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The Saints flipped the script to revive their season

In large part, it’s a testament to the narrative-building power of the first two weeks of the NFL season that the New Orleans Saints have such a hard time being mentioned alongside the formidable teams in the league this season.But how can that be? They’v

The Dirk Koetter gamble looks like a miss for the Bucs

Two years after the Buccaneers tasked Lovie Smith with rebuilding a franchise buried in the rubble that was left behind by Greg Schiano, the team abruptly fired the head coach the week after the 2015 season ended and promoted offensive coordinator Dirk Koette

As the 2017 MLB campaign ends, what made it unique and the trends that will continue in 2018

With one of the most competitive Major League Baseball campaigns in recent memory concluding with a World Series for the ages, the pages on the calendar are preparing to turn towards the hot stove season of the winter. But before the rumor mill begins to spi

Pursuing the Pennant: Astros, Dodgers prepare to cap a classic World Series

Only five games into the World Series, and we have already enjoyed four games that have outdone the best that many Fall Classic pairings have offered over their full lifespan. The dramatics of Game 1 were outdone a night later, while the Dodgers late inning r

With Chuck Pagano on borrowed time, Colts face long road back

Were Chuck Pagano a first- or second-year head coach, the fact that his team just dropped to 2-5 following a shutout loss to a division rival might be mitigated by the fact that the team has been missing its franchise quarterback for the duration of the seaso

Giannis Antetokounmpo finally knows he can destroy you

Giannis Antetokounmpo. His name is a sentence in and of itself. From the way the 2017-18 season started, those 20 letters are all you need to know about the NBA right now. The young Buck is instilling unmitigated fear in a league full of professional assassin

Houston Astros hold off Yankees, forcing Game 7

Well, are you ready for Game 7?Perhaps it took longer than the Astros would have liked, but once the runs started coming Friday night, they didn’t stop. Justin Verlander pitched his behind off (again). And finally, the best offense in baseball came alive.Ca

Kyrie Irving must lead Celtics through a disaster in search for happiness

Kyrie Irving set a back screen on Jae Crowder then caught the ball at the top of the key off a curl from a screen set by Jaylen Brown. With Derrick Rose trailing the driving Irving and LeBron James sliding over to help, Irving lofted a floater over the late-a

Jacoby Brissett: The forgotten up-and-comer

With no team trading for Jimmy Garoppolo during the offseason, it seemed as though Jacoby Brissett would spend the 2017 largely in obscurity deep on the Patriots bench. A suspension to Tom Brady coupled with an injury to Garoppolo early in the 2016 season pre

NFL Referee Hotline Bling: Austin Seferian-Jenkins drops a call

The NFL has instituted a new referee hotline, where players, coaches, and mascots can lodge complaints, ask for explanations, and whine about calls without fear of a fine. It’s like 411 means 4th-and-11. Here, we’ve compiled the best of the week’s quest

Tale of the Tape: National League Championship Series

The tables have turned in the upcoming edition of the National League Championship Series. In a rematch of last year’s NLCS pairing, the parallels are stunningly consistent. A year ago, the Cubs stood supreme as baseball’s best team, and held the home fro

Sports & Politics Intersect: White House looms large over sports world for another week

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week “Until he can prove that he’s been an avid Colts fan and comes to games on a regular basis – this is a PR play.”  - Niners safety Eric Reid on Mike Pence leaving last Sunday’

Tale of the tape: American League Championship Series

The American League Championship Series is set to be a collision of two teams riding the waves of very different types of momentum — both in the moment and throughout history.It is a clash of traditions: the 27-time World Series champion New York Yankees fa

Nikola Jokic: A throwback superstar for the modern era

In an era that was ostensibly supposed to be dominated by an augmentation of quick, talented point guards, the most fascinating players have been the leviathan men with skill sets they should have outgrown in their adolescence. The league is riddled with 6-1

Sports & Politics Intersect: Brazilian Olympic Committee sets gold standard for corruption

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week "The IOC reiterates its full commitment to the protection of the integrity of the sport." - International Olympic Committee statement announcing actions against the Brazilian Olympic Co

Who could be the breakout stars of the 2017 MLB pennant race?

