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According to This Study, You Should Buy Your Kids Legos If You Want Them to Get Into Great Schools

Everyone loves Legos, right? You can build just about anything with the fun and colorful little bricks, and there are plenty of expansion sets to help you make anything you can dream of. […] The post According to This Study, You Should Buy Your Kids Leg

Fencing Fandom Brought One of Boom!’s Best Books to Life

BOOM! Studios always come through with their original storytellers, multi-fascinating art, and layouts and overall wonderful characters that you can relate to. In Fence, you get all of this and more. C.S Pacat […] The post Fencing Fandom Brought One of

Titanium Water Bottle Puts The Squeeze On Plastic

Is there anything that doesn’t sound more amazing when it’s made out of titanium? You know, like ThinkGeek’s classic titanium spork. Or this crazy new squeezable water bottle. Yes, it’s both squeezable and […] The post Titanium W

Once Upon a Time Talks Through its Latest Mystery

The case that Detectives Rogers and Weaver are working on hasn’t been given a whole lot of focus in the last few episodes. While everyone else is out learning new things, progressing the […] The post Once Upon a Time Talks Through its Latest Myste

Who We Want to See in Ava DuVernay’s New Gods Movie

Forget the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. By far the coolest comic book movie news to drop this week is that Ava DuVernay is in talks to direct a New Gods movie for DC. If […] The post Who We Want to See in Ava DuVernay’s New Gods Movie appeared fir

The Weirdest And Worst Lara Croft Fan Art

Since her introduction in 1996’s Tomb Raider, Lara Croft has risen to the position of one of gaming’s most iconic heroines. Toting a pair of pistols, the busty archaeologist explored stunning environments, shot […] The post The Weirdest And

On My Block and the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Let Geek Tell You What to Watch This Weekend

Forget Peak TV. We’re living in an age of Peak Content, period. There are so many cool shows and movies and games and weird internet videos you could consume at any given moment […] The post On My Block and the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Let Geek T

Robotic Turtle Teaches Kids to Keep Their Hands to Themselves

Each generation lays claim to a new type of technology: the Internet, mobile phones, game consoles, e-readers, robots. Children are growing up in a world where automated machines operate cars, patrol buildings, play […] The post Robotic Turtle Teaches K

US Intelligence Has Known Russian Hackers Infiltrated Power Grids For Months

While suspicions have been floating for years, the US has officially accused the Russian Federation of launching a massive series of cyber attacks targeting critical infrastructure and utilities like power and water services […] The post US Intelligenc

Partners Reunite as Gotham Teeters Into Chaos

Most people figure that Gotham is going to end the second Bruce Wayne dons the cowl. Once that happens, it’s no longer Gotham; it’s Batman. The show certainly seems to be speeding toward that point as David […] The post Partners Reunite

Nevermore Underestimate the Intelligence of Birds

Next time someone calls you “bird-brained,” take it as a compliment. Long thought to be dim-witted and foolish, our feathered friends are more capable than we assumed. Crows can make tools, ravens can […] The post Nevermore Underestimate th

MovieBob Reviews: TOMB RAIDER (2018)

Is the new Tomb Raider good? Nope. Aww, really? Yeah, I was pretty bummed, too. Does it matter if you liked the reboot of the games or not? Let’s not get ahead of […] The post MovieBob Reviews: TOMB RAIDER (2018) appeared first on

Truth About Cats and Dogs: Veganism Is an Option

Biotech startup Wild Earth is developing “the new generation” of pet food: clean, high-protein snacks that are healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly. The first of the Berkeley-based firm’s products—”based on deep science̶

Avengers: Infinity War Final Trailer drops as Tickets Go On Sale

It’s here! We’ve been waiting patiently, well… semi-patiently, for months and it’s finally here. The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. You know, the one with actual story stuff in it. The first trailer […] The post Aveng

Scott Hampton Lets Us Know What it’s Like to Draw Gaiman’s American Gods

American Gods have conquered so much of media in the past year. The highly successful book with the same title by author Neil Gaiman has given way to two utterly amazing projects. The […] The post Scott Hampton Lets Us Know What it’s Like to Draw

An Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away—Into Old Age

Hippocrates cracked the code for a healthy life: diet and exercise. His theories, declared some 2,000 years ago and proved by modern medicine, apply to everyone—not just those with a medical degree. If […] The post An Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor A

Climate Science Finally Gets Its Day in Court

Once again, for maybe the billionth time, climate change is actually a thing. And it seems, at least one institution may finally be doing something significant about it: the courts. Much like the […] The post Climate Science Finally Gets Its Day in Cour

Geek Deals Roundup: $600 Lenovo Micro Desktop, $80 Smart Automatic Water Shutoff Valve, and more

Need a tiny desktop PC for a cramped office? For a limited time, you can grab a quad-core Lenovo ThinkCentre M710 micro desktop for under $600. You can also save big on a […] The post Geek Deals Roundup: $600 Lenovo Micro Desktop, $80 Smart Automatic Wa

MCU News: The Road to Infinity War, Spider-Man’s Next Foe & More

Marvel confirmed today that the second trailer for Avengers: Infinity War will arrive on Friday. The news comes after weeks of vague hints coming from the studio and directors Joe and Anthony Russo. The anticipation […] The post MCU News: The Road to

