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Cartoon: Undo-ocracy

x Vimeo Video From Wisconsin to Michigan to North Carolina, fishy power grabs (or even voter fraud) are afoot. Democratic wins are being beat back by Republicans passing lame duck legislation that strips power of newly elected leaders. It might at first g

Abbreviated pundit roundup: From bad to worse for Donald Trump

Fresh off the heels of his personal lawyer being sentences to prison and implicating him in campaign finance crimes comes news that Trump’s inauguration committee is reportedly under criminal investigation. We begin today’s roundup with Michelle Goldberg

Kentucky's Republican governor melts down over prospect of robust investigative journalism

Kentucky's maniac Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is publicly freaking out over the news that ProPublica, what he calls «a left-wing activist group funded by the likes of George Soros» (yes, that's the sound of a dog whistle) is partnering with the Lou

Individual One's wife goes to Sean Hannity for a humanizing interview and no the hell thank you

Yeah, okay, so Melania Trump went to get herself interviewed by, of course, Sean F--king Hannity, presumably as part of a please don't send my crooked family to prison speaking tour or something. Melania Trump, mind you, has spent most of these two White Hous

Open thread for night owls: Violence Against Women Act needs to protect Native women better

Rebecca Nagle at High Country News writes—What the Violence Against Women Act could do — and one major flaw: The 24-year-old Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA — the largest policy measure addressing sexual assault and domestic violence — comes up

It's Donald Trump vs. Elon Musk as the Great Wall faces off with the Big Rocket

There’s no doubt that both Donald Trump and Elon Musk have towering egos. In fact, Musk’s ambition to “turn human beings into an interplanetary species” is at least a couple of orders of magnitude more vaunting that Trump’s desire to skim, scam, sle

US returns child to asylum seeker months after accusing him, without evidence, of being gang member

Months after the Trump administration ripped four-year-old Brayan from the arms of his dad, Julio, at the U.S./Mexico border over a false allegation of gang affiliation, officials have backtracked, ProPublica reports, returning the boy to Julio this we

It's crunch time. Get your g*dd***ed Obamacare insurance. Now!

Saturday. You have until Saturday to either sign up for health insurance on, or get someone you know who needs insurance on board. For two years, Individual 1 has made it a top priority to keep as many people from getting insurance as he can. E

A defensive Scott Walker insists signing Wisconsin power grab wouldn't just be dirty partisanship

Outgoing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is laying the groundwork to sign the power grab bills denying his Democratic successor, Tony Evers, the same powers he has enjoyed so much. If he sounds a little defensive—as he should—that doesn’t mean that his argu

Oil companies ran a climate-wrecking 'stealth campaign' to roll back Obama-era car emissions rule

Automakers were eager from the minute the Trump regime took the reins at the White House in 2017 to weaken new vehicle emissions rules established by the Obama administration. While they wanted what they called “sensible” changes, what they got instead

This Week in Statehouse Action: The 12 Days of Session, Part 1 edition

For those of you who observe, I’d like to point out, with complete calm and absolutely zero panic, that OMG XMAS IS ONLY 12 DAYS AWAY [[breathes deeply]] So, yeah, I guess it’s time to start singing that classic holiday tune: The 12 Days of Session. Wh

After reporters catch Armed Services Chair trading defense stock, it's flash cards time

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, a RepublicanOfCourse, is settling in to his new position as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Inhofe, who got the job after the death of previous chairman John McCain, is a fervent believer in spending All The Money

House Democrats are coming for Trump's tax returns, and they're ready for him to fight it

Get ready, Donald. When Democrats take control of the House, they’re coming for your tax returns. That’s according to the next speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi: “There is popular demand for the Congress to request the president’s tax returns,” s

Trump is getting worried and ranty about impeachment, sources say

Campaign Action Donald Trump is getting worried about impeachment, reports NBC News, and holy crap is this a story where you want more detail on what the unnamed sources are telling reporters. The reasons Trump might be worried are obvious and many: his lon

Facilities nearing capacity as number of migrant kids detained by Trump admin hits another high

Campaign Action The number of migrant kids detained by the Trump administration in a prison camp in Texas and in facilities all across the U.S. continues to soar. The Department of Health and Human Services says that the U.S. has nearly 15,000 children in

When Trump called on Maria Butina in 2015, was someone close to him conspiring with her?

It was a little odd in July 2015 when Donald Trump, just a few weeks after launching his presidential bid, threw a question at a Las Vegas event to a Russian woman who asked him about U.S. sanctions against her country.  Trump was ready to riff. «Okay

Rebuking Trump, Senate unanimously passes measure condemning Saudi Crown Prince for Khashoggi murder

The U.S. Senate dealt two blows Thursday to the Trump administration’s abysmal handling of relations with Saudi Arabia following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  In back-to-back votes, the Senate condemned Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Moham

Trump claims undercut his own alibi on Cohen by claiming he was 'mostly PR'

Donald Trump went on Fox News to explain how he isn’t guilty of felony violations of campaign finance law for the actions he directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to take, or the scheme he cooked up with National Enquirer publisher David Pecker. And in 1

Midday open thread: Sen. Warren builds House allies; fossil fuel's green veneer at climate talks

Today’s comic by Ruben Bolling is Scientific giants of all time - Donald Trump's Guts: •  The International Trade Emissions Associations, a business lobby that includes some of the world’s biggest polluters, is throwing its weight around at c

Republican House leaves for 6 days, neglecting to have that vote backing Trump on wall funding

There was some big talk on Wednesday from House Republicans about how they totally have enough votes to approve the $5 billion in border wall funding Individual 1 is demanding the government be shut down over. They so much have all the Republican votes they n

