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Revisiting Adam Lanza and autism, six years after Sandy Hook


Christian nationalists are trying to seize power — but progressives have a plan to fight back


Barry Jenkins: «'People in Korea don't want to watch black characters,' you can't say that anymore»


Lessons of Maria Butina: Are men too easily flattered by young women to be trusted with power?


The most influential designer of the twentieth century is finally getting his due


What Fox News could learn about the «War on Christmas» from the Lower East Side


Instant Pot made easy by NYT food reporter and author Melissa Clark


Smart Watch: We need hot Santa Claus, now more than ever


Don't let the Oscars go host-less: There are better ways to revive a struggling awards show


Why Green New Deal advocates should address militarism

The U.S. military is the largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels and the largest source of greenhouse gases

Paris is burning — and London too: World War IV and the crisis of democracy

These events are not disconnected, and not as far away as they look. The crisis of democracy just got hotter

The 10 best kids’ books of 2018

Whether you’re looking for gift books or something to add to your kid’s library, these top 10 books fit the bill

Don’t let the Oscars go host-less: There are better ways to revive a struggling awards show

Ratings are down, and the plan to save the show — Kevin Hart — is a bust. But going without an emcee is a mistake

Influencing elections, one investment at a time

The investment theory of political campaigns and elections

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is a beautiful, bold, overstuffed melodrama

The new Spider-Man movie is a love letter to its own franchise. That’s not entirely a good thing

All Donald Trump wanted was to be president, and just look how it turned out!

He just wanted to be president, and now look at him; Trump is going to be a defendant

It’s open season in the west for energy companies

The Interior Department moves ahead with plans to lease tracts in five state for a little as $2 an acre

The EPA airbrushed away 6 million cars to make your gas mileage worse

The idea that making cars cheaper will lead to fewer cars on the road is “inconsistent with basic economic theory”

Paul Ryan’s disgraceful last act: Providing cover for Trump on Yemen war

Just as Republicans find some spine on foreign policy, Paul Ryan bids farewell to D.C. by doing Trump’s bidding

Get spa-worthy sleep with these bamboo sheets

The Bamboo Comfort 6-Piece Luxury Sheet Set provides premium comfort

Audit of Supermicro finds no evidence of secret spy chips from China

The news offers just one more in what’s proving to be a long line of oddities related to the story

Wall Street, banks, and angry citizens

The inequality gap on a planet growing more extreme

Former judges denounce immigration arrests at courthouses

Judges from across the country call on ICE Director to halt courthouse arrests

This advanced cleaning system sanitizes your toothbrush

It includes a powerful electric toothbrush to blast away plaque and a cleaning station to sanitize any bacteria

The 15 best tween and teen books of 2018

These riveting reads are sure to keep young readers turning the pages

Trump names Mick Mulvaney as “acting” chief of staff

Trump has found someone to take over the position of John Kelly

A federal judge in Texas just ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional

The Friday night decision could be the death knell of Obama’s signature policy achievement

New research reveals how sexism in healthcare can literally kill women

Data shows women were less likely to be resuscitated, or be taken to the hospital in ambulances using lights

Salon’s comments of the week: What’s “Hollywood’s best-disguised film noir”?

Our readers weigh in on the Russia investigation, workplace diversity and the darkest holiday tale

Utah GOP guts voter-approved medical marijuana initiative after lobbying from Mormon church

Utah voters passed a medical marijuana law the Mormon church didn’t like. So GOP legislators rewrote it as ordered

Wings was a better band than Paul McCartney or his critics think

The new reissues of “Wild Life” and “Red Rose Speedway” reveal a much more interesting sound behind the originals

Infectious outbreaks threaten the last Asiatic lions

Parasites and dog disease in India sweep through the cats’ only home, triggering fears for the species’ survival

Justice for Cyntoia Brown: A child trafficking victim shouldn’t be treated like a criminal adult

The 16-year-old killed the man she was sold to. Tennessee’s governor has the chance to make this right

Kellyanne Conway’s husband calls out President Donald Trump for claiming he did not commit a felony

Why George Conway is not letting up on his criticisms of the commander-in-chief

Matt Dillon on playing Lars von Trier’s psychopath in controversial “The House That Jack Built”

Salon talks to the Oscar-nominated actor about starring in the film that prompted walk-outs at Cannes

Kirstjen Nielsen blames family of seven-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody

“This family chose to cross illegally” and faced the consequences, DHS Secretary Nielsen tells “Fox & Friends”

Natalie Portman on current aims of Time’s Up: “There is a resistance” to inclusion riders

The “Vox Lux” actress is a founding member of Hollywood’s anti-harassment initiative

New York students aren’t buying Amazon’s sweet deal

New York’s offer of nearly $3 billion worth of incentives to Amazon caused uproar from CUNY students and faculty

“Once Upon a Deadpool”: A cynical cash grab that’s still too adult for kids

“Deadpool 2″ was great, so “Once Upon A Deadpool” is mildly entertaining. But there’s no reason for it to exist
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