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NASA’s InSight Lander Is Mars’ New Weather Forecast Provider

It’s extremely chilly on Mars, according to InSight: The NASA lander will now provide you with a daily weather report from the Red Planet. Starting on Tuesday, NASA’s InSight lander will provide daily […] The post NASA’s InSight Lande

MovieBob’s 10 Reasons ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Is the Best Spider-Man Movie Ever

At one point, Sony’s animated Marvel feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse looked poised to be a mere quirky, also-ran in an era of superhero filmmaking where a well-received live-action Spider-Man (as portrayed by Tom […] The post MovieBob&#

Micro Arcade Lets You Carry Frogger, Galaga, and Pac-Man in Your Wallet

Sure, the slots in your wallet can carry practical things like ID, loyalty, and payment cards. But they can also accommodate one of the geekiest gadgets on display at the 2019 New York Toy […] The post Micro Arcade Lets You Carry Frogger, Galaga, and P

Geek Deals: $150 Off Razer Phone 2, Nintendo Switch with $35 eShop Credit

Today, you can save big on the gaming-focused unlocked Razer Phone 2, grab a $35 eShop credit with a Nintendo Switch, and enjoy a steep discount on the iPad Pro. And if you […] The post Geek Deals: $150 Off Razer Phone 2, Nintendo Switch with $35 eShop

Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Season 2 Trailer Teases Mayhem Vigilante

Tandy and Tyrone are back to cease criminal activity in Season 2 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger series. On Tuesday, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger posted a new Season 2 trailer on YouTube, and […] The post Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dag Petition Seeks to Sell Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion to Pay Down National Debt

An online petition seeking to sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 trillion is going viral. Ian Hammond, who created the petition on, wants to sell The Treasure State to the […] The post Petition Seeks to Sell Montana to Can

PlayStation Vita Is Dead, Again, For Real This Time

The PlayStation Vita wasn’t bad. In many ways it improved on the PSP, the only non-Nintendo gaming handheld that was ever worth owning. Between its impressive power, shift from discs to cartridges, and […] The post PlayStation Vita Is Dead, Again, Fo

Toy Tuesday: The 11 Best Pokemon Toys

Has there ever been a video game franchise as toyetic as Nintendo’s Pokemon series? Hundreds of adorable (well, mostly) battling monsters, each one with its own personality. Sure, you’ve got the big names […] The post Toy Tuesday: The 11 Bes

Toxic Black Snow Blankets Parts of Siberia

This gives new meaning to the term “snowmageddon.” Residents of the coalmining region of Kuzbass in Kemerovo Oblast, Siberia have been posting images and video of towns transformed into a post-apocalyptic landscape and […] The post Toxic Bla

New Universe Map Reveals 300,000 Unknown Galaxies

Our map of the universe is expanding: A group of international astronomers just discovered 300,000 unknown galaxies in space. On Tuesday, more than 200 astronomers from 18 countries published the first phase of […] The post New Universe Map Reveals 300,

VPN Deal: Get Over 95 Percent Off Lifetime Subscription to Fastest VPN

If it’s superior protection you want, FastestVPN is exactly what you need. Score a sweet deal this President’s Day and get a lifetime subscription to this next-level VPN for just $21.24 when you […] The post VPN Deal: Get Over 95 Percent Off Lifetim

Give ‘Doom Patrol,’ and DC Universe Streaming, A Chance

The current war between the seemingly endless number of new streaming TV services actually reminds me a lot of classic video game console wars. Your service/console can have all sorts of cool features and […] The post Give ‘Doom Patrol,’ and DC Uni

Nintendo Switch Might Become a VR Headset

Last week’s Nintendo Direct gave us plenty of reasons to be happy Nintendo Switch owners in 2019 with games like Super Mario Maker 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake, and the only […] The post Nintendo Switch Might Become a VR Headset

Lightsaber Dueling Is Now an Official Sport in France

You can now engage in mock Star Wars fights in France: The nation’s fencing federation just recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport. The French Fencing Federation, which recently approved lightsaber dueling, aims to encourage […] The

Researchers Teach Autonomous Cars to Predict Pedestrian Movement

University of Michigan researchers are teaching self-driving cars to recognize and predict pedestrian movements with greater precision. By studying and three-dimensionally recreating humans in motion, the team designed a “biomechanically inspired recurr

Australian Rodent Becomes First ‘Climate Change Extinction’

Aussies are saying goodbye to their “little brown rat.” The Australian government has formally recognized the extinction of a tiny island rodent, the Bramble Cay melomys (Melomys rubicola). It’s the first known demise of […] The post

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Gwyneth Paltrow is saying goodbye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after playing Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s secretary and love interest, for 10 years. In an interview with Variety, Paltrow announced that she will […] The post Gwyneth Paltrow Is Leav

Number of Emoji References in U.S. Court Cases Growing ‘Exponentially’

Emojis are appearing in court evidence more frequently than ever, according to a report. Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman recently revealed an exponential rise in pictorial symbol references since their debut […] The post Number of Emoj

11 Long-Delayed Games That Disappointed

This week saw the release of Crackdown 3, a game that Xbox One owners have been waiting for since the release of the system. Developers Sumo Digital had lots of big promises for […] The post 11 Long-Delayed Games That Disappointed appeared first on Geek

Watch: Helicopter Team Rescues Hiker Stuck in Quicksand at Zion National Park

A hiker who got stuck in quicksand at Utah’s Zion National Park was rescued over the weekend by park rangers and a helicopter team during a two-day operation amid a winter storm, National […] The post Watch: Helicopter Team Rescues Hiker Stuck in

