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President Trump taps Robert O'Brien to replace John Bolton as national security adviser

Earlier this year, Trump sent O'Brien to help free A$AP Rocky, who was being held in Sweden on assault charges

Corey Lewandowski's stonewall campaign finally crumbles: Are impeachment counts coming?

Trump's onetime campaign manager strutted and preened — and then got dismantled by the Democrats' lawyer

Covering up the corruption: GOP tries to block probe of Mike Pence's Ireland trip

Mike Pence spent $600,000 on limousine rides so he could stay at Trump's resort in Ireland. Republicans don't care

New study: Trump's Electoral College win was no fluke — and is likely to happen again

Republicans likely to win 65 percent of close elections where they lose the popular vote, according to new analysis

Edward Snowden sued by Trump's DOJ over memoir government «does not want you to read»

Government suing Snowden over publication of new memoir — amazingly, he hadn't submitted manuscript for approval

Another banned food additive discovered in e-cig pods

Scientists were alarmed to find the banned food additive pulegone at high levels in vaping products

Corey Lewandowski stays loyal to Trump, dodges questions in chaotic congressional hearing

«You are like a fish being cleaned with a spoon. It's very hard to get an answer out of you,» Rep. Johnson told him

Manhattan district attorney subpoenas Trump's tax returns in probe of hush money payments

State prosecutors are seeking tax returns for the president and the Trump Organization dating back to 2011

Congress investigates Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao over possible conflicts of interest

«Reports suggest that you used your official position to elevate Foremost Group's influence and status»

Rep. Ayanna Pressley to introduce resolution calling for impeachment inquiry into Brett Kavanaugh

The «squad» member says it is «our responsibility to collectively affirm the dignity and humanity of survivors»

Republicans' new plan for victory: Claim men are the «real» victims of #MeToo

Trump and his allies argue men like Brett Kavanaugh are the victims of feminism. So far, the public isn't buying it

Time for the 2020 candidates to go after Trump on his supposed strength: the failing economy

Democratic candidates have veered away from direct attacks on Trump. That's a big mistake — he's getting weaker

Donald Trump, king of chaos: New research on right-wing psychology points toward big trouble ahead

Trump's supporters want chaos and destruction. When their bad drug high finally wears off, it won't be pretty

Elizabeth Warren rolls out anti-corruption plan to «fundamentally transform our government»

Dem contender's ambitious plan aims to «root out corruption in Washington» and «take power away from the wealthy»

Shane Gillis fired from «Saturday Night Live,» robbing world of racist, homophobic originality

«Saturday Night Live» parts ways with a comedy maverick whose main shtick was saying slurs just to say them

A surgeon explains how opioid makers trick doctors into prescribing painkillers

I'm a surgeon — and I saw how the industry works from the inside. Not even my family was immune

A salute to Ric Ocasek and Eddie Money, who gave us the soundtracks to our soundtracks

Both men are somehow simultaneously precisely of an era, and also precisely of your cousin’s wedding

Republicans know Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath: They just don't care

Proof of Kavanaugh's perjury is welcome, but conservatives basically don't think sexual assault is a big deal

The Joe Biden wokeness paradox: Can black voters support him and also hold him accountable?

Biden's Birmingham speech was high on emotion when black voters need solutions. But Democrats also need a win

Here's what the Democratic candidates never talked about last week: Impeaching this guy

Congress is in turmoil, and the 2020 candidates are hanging back. That's clearly the best way to re-elect Trump

Is the Trump administration squelching a whistleblower — and a major scandal?

Intel Committee chair Adam Schiff thinks there's a major scandal brewing — and it may touch Trump personally

Democrats retreat from reality: Understanding last week's depressing debate

Last week's debate wasn't the heavyweight battle in the Bayou City many hoped for. It was Democrats gone dismal

Instagram is helping drive a black market for succulent poachers

Many native succulents are going extinct, thanks to plant poachers fulfilling a huge demand for Californian plants

The common banana is trash and likely to go extinct: Try eating these alternatives instead

The Cavendish banana is doomed, but there are plenty of other commercial banana cultivars Americans don't yet know

«You want a rich lady mouth»: Could fixing my teeth fix my life?

Adult orthodontia is exploding. Are we all trying to run from our pasts?

Kaiser healthcare workers plan for nation's largest strike since 1997

Union leaders call for 80,000 Kaiser Permanente workers to be ready to strike on or after Oct. 1

The Trump depression (and we don't mean the economy): Key symptom of autocratic regimes

Experts see a «population-based depression» taking hold in America. But it might force us toward positive change

Why are college students so stressed out? It's not because they're «snowflakes»

College students exhibit stress at levels far higher than their parents did, and it's no wonder why

I interviewed people in their 80s about how they cope with aging. Here's what I learned

Should we fear, or embrace, aging? These 80somethings explain their outlooks

Not just the bees: First-of-its-kind study shows neonics may be killing birds too

Bees died en masse from Colony Collapse Disorder, now known to have originated from neonicotinoids. Are birds next?

Why is billionaire Tom Steyer running for president — as an enemy of big corporations?

Hedge fund billionaire tells Salon his campaign is driven by two issues: corporate money and the climate crisis

Private lessons for a famous male director: Was I complicit in this loaded workplace dynamic?

I wouldn't have gotten the job if I wasn't young and pretty and smart, so I cultivated an air of appealing mystery

Caffeine and clean: Why you should fall in love with shower coffee

After you read this, you'll have no need to take a caffeine-free shower any longer

The rules of TV are coming «Undone»

Looking at Amazon's new series from Ralph Bob-Waksberg; late night welcomes another female face with Lilly Singh

Why everyone deserves a right to recreation

You deserve a break: Mark Twain, Andrew Yang and others have all made the case (indirectly) for a right to play

«These girls became perfect prey»: The women who ended Larry Nassar's abuse tell their stories

Salon talks to the author of «The Girls» about the brave women who brought down the Olympic gymnastics doctor

With this week's debate, Joe Biden is now pushing his Iraq war falsehoods to the max

Joe Biden has started spinning a new story about his views on the Iraq war. It's no better than the old one

All hail Tim Curry's Pennywise, the definitive evil «It» clown

Bill Skarsgård is fantastic as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but no one will ever beat Tim Curry's iconic portrayal

ABC's debate moderators don’t understand what universal healthcare is

Corporate news media has turned universal health care into a wedge issue to protect their Big Pharma paymasters
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