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“Truth isn’t truth”: Rudy Giuliani tries to explain why Donald Trump won’t testify on Russia

The former mayor of New York created another meme Sunday after he embraced the post-truth world Donald Trump wants

What makes a man a man? A new memoir explores the limits of the gender binary

In “Amateur,” transgender boxer Thomas Page McBee becomes the first trans man to fight in Madison Square Garden

How new fathers use social media to make sense of their roles

What dads do online helps them navigate gender roles as society changes

Butter, eggs and sugar: How to make famous Brooklyn baker Margaret Palca’s chocolate chip cookies

“I love chocolate chip cookies. I believe a chocolate chip cookie a day keeps the doctor away,” Palca writes

GOP leader accuses Twitter of censoring conservatives, finds out his user settings was hiding tweets

Kevin McCarthy was irate earlier this week because he couldn’t see Laura Ingraham’s tweet, but it was his own fault

Exclusive: Is a senior Air Force general using his power to spread far-right Christian nationalism?

Brig. Gen. John Teichert faces charges he has used his rank and authority to spread extremist, anti-American views

The U.S. needs to get over its obsession with GDP

GDP alone is inadequate to measure the economic performance of a country

More people died from opioid overdoses than by guns or car crashes in 2017, preliminary data shows

An increase in opioid overdoses could be related to a decline in life expectancy, according to a new study

Scientists just discovered that spiders can fly using electricity, spawning fresh nightmare fuel

Spiders have learned how to harness the Earth’s own electric fields and use them to fly for long distances

Rising suicides in Mexico expose the mental health toll of living with extreme, chronic violence

New data reveals the dangerous mental health toll of living with extreme, chronic violence: suicides

Donald Trump, the compulsive misogynist

Trump always needs a woman to beat up on. Think Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Angela Merkel, and Theresa May.

Kavanaugh ranks second-to-last in terms of public approval of any SCOTUS nominee dating back to 1987

If confirmed, Kavanaugh will tilt the balance of the court.

Catholic priest sex abuse crisis tests the separation between church and state

Separation of church and state is a key issue as Pennsylvania reacts to the Catholic sexual abuse investigation

Programmers need ethics when designing the technologies that influence people’s lives

What does this code do — and what does it mean?

A vegetarian goes to Transylvania: The case for breaking meat rules on vacation

I stopped eating meat years ago. Why? Who cares! But once I go through passport control, all menu items are a go

The bizarro world of Steven Seagal: Hero in the movies, villain in real life

The washed up action star is, in real life, more like the villains from his movies than the heroes

The case for boosting WNBA player salaries

Through the 2018 WNBA All-Star game on July 28, viewership was up 38 percent compared to the same point last year.

College-bound after a brush with death: How do you let your kid go when you almost lost her?

My daughter almost died. Now I have to survive sending her to college

Why don’t the geosciences have more diversity?

One factor may be minorities’ lack of significant childhood experience with outdoor spaces

Why “Nigerian Prince” scams continue to dupe us

These scammers don’t exploit technological vulnerabilities — they exploit human ones

When a woman is accused of sexual misconduct: The strange case of Avital Ronell

A brilliant philosopher is brought down by harassment charges; her defenders make things worse. We have questions

In defense of using “the new normal” to describe climate change

While government officials and the media like to throw the phrase around, scientists kind of hate it

Death Cab for Cutie blurs the line between truth and fiction on “Thank You For Today”

Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard talks about the new album, the power of maturity and perspective, and 10 years of sobriety

Light beam lets the deaf (gerbil) hear

A next-generation cochlear implant might allow the hearing-impaired to listen to music and cope with noise

Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project poses major threats to Southern Resident Orcas

The expansion could lead to the pod’s extinction if action is not taken immediately, Greenpeace activists warn

Remember Afghanistan? Trump’s strategy is failing badly as Taliban gains ground

At least 200 Afghan security forces were killed this week as U.S.-led troops retreat before the Taliban

Donald Trump once considered pitting black contestants against white ones on “The Apprentice”

Meanwhile, Tom Arnold appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and continued to proclaim that the “N-word” tapes do exist

Behavioral neuroscientists ring the alarm on the long-term damage of family separation

The neurological and behavioral consequences of separating children from parents can persist into adulthood

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips sues state of Colorado, claiming religious “persecution”

“Colorado has renewed its war against him by embarking on another attempt to prosecute him,” the complaint alleges

CEO Jack Dorsey explains why Twitter gave Alex Jones a “timeout” versus banning the Infowars host

“We need to make sure that we are applying our rules consistently,” the CEO of Twitter tells NBC News’ Lester Holt

Kellyanne Conway suggests her husband George’s anti-Trump tweets violated their “marital vows”

Conway speaks out about husband’s tweets for the very first time: “It’s a violation of basic decency, certainly”

Stitch Fix founder Katrina Lake does the math on CEOs and maternity leave

She’s the youngest female founder/CEO to take a company public. Who better to rewrite the maternity leave script?

No, NASA has not been playing music to wake up the Opportunity rover

Rover still won’t respond as a massive Martian dust storm begins to clear, but scientists remain optimistic

Fox News host Tucker Carlson presides over hateful attack on trans politician Christine Hallquist

“She can get away with many, many things simply by being transgender,” Chadwick Moore said on Carlson’s cable show

White nationalist Jason Kessler humiliated by father during Nazi livestream: “Get out of my room!”

Kessler was spewing antisemitism when his father walked in and yelled at him

Omarosa defends “hush money” claim: “Every time the Trump people challenge me, I bring the receipts”

The former “Apprentice” star offers up a new tape as proof that she was offered “hush money” by Trump’s campaign

“Disenchantment” and the evolution of Matt Groening’s feminism

The man behind Lisa Simpson gives us a progressive Princess. But does it restore his cred?

#FreePress day: Newspapers congratulate selves for First Amendment. OK! Now get back to work

Newspapers join hands to proclaim they’re not enemies of the people. Symbol of resistance, or just pathetic?

“BlacKkKlansman” screenwriter: Trump voters want “absolution” for supporting his racism

Salon talks to Kevin Willmott, who collaborated on the screenplay with Spike Lee, about past and present racism
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