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Democratic leadership needs to learn how to grandstand in the Trump era

The Democratic Party’s leadership is bewildering to many, but Americans are not stupid. While there is a sect of Trump voters that would be activated and energized by impeachment, there are more sane people in the country, including those behind the old b

Remember when Obama refused to work with GOP during Benghazi, Fast & Furious probes? Me neither

That was one hell of a tantrum President Barack Obama threw, wasn’t it? He had had enough. Enough of all the lies and bogus investigations. He went ahead and made like Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction, going medieval on their asses. Oh, wait a minute. That neve

Abortion bans are only the latest offensive in long-running GOP war on women

The flood of new anti-abortion laws from GOP state lawmakers is aimed squarely at triggering a court fight to overturn Roe v. Wade, now that Donald Trump has appointed conservative, Federalist-Society-chosen justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and equally cons

Can the press avoid another campaign train wreck in 2020?

Donald Trump is retweeting doctored “news” videos of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Republicans refuse to take any legislative action to protect the integrity of elections against outside interference, and the Department of Justice is now functionin

Hurricane season starts June 1. U.S. mainland media continues to fail Puerto Rico

Over 30,000 houses and apartments in Puerto Rico still have blue tarps instead of roofs. Tarps that leak. Tarps that are frayed. Coverings that do little or nothing to protect the residents from bad weather, and that any strong gust of wind will blow away. W

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Impeachment now.

I’m going to start the morning with a few words about the staggering implications of this interview with Corey Lewandowski. xTrump Advisor Lewandowski: Biden behind Steele Dossier; Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page will all be on trial «March or Apri

Saturday night owls open thread: Robert Mueller should very much want to testify in public

Cody Fenwick at Alternet writes—Robert Mueller is acting like a precious flower. It’s a huge mistake: Democrats in Congress are eager to have Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify publicly. But Mueller is dragging his feet — and making a big mistake.

What is the worst car you've ever had to endure?

There are estimated to be more than 43 million Americans going to or from some destination this Memorial Day weekend, hopefully enjoying their vacation, many of them driving along the approximate 4 million miles of U.S. highways. In a week where the toddl

Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic campaign—Introducing ...

It’s another Saturday, so for those who tune in, welcome to a diary discussing the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic Campaign. If you’ve missed out, you can catch up anytime: Just visit our group or follow Nuts & Bolts Guide. Every week I try to tac

Photographer captures images of Trump's handwritten notes, shows he cannot spell basic words

On Thursday, white supremacist in chief Donald Trump went to the White House Rose Garden and gave what can best be called an unhinged outburst of frustration at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The press was invited to this free-form idiotic event. A selection o

Thoughts and prayers: NRA’s internal civil war getting hotter with new lawsuits and accusations

If you have not heard already, the National Rifle Association is having a big civil war. No, not that racist civil war they’ve been trying to foment with the majority of America, a civil war between the non-profit NRA and the marketing company that pays mos

Majority of Michigan House co-sponsors bipartisan financial disclosure legislation

Eager to do something about the state’s F grade for integrity, on Tuesday a group of more than 60 of the state House’s 110 members introduced bills requiring Michigan’s elected officials to publicly disclose their finances. The eight-bill package woul

Report catalogues soaring incidents of trespassing, disruption, and intimidation at abortion clinics

A new report from the National Abortion Federation shows a steep rise in various incidents at U.S. abortion clinics. In 2018, trespassing had risen to its highest annual level since the federation started gathering information on these incidents in 1999.

Spotlight on green news & views: 600th edition

That headline isn’t an exaggeration. This is the 600th edition of the Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue and the Eco-Diary Rescue). That amounts to about 40,000 highlighted environmental diaries here at Dail

Former DNI James Clapper makes it clear that Trump would not have won without Russia's help

When Donald Trump produced the first list of names for his death list this week, he didn’t include that of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. But Clapper appears to be out to remedy this oversight by pointing out the fact that the Trum

Cartoon: USBP Youth Detention Facility

An aerial view of the newest US Border Patrol Youth Detention Facility at the US/Mexico border.

FBI warns that it's seeing an upsurge in white supremacist domestic terrorism

The warning signs have been building like dark storm clouds for a while now, and it appears that storm—a real one, comprised of a wave of domestic terrorism—may be about to break: According to CNN’s Evan Perez, the FBI has seen “a significant rise in

After passing a prison reform bill, Mississippi stole the money for new tax cuts—now the bill's due

In boosting the White House's own attempts at criminal justice reform, Donald Trump has used Mississippi's prison reforms as an example of how such reforms ought to work. He probably shouldn't have. A ProPublica and Mississippi Center for Investigative Report

Trump, ever shameless, is selling discounted LGBTQ Pride shirts on his website

Corporations cashing in on Pride month—a time to celebrate and center the LGBTQ community—is nothing new. You’re likely to see big name companies printing rainbows and broad statements of support (“love is love,” “equality,” and the like) on eve

Politico piles on the anti-Semitic attacks to go after Bernie Sanders as 'rich, but cheap'

There are articles that inadvertently slip in an anti-Semitic trope or racial statement. Then there are stories that heap on the verbal and visual cues so thick that it’s hard to believe the attack was anything less than fully intentional. The story Politic