Nissan’s Recycled EV Batteries Power ‘Off-Grid’ Adventures

Nissan and OPUS Campers teamed up for a smart camping concept that uses second-life EV batteries to power “off-the-grid” adventures. Currently, going OTG requires a fossil-fuel generator (which is bad for air quality […] The post Nissan̵

Amazon Pledges to Make Half Its Shipments Carbon Neutral by 2030

On the long road to making all Amazon shipments net zero carbon, the company announced a short-term goal to reach 50 percent by 2030. The initiative, dubbed “Shipment Zero,” will rely heavily on […] The post Amazon Pledges to Make Half Its S

Instagram Tests ‘Donation’ Stickers in Stories

Facebook’s popular fundraiser function appears to be rolling out to Instagram users. New code pulled from the photo-sharing service’s Android app highlights a new “Donation” sticker and the ability to search for nonprofits. […] T

Decoded Great White Shark Genome Could Help Cure Cancer

Great white sharks have spawned one of the most successful movies in Hollywood history—and one of the most annoying earworms in YouTube history. Now, they’re at the forefront of a major scientific breakthrough. […] The post Decoded Great White S

‘Costume Quest’ Animated Series Will Hit Amazon Prime Video on March 8

Trick-or-treaters become the ultimate superheroes in Costume Quest, a new animated series that’s coming to Amazon Prime Video next month. The series, which is based on the characters of the Costume Quest Double […] The post ‘Costume Quest

Netflix Cancels Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher’

Netflix is saying goodbye to two major Marvel series: The streaming service just announced that it’s canceling Jessica Jones and The Punisher after their last seasons. On Monday, Netflix told Deadline that there […] The post Netflix Cancels Marvel

President’s Day Deal: Sleep Easy With Extra 15% Off on Bamboo Sheets

They say that money can’t buy happiness. But you can use it to buy new bed sheets, which is close enough. Enjoy a better night’s sleep with Bamboo Comfort 4-piece luxury sheet sets […] The post President’s Day Deal: Sleep Easy With Extra 15% O

Watch: Crack in Frozen Wisconsin Lake Swallows Pickup Truck Whole

Lake versus truck: Who wins? The owner of a Ford pickup truck in Wisconsin found out the hard truth when he drove across an unsafe area on frozen Lake Winnebago. In video and […] The post Watch: Crack in Frozen Wisconsin Lake Swallows Pickup Truck Whol

Photos: London Zoo Shares Amazing Animal X-Rays

A UK zoo has revealed the inner workings of a variety of species, including including frogs, snakes, geckos and turtles, with x-rays of some its 18,000 animals. The ZSL London Zoo’s expert veterinary team […] The post Photos: London Zoo Shares Am

Professor Finds 30-Year-Old Apple Mac Computer (And It Still Works and Loads Games)

A New York professor had Gen Xers taking a trip down memory lane when he posted images of a dusty, 30-year-old Apple IIe computer, in full working order, on Twitter on Saturday. John […] The post Professor Finds 30-Year-Old Apple Mac Computer (And It St

Crew Simulations Expose Weak Spots in NASA Mars Mission

I can barely stand a week in the same house with eight of my closest friends. Imagine what traveling 250 million miles and living with relative strangers on an unfamiliar planet could do […] The post Crew Simulations Expose Weak Spots in NASA Mars Missi

Power Rangers Are Morphin’ to a Stage Near You

Your favorite mighty morphin’ superheroes are go-going on tour. Entertainment company Kilburn Live last week announced a live stage show and fan experience featuring Hasbro’s Power Rangers. Details are scant; it’s unclear what […] The

‘Friends’ and ‘Steamboat Willie’ Get the Lego Ideas Treatment

What do the 90s sitcom Friends and the 1928 Disney classic Steamboat Willie have in common? They feature some of the most popular characters in entertainment history… and they’re being turned into Lego […] The post ‘Friends’ and

Urban Outfitters Charges $40 for 5-Pack of Random Used VHS Tapes

Urban Outfitters is handling the global crisis about as well as any of us. Judging by its online stock, the lifestyle retailer just wants to curl up in bed with a pint of […] The post Urban Outfitters Charges $40 for 5-Pack of Random Used VHS Tapes appe

Study: Indoor Air Quality Levels ‘On Par With’ Polluted Major City

Cooking, cleaning, and other routine household activities are polluting your home, according to the University of Colorado Boulder. Taco Tuesdays and weekly washes, it turns out, generate significant levels of particulate chemicals, leading […] The pos

Chandra X-Ray Telescope Uncovers Universe’s Missing Matter

About a third of the “normal” matter in our Universe is missing. And NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory may have just found it. Scientists have confidently calculated how much normal matter—hydrogen, helium, and other […] The post Chan

UK Adds GPS Location Monitoring to Criminal Ankle Tags

The UK government is rolling out new GPS tags to keep 24/7 tabs on criminals. Announced last week by Justice Secretary David Gauke, the program is aimed at domestic abuse and stalking offenders. […] The post UK Adds GPS Location Monitoring to Criminal A

Photos: New York Toy Fair 2019 Showcases Fortnite, Robots, Superheroes, and More

The young and young-at-heart gather this week at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for New York Toy Fair 2019, which showcase the latest and coolest toys and games. Major companies […] The post Photos: New York Toy Fair 2019 Showca

This ‘Star Wars’ Tweet Might Be Teasing an ‘Episode IX’ Title Reveal

Star Wars: Episode IX won’t be in theaters until Dec. 20, however, a new Star Wars tweet might be hinting that the movie’s title reveal is coming soon. On Saturday, the Star Wars UK […] The post This ‘Star Wars’ Tweet Might Be T
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