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How the «My Favorite Murder» podcast solved my writer's block

Sophomore jitters and postnatal depression left me with writer's block. This podcast helped me find myself again

Alice Marie Johnson: «I was supposed to draw my last dying breath in prison»

Salon talks to the woman whose release Kim Kardashian West helped secure about drug laws, justice and more

Smart Watch: Ebola drama «The Hot Zone» has all the symptoms of a classic miniseries

Will National Geographic's series go viral? Also, «She's Gotta Have It» returns, and «Archer» blasts into space

Steven Raichlen's epistle to the brisketeers is what you need for Memorial Day

«The Brisket Chronicles» will get your brisket game sorted this Memorial Day

Not lovin it behind the counter: McDonald's fails to keep workers safe

519 of the 721 attacks reported in McDonald's restaurants in the last 3 years involved a gun

50 years ago, I graduated from West Point and covered the Stonewall uprising for the Village Voice

It’s not as incongruous as it seems considering our history since then. We've come too far to get dragged back

Leaked GOP talking points: Forced birth better than abortion for rape, incest victims

GOP documents say media is exploiting Alabama ban, abortion could «psychologically wound» rape or incest survivors

«Booksmart» and the art of losing control: A platonic rom-com's lessons cross generational lines

«Booksmart» isn't just for kids. Neither are its themes, which echo through «Someone Great» and «Wine Country»

Trump administration proposes rule that would roll back transgender protections in health services

The Department of Health and Human Services plans to rewrite section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act

Opioid addicts on how they got addicted

Four Pennsylvania opioid addicts from different backgrounds speak to Salon about their lives

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signs bill banning abortions at or beyond eight weeks into law

The bill bans the procedure even in cases of rape, incest or human trafficking

Trump and Ben Carson: King and court jester of the kakistocracy

Trump's clownish HUD secretary is a perfect emblem of his incompetent misrule, but the disorder is much larger

Harvey Weinstein strikes $44 million agreement to settle civil lawsuits with his accusers: reports

The deal will reportedly be paid by insurance policies — not the disgraced Hollywood producer

«This is about attacking journalism»: Press freedom defenders on Assange espionage charges

Government has launched a «war on journalism,» advocates say — an «extraordinary escalation» of Trump's attacks

While war drums beat, Trump wants to keep Congress in the dark

With the administration confronting Iran, Trump's acting Pentagon chief wants to hide military info from Congress

HUD proposes gutting trans protections one day after Ben Carson promised it wouldn't

HUD secretary told Congress rules protecting trans people in shelters wouldn't change. One day later, they did

Love and loss in L.A.'s Eastside: Just by existing, Tanya Saracho's «Vida» is a political act

Series creator Tanya Saracho talks to Salon about the bold approach of the Starz drama's second season

Men, we need to stay in the pro-choice fight — in Alabama and beyond

If women aren't free to make their own reproductive health care decisions, nobody can be free

Can Democrats win in 2020 by attacking Trump? A new study says no

New study shows that support for Trump remains remarkably stable, despite a slew of controversies and scandals

Aaron Sorkin read Breitbart for inspiration as he wrote «To Kill a Mockingbird» script

Salon talks to Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin about adapting the classic Harper Lee story for the Trump era

Right-wing D.C. prayer group pushing Trump administration's anti-sex agenda

What separation of church and state? Religious right is pushing its dogma hard behind the scenes in Washington

Nancy Pelosi urges Trump's family to have an intervention with him «for the good of the country»

«Maybe he wants to take a leave of absence,» the speaker of the House adds during her weekly news conference

Judge rules against Trump's request to block banks from complying with subpoenas issued by Democrats

It is the second defeat for Trump this week in his fight to stop lawmakers from accessing his financial records

Donald Trump's former secretary of state claims Vladimir Putin outmaneuvered the president

In response to Rex Tillerson's comments, Trump tweeted Thursday his former chief diplomat was “dumb as a rock”

After Trump walked out of meeting, Pelosi told Conway: «I’m responding to the president, not staff»

What happened after President Donald Trump stormed out of a meeting with Democratic leadership at the White House

Trump's infrastructure tantrum backfires immediately — and Senate Republicans know it

Desperately trying to change the subject from impeachment, Trump stages another episode of «Chuck and Nancy»

CEO of small Florida bank loaned Trump millions in 2018, then got Federal Reserve post

An obscure bank loaned Trump money to purchase his sister's Palm Beach home. Its CEO now sits on a Fed board

«Do you want to dance?» I said these words and my life changed forever

Dance class? Nothing could have been less cool. If mom had asked I never would have agreed. Thank God she didn't

Malcolm Nance: Mueller gave Trump a pass for «the greatest scandal in American history»

Author and former intelligence officer says Mueller «pulled every punch,» Trump must be impeached to save America

Trump administration delays Harriet Tubman's appearance on $20 bill

Trump described the decision to put Tubman on the $20 bill as «pure political correctness» during a 2016 town hall

Tyrion Lannister and «Richard III»: «Game of Thrones» grants the literary justice Shakespeare denied

One of the best legacies of «Game of Thrones» is how it gave us a more sympathetic version of King Richard III

Dishonoring the troops on Memorial Day: Trump's pardons for war criminals are a massive insult

By pardoning war criminals, Donald Trump sends a clear signal: America's military are violent thugs with no honor

American taxpayers have spent at least $102 million on President Donald Trump's golf tab: report

Trump's ever-rising golf tab thus far totals three times the cost of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe

President Trump denounces Democratic investigations in Rose Garden: «I don't do cover-ups»

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi earlier claimed that Democrats believe the president is «engaged in a cover-up»

House Democrats subpoena former White House communications director Hope Hicks

The Democrats also subpoenaed Annie Donaldson, the former chief of staff to then-White House counsel Don McGahn

Justice Department offers to share additional Mueller documents to avoid House action against Barr

The move seems to be a last-ditch effort to stave off an «enforcement action» against Attorney General William Barr

Yes, Justin Amash is an impeachment hero. Don't expect other Republicans to follow him

Unlike the rest of the Tea Party, Amash actually seems to have read the Constitution. For the GOP, that's treason

New York just made it harder for President Trump to abuse his pardon power

«The rule of law is a core pillar of our nation's democracy,» New York Attorney General Letitia James says

Gender, «electability» and journalism: How to cover the 2020 election without sexism

After the massive media failures of 2016, this campaign feels like a crucial test for American journalism
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