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Eyes up here: In «P-Valley,» the strippers and their grueling labor are the headliners, not men

Playwright Katori Hall gives us a gaze from the women onstage at the world around them, and the view is riveting

How 68,000 COVID-19 survivors created a world-class patient resource group in just four months

Discussions of trauma and mystery symptoms await in «Survivor Corps,» where volunteers fact-check medical claims

Will the schools open? Behind that unanswerable question lies a national catastrophe

Trump's push to reopen is ghoulish — and liberals have no coherent answer. We have failed the next generation

«The Old Guard»: Gina Prince-Bythewood on superhero diversity, that ending & sequel possibilities

Salon spoke to the director about presenting a vision of superheroes that allows more people to see themselves

How to differentiate coronavirus vaccine news from hype

How long will it take? What do trial «phases» mean? We asked scientists to explain what news is and isn't important

The long, ignoble history of presidents snubbing medical advice

Trump isn't the first president to recklessly endanger his health — but putting others at risk, too, sets him apart

A road trip through the red states, while the pandemic spikes

Masks at the Marriott? Not in Knoxville. We drove 11 hours just as the worst was coming. Here's what we saw

Alzheimer's in the era of COVID-19: What do you do when you're estranged—and next of kin?

A sudden death in the family left with me no information, or answers

Pandemic and prison: Shearod McFarland, incarcerated in Michigan, on what COVID-19 has changed

Shearod McFarland, 52, is incarcerated in Parnall Correctional Facility. He's interviewed here by Mateo Hoke

Celebrate Bastille Day with a low-effort and big-flavor take on the classic French canelé cake

Liberté, égalité, canelé!

We are far from Stoneybrook now: On the quiet revolution of «The Baby-Sitters Club»

Watching the new Netflix series as an adult makes me realize that the books I read as a kid were always subversive

«African American history is American history»: Museum exhibits respond to Black Lives Matter

New curators are bringing the Black American experience to the forefront, while existing museums shift their focus

Why some cities are turning to goats to fight fires

Goats can eat overgrown land, reducing the probability of fires. But their introduction has stoked controversy

Statues versus protesters: Trump and the GOP favor the dead over the living

Donald Trump's «base» isn't even living Americans. It's a morbid mythology of the past, and meaningless monuments

John Lennon sailed to Bermuda through a storm, «screaming sea shanties and shouting at the gods»

When a sea voyage to Bermuda turned treacherous, Lennon «went through a full-on catharsis» piloting the boat

Allies have had their “great white awakening.” But who will guide them?

«It's the collective grief of seeing George Floyd cry for his mother.»

More than 20 million people face eviction by the end of September as GOP threatens to cut aid: study

Republicans are set to let millions of American renters go off a cliff — while Trump's properties seek rent relief

The colonels list: Why is Alexander Vindman being driven out of the Army? He’s not a suck-up

To thrive in the Army, you have to kiss butt — I should know. Alexander Vindman goes out as a true patriot

Austin Mayor Steve Adler on battling the pandemic: «When this virus comes, it comes fast»

Mayor of the famously liberal Texas capital on why his state couldn't contain the surge: Is a new shutdown coming?

«The Old Guard» mixes Charlize Theron and immortality for a fresh take on overdone superheroes

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood takes the well-worn comic book genre and refreshingly brings it back to Earth

Notre Dame cathedral fire deposited nearly one ton of lead throughout Paris: report

The fallout from the 2019 fire can be seen in soil samples along the path of the smoke plume, researchers find

Kelly Reichardt's «First Cow» is a captivating and unhurried look at race & class in 1800s Oregon

A24's acclaimed film stars Orion Lee and John Magaro as two entrepreneurs who steal milk for a business venture

Is the Federalist Society rewarding Susan Collins for her Kavanaugh vote with campaign cash?

Right-wing legal group and its donors have given more than $300,000 to Collins and related PACs since her vote

Hate groups cashed in on pandemic relief before millions of Americans protested for social change

One anti-LGBTQ group, which took as much as $1 million, appears to have no income or employees, per tax records

Looks like Mike Pence wants to salvage his reputation for 2024: Hell to the nope

Mike Pence hoped his worshipful silence would protect him from the Trump collapse. But the pandemic's on him now

Mourning in America: But after the Trump era's darkness, a rebirth is still possible

At last, the American people have awakened to the dangers of this president. But the worst may still lie ahead

Charter schools may have double-dipped as much as $1 billion in PPP small business loans

Some of the schools were also awarded millions from a grant that Betsy DeVos created in April

As she eyes a new job, Laura Ingraham reportedly says: «We have to be prepared for Trump losing»

The Fox News host apparently has her eyes on the microphone of Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Rush Limbaugh 

The discomfort of «Expecting Amy» continues the evolution of Schumer's unvarnished shtick

In the HBO Max series, she shows how pregnant women «have to suck it the f**k up and act like everything's fine»

In 2020, Trump's distraction superpowers have finally stopped working

Trump shoved every scandal off the front page by generating five new outrages — but that's not working anymore

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's parents received at least $1 million in relief funds

McEnany said PPP loans were designed to help companies with 10 employees or less. Her family said it employs 141

«We do have power»: «Queens of Resistance» books profile the politicians who inspire us most – women

On «Salon Talks» Krishan Trotman discusses the 4-book series on Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters & AOC

Supreme Court rules Trump does not have «absolute immunity» in tax case: «No one is above the law»

Trump nominees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh agree with liberals that Trump has no «absolute immunity» from tax subpoenas

Supreme Court rules that Trump does not have «absolute immunity» from subpoenas seeking tax returns

Trump nominees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh agree with liberals that Trump has no «absolute immunity» from tax subpoenas

Defenders of Confederate monuments are afraid of real history

Confederate statues are part of a destructive mythology of white supremacy. Calling it «history» is an insult

Mike Davis on the global crisis: «This moment is not a tunnel with a bright light at the end»

Author and activist on Trump, the pandemic and the crisis of capitalism: «The lives of several billion are at risk»

NRA's silence on police violence is deafening — its members’ attacks on Black victims are worse

The NRA claims it's the oldest «civil rights organization» in the U.S. But it doesn't want to defend Black lives

As coronavirus cases surge, Betsy DeVos compares risk of returning to school to riding a rocket ship

«Risk is involved in everything we do, from learning to ride a bike to riding a rocket into space,» DeVos says

Berkeley McDonald's workers say lack of safety equipment spurred coronavirus outbreak

Multiple employees contracted COVID-19, and some were asked to deep-clean the store themselves in exchange for food
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