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Do Facebook and Google need to be broken up?

The unprecedented power of these tech giants to manipulate and shape discourse may be impeding our democracies

A classic gumbo recipe from «Mississippi Vegan»

Use this recipe as a jumping-off point for a traditional gumbo or add vegetables to brighten-up the classic version

«Proven Innocent» and the power of social justice TV: «Audiences aren't dumb. They're fascinated»

Salon talks to EP Danny Strong about Fox's «Proven Innocent,» his new show inspired by the Innocence Project

What happens when you create a fake music record label and upload bad music to Spotify

A scholarly experiment to figure out how Spotify works (and how to trick it)

How Sarah Cunningham became a «stand-in mom» at gay weddings

If mom doesn't approve of your gay wedding, Sarah Cunningham will gladly serve as a «stand-in mom» for the nuptials

State of emergency: For once Donald Trump is telling the truth, by accident

Trump's border crisis is imaginary but the emergency is real. It's high time we saw how big and how urgent it is

Trump's repeal of light bulb standards will increase pollution, cost billions

Trump's efficiency rollback will cost Americans billions and pollute widely

Chris Wilson's master plan transformed his life after prison. He insists he's «not an anomaly»

Salon sits down with the author, artist and job creator to discuss the real issues the formerly incarcerated face

Trump will score another win if Big Media fetishizes his soap opera while the working class suffers

Equating aggregate national unemployment data and a robust stock market with a strong economy is a sucker's game

Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes

Scholar and Washington Post columnist says those who wear MAGA hats are «morally accountable» for Trump's actions

Train wreck: Healing for two and parenting with PTSD

That nanosecond flash of adrenaline when the subway jerks to one side or the other takes me back

Smart Watch: Go home with Amy Sedaris and into wild, wild country with «Documentary Now!»

Weirdness starts at home, as Amy Sedaris teaches us. Also, «Documentary Now!' descends upon »Batsh*t Valley"

One blue wave was not enough: Democrats need another in 2020

Beating Donald Trump might not be Democrats' biggest task in 2020: A second blue wave could reshape history

Why the Punisher is more relatable than Superman: «Anger is an easier feeling»

Salon talks to writer/director Steve Lightfoot about antihero appeal and bringing the Punisher to life on Netflix

Wells Fargo provides an object lesson in how not to rebrand a Black Hat bank

When a bank has earned justifiable customer suspicion it's possible to scratch back trust; but that's also earned

Paul Manafort is keeping one big secret & that’s a ticket out of jail for both him and Donald Trump

Manafort's «accidental» lies will deal American justice a black eye and he'll walk with oodles of Russian cash

Texas elections chief sorry for fake news about 95,000 «illegal» voters, still wants purge

Texas secretary of state admits there weren't 95,000 «illegal» voters, but still wants to purge state's voter rolls

Activist defeat of Amazon is a win for democracy over technocracy

“These voices killed this deal... That could set a remarkably good precedent moving forward," one economist said

«Lorena» confronts the truth about the Bobbitts — and how America failed her

Amazon's new docu-series about the infamous «malicious wounding» case tears down old myths about both Bobbitts

Beto O'Rourke counters Trump's hardline stance on border: «Absolutely, I'd take the wall down»

O'Rourke, a potential 2020 contender, has continued to reject Trump's immigration views, saying «walls end lives»

Ann Coulter scorches Donald Trump: «The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot»

The author and conservative commentator says Trump is «digging his own grave» and his supporters «fell for his BS»

In 1969 the fifth Beatle was heroin: John Lennon's addiction took its toll on the band

In early 1969, the faces of heroin addiction for Paul, George and Ringo were John and Yoko

For Donald Trump, there's an emergency: Democrats are winning and he's in trouble

There is no «national emergency,» and it's not about the wall. Trump is trying to invalidate the 2018 elections

Chris Cuomo suggests Sean Hannity is more powerful than Trump: «What he says, the president does»

Hannity, who's as an informal adviser to Trump, urged him on Fox News to declare a national emergency at the border

President Trump declares national emergency at southern border to construct his long-promised wall

«I am going to be signing a national emergency,» Trump said during an event in the Rose Garden at the White House

GOP senators slam Trump's plan to declare national emergency at border: «Violating the Constitution»

«We have a crisis at our southern border, but no crisis justifies violating the Constitution,» Marco Rubio says

Andrew McCabe, Paul Manafort and Mueller's theory: A criminal conspiracy implicating the president?

After McCabe's revelations and confirmation that Manafort lied to Mueller, Trump clearly feels the walls closing in

«It could be a very powerful tool»: Democrats see opportunity in Trump's national emergency move

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse spoke with Salon about how Trump's national emergency reveals the deterioration of the GOP

This is not just a story about Ryan Adams

A hard reckoning's a-gonna fall — inch by inch, but it's coming

Fox & Friends" float the possibility of Donald Trump granting a presidential pardon to Paul Manafort

«That is so much jail time,» Fox News' Andrew Napolitano says. «He might very well be a candidate for a pardon»

Bow down to «the Tinder Queen»: Dating apps aren't just for hooking up

Not everyone uses apps like Tinder and Grindr for casual sex — or even dating at all

Fox News will finally let Trump surrender on the wall — as long as he pretends he won

After months of holding Trump's ego hostage on the wall, Fox talking heads are ready to let him move on

Mitch McConnell tells senators that Donald Trump will declare a national emergency at the border

«I've indicated to him that I'm going to support the national emergency declaration,» McConnell said of Trump

A valentine from «American Gods» goddess of love: Permission to own your power

Salon talks to Yetide Bataki, the goddess of love, about the new season of «American Gods» and the power of Bilquis

A doctor debunks Darla Shine's anti-vaccination claims that diseases like measles «keep you healthy»

«Bring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy & fight cancer,» was one of the false claims Shine tweeted

Physician «concerned» about Trump’s «difficulties with word-finding»

President Donald Trump had his routine physical exam this week, though the results have not yet been released

Ilhan Omar wasn't the only Democrat to grill Elliott Abrams — but she's getting all of the grief

Elliott Abrams, Trump's envoy to Venezuela, receives bipartisan defense after exchange with Rep. Illhan Omar

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cheers after Amazon scraps planned New York campus: «Anything is possible»

Amazon backs out of its plans to build a second headquarters in the city, blaming «state and local politicians»

No, sex shouldn't always be spontaneous. Salon's «Sex Toast» host Ian Kerner explains why

We talk to the author, sex therapist and co-host of Salon's «Sex Toast» about how to get our collective groove back
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