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After Stormy Daniels, two more women engaged in legal battle to speak out against Trump

Trump’s past is causing the president a legal headache that he'll have to address sooner or later

What the home of “an Indian” looks like, from the reservation to the Ganges

Two filmmakers visit each others' homelands in the documentary «Gathered Places,» streaming now on Salon Premium

Rebels of “Krypton”: A Superman prequel for the Resistance

Syfy's new drama dives deep into Superman's forefathers, who championed science and reason

I’m not with her: Cynthia Nixon’s N.Y. governor campaign is a farce

Former «Sex and the City» star is a passionate celebrity advocate. That doesn't mean she should be governor

This week on SalonTV: New Orleans mayor, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” Roxanne Shanté and more

We're talking history, hip-hop and comedy and bringing you the latest films and books

Battle of the bunnies: John Oliver spoof outsells Pence family’s book

There are two children's books on store shelves about a bunny named Marlon Bundo, and they are not the same

Facebook CIO rumored to be leaving as FTC scrutinizes company

These are just a few of Facebook's mounting problems as the social media giant's stock dips

DeVos faces Congress amid reports of her secret plan to overhaul Education Department

Trump's education secretary is facing a grilling before Congress on a number of issues

Michael Moore blasts “corporate media” for only talking about “Russia, Russia, Russia”

«If we just get rid of Trump, and return to what it was like the day before Trump, how were things then?»

New York City Council to investigate Kushner Companies

The real estate company allegedly filed false documents in an attempt to economically exploit its tenants

The Iraq War, 15 years later: Lies, deaths and lessons we still haven’t learned

A decade and a half later, it's clear there are no winners

Ben Carson blames his wife for his $31,000 furniture

Carson defended the order to the House Appropriations Committee, citing safety concerns.

8 stock photo models who make more convincing scientists than Ivanka Trump

Trump shares images of herself conducting an experiment — and critics call out her lack of expertise in science

How Trump used Facebook in 2016 and why that tactic is coming to every important race this year

Political campaigns have learned to use social media to bully, intimidate and spread misinformation

Congress scrambles to pass a massive spending bill and keep the government running — again

Lawmakers are hoping to unveil their massive spending bill on Tuesday, but it's crunch time, and a shutdown looms

Lindsey Graham: Trump firing Mueller is “probably” an impeachable offense

There's some wiggle room in how Republicans plan to deal with Robert Mueller's eventual firing

An American woman could soon grace the U.S. quarter

The first designs could arrive as soon as 2020 – the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage

Donald Trump’s new lawyer was once a fan of indicting presidents (named Clinton)

Trump's new lawyer has gone on TV to defend the current president, but wanted Bill Clinton indicted in the 1990s

Why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year

Okay, we get it, you’re happy — no need to rub it in

Key Watergate figure John Dean: “Trump is Nixon on steroids and stilts”

«Trump is just right out front on it and he's doing it very publicly»

Another bomb goes off near Austin — this time in a FedEx center

The fifth package bomb explosion in just over two weeks is raising questions about the seemingly-related attacks

Trump’s new legal attack dog is a longtime GOP hitman and conspiracy-monger

Joe diGenova goes back to the Lewinsky scandal, and has been spreading Clinton-FBI conspiracy theories since 2016

These Republicans were buoyed by Cambridge Analytica before Trump

The digital firm that helped Trump may have started out in two other GOP races

Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump is “gearing up” to fire Robert Mueller

Colbert also has a prediction about people connected to Trump

This March Madness, we’re using machine learning to predict upsets

What surprises will this year’s tournament have in store?

This charging case doubles your Nintendo Switch playtime

When the Nintendo Switch was released last year, it became Nintendo’s fastest selling console — in part because of the amazing flexibility you have to take it with you to game on the go. But, portability means nothing when you’re running low on

Securely browse the Web with this top-rated VPN

With net neutrality being a hot topic and the abundance of digital threats online (whether that’s through ransomware, phishing scams, or hacking attacks), it’s become imperative to take a proactive approach to protecting your data and connection w

GOP wants to flood politics with dark money using hidden “policy riders”

Campaign finance reform was once a bipartisan issue. With Koch money flooding into the GOP, those days are gone

Primary day in Illinois: Will moderates bite the dust in both parties?

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski both face challenges that could end their careers

Supreme Court could limit the anti-abortion movement’s right to lie

High court to rule on California law that requires «crisis pregnancy centers» to offer real information

This is how Trump won mindless loyalty from millions of Americans

The simple, surefire formula for sycophants

Medicaid is rural America’s financial midwife

Medicaid payments allow struggling hospitals to maintain vital costly services such as maternity care

DeVos and the limits of the education reform movement

DeVos may be a uniquely polarizing figure, but she is hardly the first federal leader to champion school reform

What the media missed about the West Virginia teachers strike

West Virginia teachers share the lessons from their nine-day walkout

Trump calls for the death penalty for drug dealers

As he called for capital punishment for drug pushers, Trump echoed authoritarian leaders he has heaped praise upon

Facebook stock tanks as data harvesting scandal opens up possibility of lawsuits

The biggest social media firm is already being sued for allowing Trump-connected company to use harvested data

Undercover investigation claims Cambridge Analytica engages in illegal tactics

Channel 4 News' undercover investigation uncovers horrifying revelations about the data firm linked with Trump

Evangelicals flock to Trump as he weathers Stormy Daniels scandal

Amid the Stormy Daniels headlines, Trump's support from evangelicals has risen in the past few months

I wish I could quit you, Facebook

Concerns about abuse of privacy are chilling, but are they enough?
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