Saturday midday open thread: U.S. cities hurt by NSA cyberweapon; Snapchat workers spied on users

What’s coming on Sunday Kos: Remember when Obama refused to work with GOP during Benghazi, Fast & Furious probes? Me neither, by Ian Reifowitz Can the press avoid another campaign train wreck in 2020, by Eric Boehlert House Democrats' 2018 victor

Trump administration considers allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ parents

Friday morning, the Trump administration finalized its rollback of civil rights healthcare protections for transgender Americans and women. These protections were expanded by the Obama administration, by not allowing the faux bigoted “religious exemption

An asteroid big enough to have its own moon will pass Earth on Saturday night

Don’t get out your nuclear missiles. All dinosaurs are safe this time, as the closest approach of asteroid 1999 KW4 will be about 3 million miles—about 12 times the distance from Earth to Moon. So on the list of scary encounters, this is low on the “bu

Colorado just became the first state to cap the cost of insulin. The price might surprise you

One example of an early plot point in a dystopian movie: People not being able to afford life-saving medications because corporations are gouging prices. But wait! That’s actually a reality in the U.S. One state, thankfully, is working to change this. Whil

Climate Change protests spur walkout of 100s of 1000s of students worldwide: The media yawn

Sorry you only heard this here first. But our media were understandably preoccupied by the President of the United States promoting a doctored video to try to embarrass our House Speaker by suggesting she was drunk. (Hint: she was not). Meanwhile, the childr

Trump's tariffs cost 40,000 jobs in a critical American industry—beer

With Donald Trump in the White House, there has never been a time when Americans were in such need of lots, and lots, and lots of chemical brain-numbing. But while some people might want to spend the long weekend popping open a six pack or six, prepare to mov

Trump is turning every intelligence agency into an instrument of his private revenge

Donald Trump has authorized Attorney General William Barr to sift through the classified documents of every U.S. intelligence agency looking for material he can use against anyone he perceives as an opponent. This action represents a weaponizing of the entir

HUD plans rule change enabling sex discrimination against homeless transgender individuals

Campaign Action It really doesn't get much more sick than this. In an effort to undermine protections for vulnerable transgender individuals, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is planning to allow HUD-funded homeless shelters to take a person'

Voting Rights Roundup: Democrat running for Kentucky governor could restore voting rights to 140,000

Leading Off ● Kentucky: On Tuesday, state Attorney General Andy Beshear won the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Gov. Matt Bevin in November, setting up a contest whose outcome will determine whether roughly 140,000 individuals regain the righ

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Rural America should not be forgotten

Will Wilkinson/NY Times: Has Trump Handed Democrats an Opening in Red America? The G.O.P. has left soybean fields littered with $20 bills for enterprising Democratic presidential hopefuls to pick Yet the travails of America’s struggling red regions, a

Open thread for night owls: Kentucky's Noah's Ark imitator sues insurers over rain damage

It’s the start of a three-day weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer, so here’s something lighter than usual from the Department of Supreme Irony to get you started. Andrew Wolfson at the Louisville Courier Journal reports:  The owner of the li

Advocates celebrate as House Judiciary Committee passes the Dream and Promise Act

Immigrant rights advocates burst into cheers and applause after the House Judiciary Committee this week approved legislation that would put millions of immigrants on a path to legalization and citizenship. It was a moment a decade in the making: “The bil

Giuliani tweets slurring defense of Trump attacks on Pelosi and gets walloped by Twitter

First, Donald Trump went up to a podium set up at the White House Rose Garden holding some handwritten notes that looked like they were written by an angry illiterate. Then, our white supremacist in chief retweeted an obviously doctored video of misinformati

Trump administration finalizes rollback of healthcare protections for transgender patients, women

As threatened last month, the Trump administration is rolling back healthcare protections for transgendered people and for women seeking reproductive health care. It is scrapping rules from the Obama administration that extended these protections, in the nam

ACLU files $100 million legal claim against U.S. over shooting death of unarmed indigenous woman

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP have filed a $100 million legal claim against the federal government over the shooting death of Claudia Patricia Gómez González, an unarmed indigenous woman, at th

Proposed cuts to Michigan AG’s budget seek to ‘tie her hands’ on hate crimes unit, other protections

In November, the FBI reported that more than 450 hate crimes were committed in Michigan in 2017, a 30% increase over 2016. The Anti-Defamation League has continued to report a surge in white supremacist bias and propaganda, with 60 confirmed cases in Michiga

Trump campaign says it can win on health care. No. Really

Donald Trump believes that if he keeps saying «socialism» enough, he can win the 2020 election on the issue of health care. Seriously. Tim Murtaugh, Trump's campaign communications director told Reuters that «The president has taken the iss

ACLU, Planned Parenthood file suit in district court over Alabama abortion ban

Campaign Action On Friday, May 24, the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Alabama, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama challenging the constitutionalit

Cartoon: White House summer vacation plans

Enjoy the long weekend if you got one! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Patreon.

House Republicans used an anti-immigrant term and these two Democratic leaders weren't having it

Republican efforts to derail the landmark Dream and Promise Act in the House Judiciary Committee thankfully crashed and burned on Wednesday, but not before they used dehumanizing “alien” terminology to refer to immigrants during debate. It was made 
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