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Need proof the teen activists are winning? Watch the NRA do an about-face in new video message

The NRA is feeling the heat from the uprising of teen activists and groups like Moms Demand Action. In a newly released video, NRA spokesman Chris Cox expresses support for “risk protection orders.” Also known as “red flag” laws, they help get guns ou

Open thread for night owls: How to organize to win

This guy, Marshall Ganz, is singing my song at The Nation. That song is the 176,000-precinct strategy. Local organizing, year-round, even in non-election years. It’s a song about giving voters positive reasons to vote beyond mere attachment to a charismati

Nuts & Bolts: How can Daily Kos help your activist efforts?

Welcome back, Saturday Campaign D-I-Y’ers! For those who tune in, welcome to the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic campaign. Each week, we discuss issues that help drive successful campaigns. If you’ve missed prior diaries, please visit our group or follow

This week ... In Space! Space genes, Starman, and the mysterious 'Steve'

Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space, while his twin brother Mark Kelly — known to many around these parts as the husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords — stayed on the ground. After a year, the elevated Kelly brother returned to Earth an

This week in the war on workers: What are state minimum wage increases doing to wage growth?

Wage growth for low-income workers between 2013 and 2017 showed how important minimum wage increases are: Wage growth at the 10th percentile in states with at least one minimum wage increase from 2013 to 2017 was more than twice as fast as in states withou

This week in science: Go south, young man!

At a raging South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, one Elon Musk, cofounder of Paypal, Tesla, the Boring Company, and SpaceX had this to say about space exploration and technology in general: “There’s likely to be another dark ages... particularly if ther

Don Jr.'s wife reportedly hired a criminal attorney to represent her in their divorce case

Yesterday it was widely reported that Vanessa Trump had filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. in New York. Now gossip site Page Six has reported that Vanessa made a curious legal hire to represent her: Vanessa Trump hired a criminal defense attorney

'I believed him': Former Carrier workers on Trump's betrayal

Donald Trump made big campaign promises about keeping Carrier from closing an Indianapolis plant and sending the jobs to Mexico. He made those promises to the country—promises to workers everywhere about what they could expect from his leadership. But most

This week at progressive state blogs: Walkout students call out politicians; deadly detention

This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Here is the March 10 edition. Inclusion of a blog post does not necessarily indicate my agreement with—or end

Via Facebook, Cambridge Analytica exploited data on 50 million persons for election purposes

Both The New York Times and the Observer published major stories Saturday morning about Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics company that contracted with the Trump campaign. As Kurt Wagner at Recode pointed out, these stories made Facebook’s belated sus

Shameless: Watch this supercut of Fox News' reactions to Obama and Trump on IDENTICAL issues

Calling Fox News hypocritical is like calling water “wet” or Donald Trump “an egomaniac.” It is redundant. But, every once in a while, watching the gratingly transparent, propagandist nature of a Fox News broadcast can be rather entertaining. NowTh

Saturday's midday open thread: Assaults spiked on Trump rally days; FEMA drops 'climate change'

233 days remain until the November election • What’s coming up on Sunday Kos … ° Throughout our history, we have persisted, by Susan Grigsby ° Juan Escalante, the persistent Dreamer, by Gabe Ortiz ° Republicans running out of excuse

View from the Left: Russia's raging. Where's Mr. Tough Guy now?

«It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it.» That was the most forceful statement self-imagined strongman Donald Trump could muster on Thursday, three days after U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May declared it «highly likely» th

After trolling Parkland survivors, Maine GOP House candidate Leslie Gibson abandons campaign

Leslie Gibson had a pretty bad week. He woke up Monday as the unopposed candidate for the Maine state House, but by Friday, he was a goner. First, after taking to to Twitter to complain about prominent Parkland survivor and student activist Emma Gonzalez,

FBI's McCabe refuses to go quietly. Will his firing take a bite out of gloater-in-chief Trump?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulled the trigger on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Friday night. But there was little doubt about who gave the order. And soon after the firing, that man was tweeting his gloat for all to see: xAndrew McCabe FIRED, a grea

The 2018 election is at risk, and the Republican government is looking the other way

Since September 2015, the Brennan Center of Justice at the New York University School of Law has been warning that America's voting machines are at risk. They are raising the alarm again, pointing out how vulnerable the nation's voting systems are to a cybera

Congress is back at it, passing internet laws it doesn't understand

There's a problem on the internet (well, lots of them, but we're talking about just one for purposes of this post): online sex trafficking. Where there's a problem, Congress looks for a solution, but when it comes to the internet they tend to be really, reall

Abbreviated Science Round-up: The science of science

For the last decade, the science of psychology has been in what is often termed a ‘crisis.’ In the biggest project of its kind, Brian Nosek, a social psychologist and head of the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia, and 269 co-authors

Surprise! EPA head Scott Pruitt's personal soundproof booth didn't cost $25,000. It cost $43,000

When we first learned that Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt had installed a $25,000 «soundproof booth» in his office so he could speak to who-knows-who about who-knows-what without the staff overhearing, we probably should have gu

Freedom of Information Act requests are rising, but so is government obstruction of those requests

Nothing to see here! No, literally. The federal government censored, withheld or said it couldn’t find records sought by citizens, journalists and others more often last year than at any point in the past decade, according to an Associated Press analysis o