This Company Is Turning Canal Garbage Into High-end Office Furniture

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. One Netherlands-based business thinking along those lines has tweaked the old adage to “when careless humans fill your canals with garbage, turn it into office furniture.” […] The post This Company

‘Black Panther,’ Olympic Ice Dancers Top AI-Generated Porn Searches

Fanny packs are back. Tropical prints are in. And racially charged incestuous superhero porn is the new fidget spinner erotica. At least according to artificial intelligence. Adult video site YouPorn recently predicted the […] The post ‘Black Pant

The X-Files Prepares Us to Say Goodbye

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this show again. I’ve really enjoyed having new X-Files episodes to look forward to for the past couple months. Really good ones too, for the […] The post The X-Files Prepares Us to Say Goodbye appear

Hasbro’s Infinity Gauntlet is a Big, Glowing, Clanky Godfist

A few weeks ago at Toy Fair I saw Hasbro’s Marvel Legends series role-play version of the Infinity Gauntlet. I fell in love as soon as I saw the ridiculous bronze mitt with […] The post Hasbro’s Infinity Gauntlet is a Big, Glowing, Clanky Go

Google Open-Sources Impressive AI Camera Tools

People use smartphones for lots of different reasons. Some folks like to browse the web. Some like to listen to music. Some like to spend infinite money on bad mobile games. And some […] The post Google Open-Sources Impressive AI Camera Tools appeared f

CRISPR Screening Uncovers Details of ALS

While the genetics of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis largely remains a mystery, new gene-editing techniques are helping to uncover details of ALS. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine used CRISPR-Cas9 technology to […] The post CRISP

Everyone Raving About Drake Playing Fortnite With Ninja Makes Me Feel Old

Late last night, the gaming world was brought together when superstar rapper Drake played Fortnite with streamer Ninja on Twitch. Well, everyone except me. I haven’t actively listened to pop music for about […] The post Everyone Raving About Drak

Antibacterial Protein Discovered in Platypus Milk

Got platypus milk? A breakthrough by Australian scientists helps explain why platypus milk is so potent—and potentially life-saving. Unlike most milk-producing animals, platypus don’t have teats. Instead, they discharge formula onto their belly, [R

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Completes Lara Croft’s 2018 Synergy

After years of leaks and teases, Square-Enix finally confirmed that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a real thing. The game completes the Lara Croft origin reboot trilogy that began with 2013’s Tomb […] The post Shadow of the Tomb Raider Completes Lara Cr

Riverdale Is All Shadows and Shocks, Just as it Should Be

After last week’s trip to a cabin in the woods produced nothing but disappointment, fake-outs and product placement, this episode seemed to be trying to make up for all that. Once again, Riverdale is […] The post Riverdale Is All Shadows and Shoc

Walmart Patents Robo-Bees to Help Pollinate Crops

Bees have been mysteriously disappearing for two decades. And while that may be great news for those sensitive to stings, a world without pollinators could be devastating for food production—and, in turn, Walmart’s […] The post Walmart Patents R

11 Characters We’d Love to See in Monster Hunter: World

In case you didn’t know, Monster Hunter: World is huge. As in, Capcom’s best-selling game ever huge. There are many reasons to love MHW, but one of our favorite things is the cameos! […] The post 11 Characters We’d Love to See in Monster Hunte

Dril Tweet Bracket is The Internet’s Criterion Collection

If you haven’t noticed by now, here on we’re not just fans of the internet but specifically the weird internet. Why else do we keep writing about vaporwave and Smash Mouth and the various […] The post Dril Tweet Bracket is The Internet’

Video Games, VPNs, and You!

In the past few years, Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, have quickly become essential technology to familiarize yourself with. VPNs create an encrypted connection between you, the VPN server, and wherever else on the […] The post Video Games, VPNs, a

The Smithsonian Will Premier 4 New Space Documentaries in March and April

We’ve had a lot of major wins for space flight recently, including but certainly not limited to the monstrous Falcon Heavy launch last month. In an apparent nod to the endless march of […] The post The Smithsonian Will Premier 4 New Space Document

Hybrid Solar Cells Generate Energy From Sunlight And Raindrops

The dilemma is in the name: Solar cells have a dramatically reduced effect on rainy days. Researchers have been developing devices that generate energy in wet conditions. But most rely on pseudocapacitors and […] The post Hybrid Solar Cells Generate Ene

Black Lightning Becomes a Mentor and Loses One

When you call your episode “Revelations,” you’d better deliver. That’s the lofty promise Black Lightning made this week, and it came through. I was already excited about this show, and last night’s episode made […] The pos

What Can a Snail Tell Us About Human Memory?

At first glance, the great pond snail seems like just another slimy mollusk. But researchers have been cutting into the Lymnaea stagnalis for decades in an attempt to understand human behaviors. Memory, specifically, […] The post What Can a Snail Tell U

Happy Birthday, Selina Kyle!

I’ve had plenty of discussions about Selina Kyle. I’m the biggest Batman nerd. To this day, I try my hardest to absorb some of the history of the DC legend. Also to this […] The post Happy Birthday, Selina Kyle! appeared first on

10 Female Fighters Who Should Be In The Switch Super Smash Bros.

A new Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Well, possibly new, possibly an expanded port of the Wii U Super Smash Bros. games. No one knows yet, but considering the […] The post 10 Female Fighters Who Should Be In The Switch S
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