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Being born in the wrong ZIP code can shorten your life

A child in Mississippi could expect to never reach a 75th birthday, but in California a child could reach early 80s

Piers Morgan taunts Daniel Craig over baby sling, and secure dads aren’t having it

Daniel Craig’s entirely unintentional commentary on masculinity and fatherhood has the world in an uproar

Trump claims he has no business interests with anyone in Saudi Arabia—this video shows otherwise

Someone just dug up a 2015 video of Trump bragging about wealthy Saudis who put money into his properties

Google engineer triggered self-driving car accident that went unreported

Google let imperious engineer Anthony Levandowski run wild — and innocent people got hurt

Justices thwart Rick Scott’s scheme to keep Florida’s Supreme Court in GOP control for years to come

Had Scott gone through with this scheme, the Florida Supreme Court would have gone from 4-3 GOP appointees to 7-0

Patriots fan pours beer on Tyreek Hill: Boozy, toxic sports culture needs a serious cleanse

Fandom can build community, but it can also take a dark and even dangerous turn

Stephen Colbert makes fun of Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview: “Only a baby says he’s not a baby”

“Is it nap time? Do you want a warm bottle?” Colbert asked President Trump in the segment “60 Minutes of Lies”

Donald Trump smears Stormy Daniels after federal judge dismisses adult film star’s defamation suit

Inside Trump’s long history of mocking the appearances of female comedians, reporters and political opponents

Lindsey Graham tells “Fox & Friends” hosts that he will take a DNA test: “This is my Trump moment!”

The former Republican presidential candidate believes he can “beat” Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage

5 things to know about slain Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi

Khashoggi, who was 59 at the time of his disappearance, was an accomplished journalist fluent in Arabic and English

Sen. Lindsey Graham says Saudi Arabia’s crown prince ordered journalist’s killing

Reports suggest the Saudi government may soon claim that journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death was an accident

Ivanka Trump clarifies motivational quote that she seems to have erroneously attributed to Socrates

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

GOP funders giving up on more vulnerable incumbents, including 19-term Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

In a last-ditch attempt to save a GOP majority, party backers cut loose Rohrabacher and several other incumbents

Major advertisers still want nothing to do with Fox News personality Laura Ingraham: report

The news arrives months after calls for a boycott of Ingraham after she mocked a Florida teen shooting survivor

Former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen spent 50 hours voluntarily sitting down with prosecutors: report

Cohen is believed to have an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the business and Trump’s private behavior

Max Boot on the end of conservatism: “The Republican Party needs to be burned down”

Author Max Boot on finding himself “politically homeless” after renouncing Donald Trump’s Republican Party

Argentina beat the odds, will revive its economy

The country bets 60 percent interest rates – and $50B international bailout – will revive its economy

Lindsey Graham’s response to Chelsea Handler’s homophobic tweet doesn’t make him an LGBT ally

“We’re moving on from that,” Graham said of Handler’s homophobia. But Graham can’t move on from his anti-LGBT record

GOP senator refuses to apologize after snatching phone from student about Georgia voter suppression

Georgia Sen. David Perdue snatched the phone because he didn’t want to answer a question from a constituent

Washington Post picks a side in Maryland race — the side that’s offering billions to Amazon

Does the Post’s love affair with Republican Gov. Larry Hogan reflect Jeff Bezos’ interests a bit too much?

Another court ruling against a West Virginia pipeline, then another effort to change the rules

A federal appeals court has revoked a key approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline

All eyes on Nevada: A chance to swing the Senate

Cooks and casino workers take on Trump

Robert Reich: Containing the catastrophe

These are not normal circumstances

The case of Lara Alqasem: Israel goes against Jewish liberal tradition by detaining American student

There is a long tradition of Jewish liberalism being violated by Israel’s actions against alleged supporters of BDS

Over 100 drug warrants served by Little Rock Police Department were illegal

According to the Washington Post, since 2016 the police department has raided homes with illegal warrants

Fortnite teaches children how not to function as an adult

The ever-popular game teaches children the wrong lessons about how to interact with others

Augmented reality everywhere

Coming soon: the world overlaid with data

Breast cancer survivors can benefit from strength training, studies suggest

New studies have evaluated the effects of exercise intervention on the quality of life in breast cancer survivors

The social implications of teens leaving Facebook

Many teenagers have stopped using Facebook and have gravitated instead to image-sharing platforms like Instagram

Hating Muslims in the Age of Trump: How Muslims became the enemy

The new Islamophobia looks like the Old McCarthyism

“I’m president and you’re not”: Trump mocks Lesley Stahl in brash “60 Minutes” interview

Trump’s bizarre interview covered Brett Kavanaugh, Jim Mattis, Russia, the Mueller investigation and climate change

Republicans are terrified of the “left-wing mob”: What really scares them is losing

Why are conservatives whining about the imaginary leftist mob? It’s a last-ditch effort to hold onto power

Trump backtracks on demand Elizabeth Warren release DNA results after she does: “I didn’t say that”

After years of being called “Pocahontas” by Trump, Warren can now prove that she has Native American ancestry

Med students swoop in to save health care

Medical students are incorporating politics into their profession

After budget cuts, the IRS’ work against tax cheats is facing “collapse”

Audits and criminal referrals are down since Congress cut the agency’s budget and management changed priorities

Journalist Jane Ferguson: America is on Saudi Arabia’s side in the Middle East

After 10 years covering the Middle East, PBS correspondent Jane Ferguson talks about what Americans don’t get

The hidden money funding the midterms

Strategies that let super PACs delay revealing their donors until after the election are gaining popularity.

It was a bad week for the climate: But there are good reasons not to lose hope

A climate denier is on the verge of election in Brazil as an anti-regulation Supreme Court justice takes his seat

Soccer players are workers too. And in Guatemala, they just went on strike

Players can face difficult labor conditions, including contact violations, intimidation and overt racism from fans
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