screen of your dreams - CNET

This sweepstakes could land you the prize of a lifetime, if you're the lucky winner of a 65-inch LG W7 ultrathin OLED TV that's slimmer than a pencil. This giveaway ends Aug. 31, 2018.

Facebook, Google, WhatsApp in the firing line as Australia reveals encryption laws - CNET

The new laws would require tech giants to assist law enforcement in accessing encrypted communications. But the government insists it's not a backdoor.

Trump signs defense bill with watered-down ZTE sanctions - CNET

Some lawmakers had sought to reinstate penalties against the Chinese telecom giant for violating trade laws.

Chinese man tests his crazy homemade roller suit in rush-hour traffic - Roadshow

This guy is a total nutter for ripping around in traffic in this thing, but we're secretly jealous.

Andreessen Horowitz reportedly plans new VC fund for black investors - CNET

The effort aims to boost black engagement with the tech community, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Marvel Rising: Initiation is a fun team-up that kicks off with a twist - CNET

Spoiler-free review: Gwen Stacy's Ghost Spider gets an origin story with a wallop.

Nvidia Turing architecture arrives in high-end Quadro RTX GPUs - CNET

Even if you don't care about workstations, it strongly hints that the Turing-based GeForce cards are imminent.

Infowars, Alex Jones are testing the limits of free speech on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Apple - CNET

FAQ: The conspiracy theorist extraordinaire becomes the center of a debate about free speech and the internet. Here's what you need to know.

Lyft and Uber's vomit fraud problem is less and more gross than it sounds - Roadshow

Ride-hailing drivers are starting to falsify damage claims to increase their profits.

29 surprising Avengers: Infinity War facts from the DVD commentary - CNET

The filmmakers' audio commentary uncovers new (and sometimes hilarious) information.

Comcast brings $10-a-month broadband to military veterans - CNET

Military veterans will now be eligible for Comcast's Internet Essentials broadband program, which also serves poor school children and elderly Americans.

Vimeo has removed Alex Jones' Infowars too - CNET

The video sharing platform follows the lead of Facebook, YouTube, Apple and more.

Chevy Suburban and Tahoe get fancied up with big V8 power - Roadshow

General Motors' Premium Plus trim offers more options to get a 6.2-liter V8 in your full-size SUV.

Elder Scrolls game threatens to ditch PlayStation if Sony won't approve cross-play - CNET

Bethesda may skip the PS4 for Elder Scrolls: Legends, because Sony won't play nice.

Your smart air conditioner could help bring down the power grid - CNET

Hacked appliances could overwhelm the grid, researchers say.

Fortnite for Android no longer Samsung-exclusive: Is your phone getting it? - CNET

It's not just iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones anymore.

Delay: Apple just removed 32-person Group FaceTime from iOS 12 launch - CNET

You'll have to wait to FaceTime all your relatives at the same time.

Google 'won't fix' an Android P bug that kills Pixel XL fast charging - CNET

Usually, updates don't remove key features...

These Oreo cookies are meant for left-handed snackers - CNET

Oreo's new twist on packaging for International Left Handers Day caters to southpaws

This location-sharing app exposed 1.7 million passwords -- and some nudes - CNET

A study of 18 tracking apps aimed at families and couples, including Couple Vow, found security vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited.

Asteroid discovered after it makes the closest flyby of the year - CNET

The space rock came sneaking up on us from behind the sun.

Mark Hamill swaps lightsaber for sword in History's Knightfall - CNET

His role sounds suspiciously Yoda-like.

Your next Chromebook could dual-boot Windows 10 - CNET

The Campfire update may explain why «premium» Chromebooks are so big right now.

Galaxy S10 may not be Samsung's only triple-camera phone next year - CNET

The midrange Galaxy A series could come with three rear cameras, says a Korean report.

Google just did the right thing with Fortnite on Google Play - CNET

Commentary: This one little message could make a big difference.

YouTube is paying its stars again, report says - CNET

This time, YouTube pays for praise.

A Rolls-Royce Ghost looks surprisingly proper with a surfboard - Roadshow

Strange bedfellows converge to show off some excellent craftsmanship on the French Riviera.
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