Ohio lawyers' association issues alert regarding ICE arrests at courthouses

As civil rights groups have filed a petition to stop Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests at Massachusetts courthouses, the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has issued an alert stating that “the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme

Voting Rights Roundup: New Hampshire Democrats plan to oust secretary of state over voting rights

Leading Off ● New Hampshire: The fight for voting rights received a major boost in New Hampshire after Democratic state legislative leaders committed to supporting 2016 gubernatorial nominee Colin Van Ostern for the appointed position of secretary of stat

Confirmed: 'Donald J. Trump a.k.a. David Dennison'

Um… this is just… I can’t even… oh, goodness. Whatever you do, don’t take any sips of ANYTHING before reading the cover sheet of Friday’s new court filing from Donald Trump stooge Michael Cohen in the Stormy Daniels case. (AND DON’T MISS TH

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Chaos and false choices

WaPo: Five reasons Trump would have wanted Andrew McCabe fired All available evidence suggests Trump wanted McCabe to be fired. But why, besides spiting a man the president Trump has pilloried as a deep-state enemy? There are several reasons: xMcCab

Open thread for night owls: Why do we subsidize Big Telecom to provide subpar internet?

Susan Crawford at Wired writes—The Danger of Big City Subsidies: IN THE AMERICAN internet access world, public assets are privatized all the time. Sometimes this happens when private companies are handed direct payments in the form of subsidies: public m

Vindictive Trump fires FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just two days before his retirement

CNN is reporting that Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions has done as he was told and fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe had more recently been regularly taunted by President Donald Trump and besieged by accusations that he misled internal investigato

Jewish woman and Baptist minister unite to protect immigrant family from ICE

In California, a Jewish woman and a Baptist minister have united to protect a mixed-status immigrant family that could be torn apart by deportation. While the two daughters were born in the U.S., their parents weren’t. Last year, their dad was deported afte

Jeff Flake, who has voted with Trump almost every time, positions himself as the 2020 anti-Trump

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), in a move that surprises exactly no one, is eyeing a primary challenge to Donald Trump in 2020. Flake has been a reliable, self-proclaimed detractor of the orange one since he decided not to run this fall to keep his Senate seat. Now h

Super PAC misleads Obama-supporting Illinois voters about conservative Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski

Pathetic. Nauseating. Desperate. Pick your favorite, but these all apply to the anti-partisan group No Labels’ effort to prop up conservative Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski as he faces a progressive primary challenger, Marie Newman. One of No Labels’ supe

Tennessee Republicans heart neo-Nazis—or at least won't condemn them

White supremacist violence is on the rise in the United States—and Tennessee Republicans aren't interested in condemning it. When a Democrat in the Tennessee state House proposed a resolution condemning neo-Nazis and white nationalists, Republicans refuse

Fox News' obsession with sexual abuse committed by women fits neatly into an 'alt-right' agenda

The New York Times notes a peculiar new obsession of the Fox News website: American wummenfolk accused of sexual abuse. Through the first half of 2017, the site posted fewer than 20 stories on women accused of sex offenses. The new focus started on June 30,

Republican state lawmakers have some ... creative ideas about guns in schools

Two Republican state lawmakers have come out with views on guns in schools that, combined, say a lot about today’s Republican Party.  In Ohio, state Rep. Niraj Antani sees no reason why, once they’re 18, high school students shouldn’t be toting long

Mike Pompeo is most likely bad news for the Iran nuclear agreement

Donald Trump’s choice of the climate science-denying, torture-backing, military-first, xenophobic Mike Pompeo to be the nation’s top diplomat spurred climate science denying, torture-supporting, military-first xenophobe Bret Stephens, the right-wing nev

Louise Slaughter, longtime congresswoman and fierce liberal fighter, dies at 88

Rep. Louise Slaughter, a New York Democrat who represented the Rochester area in Congress for over 30 years, died on Friday, following a fall last week in which she sustained a concussion. Eighty-eight at the time of her death, Slaughter had been the oldest

Wildlife conservation, Trump-style: Elephant killers promoting big game hunting and trophy imports

The list of embarrassing or distressing things coming out of the Trump administration seems to have no end. It stretches from the throbbing orange ego at the top down to the most obscure commission or panel or adviser. Take this one, which Mother Jones’ St

Cartoon: Cabinet madness

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This Week in Statehouse Action: Beware The Ides edition

Note: This post was originally published on March 15, 2018. Happy Ides of March! Watch your back. … especially if you’re a Republican, because oof is that an unpopular profession these days. To wit: Conor Lamb’s win in a Pennsylvania U.S. House distr

Donald Trump wants Andrew McCabe fired, and if McCabe is fired his only hope is Donald Trump

Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is three days away from retirement. However, odds that he’s ever going to see his pension would seem to be small. Officials at the FBI have recommended that McCabe be fired, potentially upending his plans to retir

Dreamer medical student fights to keep her dad, 'example of the American Dream,' in the U.S.

Belsy Garcia Manrique already has her hands full as a medical student at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago. But since Donald Trump’s election, she’s been worried. Garcia Manrique is a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

In possible first, groups petition to have ICE walled off from Massachusetts courthouses

Civil rights groups are calling for a stop to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests at Massachusetts courthouses, a practice that has escalated since Donald Trump’s inauguration despite opposition from civil rights advocates and judges alike. 
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