Who'll be the next to bail? Introducing the Daily Kos Elections 2020 House open seat watch

We’ve been tracking open seats in the House at Daily Kos Elections for a long while, and for two key reasons: Retirements may be indicative of party morale, and open seats in general often provide the best pickup opportunities—for either side—every cyc

Trump admin again targeting Vietnamese immigrants for deportation, some here for decades now

The Trump administration has taken a death-by-1,000 cuts approach to its mission to deport as many immigrants as possible, chief among them ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Both actions cruelly target

After Trump's latest public lies, even the fact checkers appear to be getting punchy

As Donald Trump continues to bleat out not just false, but throughly delusional public statements, even the Associated Press fact checkers are getting punchy at this point. A new fact check of his largely inexplicable claims during Tuesday's Pelosi-Schumer me

Trump finally explains that when he says 'Mexico will pay for it' he means America will pay for it

It’s hard to single out any particular Donald Trump idea for the Stupidest Of All. There are just way, way too many contenders. But surely the idea that Mexico would pay for a border wall with the United States was always near the top of the charts. Mexic

NRA-connected Russian spy enters plea deal, confesses to conspiracy against the United States

Maria Butina, a central figure in the special counsel probe into whether the Donald Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 campaign, has entered a guilty plea in federal court, admitting she conspired against the United States. From CNN: Buti

It's time to start figuring out how to impeach Trump judges once we're rid of him

Senate Republicans, with a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence, put a judge that the American Bar Association rated as «not qualified» on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit. The Senate voted on Tuesday to confirm Jonathon K

Congress finally moves to strengthen its own sexual harassment policies

Congress might actually get its act together to fix its rigged and broken system of dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination claims. After being stalled for months, with the Senate refusing key provisions of a stronger House bill, there's a compr

National Enquirer agrees to tell prosecutors EVERYTHING it knows about Trump

The National Enquirer once harbored a treasure trove of information about Donald Trump considered so damaging it was reportedly kept in a safe. But all those revelations and more are now at the disposal of federal prosecutors in the Southern District o

Trump lays claim to his most believable defense—ignorance

Donald Trump made it through Wednesday without commenting on the sentencing of his former lawyer, and Trump Organization executive vice president, Michael Cohen. And he didn’t respond when information came out in the afternoon about his duplicitous deal wit

Trump isn't Nancy Pelosi's only win this week, as she continues picking up speaker votes

Singly and in groups, Nancy Pelosi has peeled her Democratic opponents off on her march to reclaim the speaker’s gavel, and late Wednesday she made a decisive move that scooped up seven votes. Those seven votes include some of her top opponents, who can n

Morning Digest: North Carolina GOP appears resigned to having a re-run election in 9th District

The Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest is compiled by David Nir, Jeff Singer, Stephen Wolf, and Carolyn Fiddler, with additional contributions from David Jarman, Steve Singiser, Daniel Donner, James Lambert, David Beard, and Arjun Jaikumar. Leading Off ●

Cartoon: Scientific giants of all time - Donald Trump's Guts

THE DECEMBER 2018 INNER HIVE DRIVE GET COMICS AND FORCE ME TO DO GOOD: Join the Inner Hive during December, and significantly more than your sign-up fee will be donated to UNHCR, The Refugee Agency, to help protect and care for refugees in crisis. As an INNE

Abbreviated pundit roundup: GOP's white evangelical base shrinks; tipping point for Dems on climate?

Scott Martelle at the Los Angeles Times writes—No, asylum seekers are not exploiting a 'loophole,' they're exercising a legal right: It is only in an administration as dysfunctional and truth-averse as this one that people from other countries exercisin

Open thread for night owls: 5 House Democrats sabotage effort to end U.S. support for war in Yemen

Jon Queally at Common Dreams writes—'What a Despicable Sham': MSNBC's Chris Hayes Denounces Five House Democrats as 'Cowards' for Helping GOP to Block Yemen Vote:  While a vote in the U.S. Senate to push forward a War Powers Resolution on Wednesday resul

Jan Brewer's failed war on Dreamers will cost Arizona taxpayers millions following court ruling

Former Gov. Jan Brewer’s losing, years-long battle to block Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients in Arizona from being able to apply for a driver’s license is going to cost the state’s taxpayers a shit ton of money, and it’s all h

Generic drug manufacturers 'most likely the largest cartel in the history of the United States'

A massive healthcare lawsuit hasn't been getting a great deal of attention but it’s been quietly growing, nonetheless. Almost all the states have joined a complaint against generic prescription drug makers that began with a focus on just two drugs, but

As Democrats prepare to take over the House, they want to fix Puerto Rico's debt once and for all

It’s been months since any politician or mainstream media outlet has reported in detail on Puerto Rico. But the situation on the island remains dire—socially, politically, and financially. In addition to the ongoing, extensive recovery from Hurricane Mar

Tennessee court says teen victim of sex trafficking who defended herself deserves 51 years in prison

Fifty-one years in prison is the kind of justice you get if you are the 16-year-old survivor of sex trafficking that kills a much older man who solicits you for sex. Though Cyntoia Brown is clearly the victim in this scenario—a young woman who has expe

Congressional inquiries into the death of Roxsana Hernández in ICE custody continue to escalate

The congressional inquiries into the horrific death of Roxsana Hernández while in immigration custody continue to escalate, following Congress member Bennie Thompson’s letter to acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Ronald Vitiello se

Republicans pressure IRS to audit more Americans making as little as $20,000 per year

One of the main jobs of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is to act as a collection agency. Like any collection agency, it is tasked with making sure that the monies coming in and out are lawfully accounted for. The much-feared “auditing” that the IR
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