A year ago, Andrew Miller announced himself on the national scene as he mowed through all-comers while carrying the Indians to the brink of a World Series win.In previous years, the "breakout" role has fallen on the shoulders of Madison Bumgarner, David Frees

Bears opt for trial by fire for Mitchell Trubisky

Pretty sweet deal for Mike Glennon. He’s getting paid $16 million for the 2017 season, and it’s most likely already over for him after four games — and he didn’t even have to get injured.When the Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the second overal

Five reasons why the 2017 WNBA Finals are not just another rematch

On Wednesday evening, the Minnesota Lynx and Los Angeles Sparks will meet in Game 5 of the WNBA Finals for a second straight year, in a winner-takes-all game that will decide whether one of the most impressive sports dynasties in recent sports history will li

Sports & Politics Intersect: Trump finds fertile battleground in sports

“Because the people run this country. Not one individual. And damn sure not him.” - LeBron James on President Donald Trump President Donald Trump rescinded his invitation to The Golden State Warriors to visit the White House via Twitter on September 2

MLB teams with the most at stake this postseason

As the final week of the Major League Baseball regular season ends, the stakes are about to get much higher for the survivors of the first round of cuts from the regular season. Perhaps more than any recent year, there is as wide open a field of legitimate Wo

After Carmelo Anthony trade, the Western Conference looks completely different

On September 25, the New York Knicks ended their relationship with Carmelo Anthony by trading him to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round draft pick. The trade marked the end of a fantastic summer for Thunder GM Sa

Sports & Politics Intersect: Mayor Garcetti rolls back the NFL red carpet

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week “We embrace any team that comes, we’re certainly happy to have the Chargers in L.A., but I think we could have been happy with just one, too.” – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcett

Getaway Day: Time runs short as postseason nears

Earlier this year, the relative anonymity of the Cleveland Indians was something worth noting. But over the last week they did everything within their power to make sure that was no longer the case, as the Indians were replaced by the #WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWI

Sports & Politics Intersect: White House sticks it to sports

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week “As a woman, she has to shake off people who have convinced themselves they watch sports to escape their wives or girlfriends. She’s catching it worse than anybody else.” - ESP

September chill hits Astros, Dodgers at worst time

If based only on the run that the Cleveland Indians have embarked on over the better part of the last month, it may be easy to forget that baseball is a sport that does not often lend itself to playing at a breakneck speed. A look at once was, compared to wha

The Sparks and the Lynx are even more dangerous than they were in 2016

There have been plenty of surprises this WNBA season, but the two teams at the top of the standing have not been among them. The top-seeded Minnesota Lynx and the defending champion Los Angeles Sparks both earned a double bye straight into the semifinal

Sports & Politics Intersect: Michael Bennett faces what he protests against

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week “I didn’t ask for this moment. It just happened to be me.” – Michael Bennett on his run in with Las Vegas police officers On August 26, following the Floyd Mayweather an

Can the Brewers stay in the fight to finish?

No matter how the last few weeks of the 2017 season shake out, the Milwaukee Brewers exceeded even the most optimistic of preseason expectations. It was just a year ago that the team was one of the most rapidly deconstructing teams in the game, looking t

Getaway Day: Streaking to the finish

The Major League Baseball schedule is behemoth to behold. Spread out over six months, it proves both why winning early (hello Astros), late (hey there, Cubs) and regularly throughout (salute to you, Dodgers) all carry their own varied importance.But there is

Sports & Politics Intersect: Dan Gilbert takes his ball and goes home

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week “The Cavaliers, Mayor Jackson and Cleveland City Council all know that the project would have been soundly defeated at the ballot box. This is their way of saving face.” – Cuyahog

Sorting out a complicated American League MVP scene

Early in the year, the American League MVP race appeared like it would follow a familiar script: look at what Mike Trout is doing, see if anybody else is having an out-of-his-mind enough season to keep up with him, and then decide whether or not to give it t

In Vontaze Burfict, NFL picks on its scariest yet safest target

If the NFL is using a fall guy to drive home the importance of a new officiating emphasis, it certainly picked the safest one. While some analysts and fans have taken issue with the length of the latest suspension handed down to Vontaze Burfict, few would arg

BIG3 championship preview: Could the year end in an upset?

The 3-Headed Monsters were my sleeper pick to make a deep run heading into the season. I thought Rashard Lewis had the kind of game that would work well for the construction of the league and that Kwame Brown’s size would provide a plethora of problems for

BIG3 Championship Preview: Could the year end in an upset?

The 3-Headed Monsters were my sleeper pick to make a deep run heading into the season. I thought Rashard Lewis had the kind of game that would work well for the construction of the league and that Kwame Brown’s size would provide a plethora of problems for

The Indians are on a mission to make you pay attention whether you want to or not

Baseball has always been a game driven by big markets. Aaron Judge and New York Yankees; Cody Bellinger, Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers; the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox and Washington Nationals all check in among the most visible

BIG3 Playoff Preview: Can anyone stop Trilogy?

2017 continued to its commitment to LaVar Ball’s moment as he was invited to Los Angeles by the BIG3 to participate in a 4-point challenge with Ice Cube. Throw that sentence in a time capsule and open it up a century from now and see if it still makes sense

NFL shifts blame for Zeke suspension to police and NFLPA

Ezekiel Elliott may very well see his six-game suspension reduced. One would think, should that happen, it’d be a setback for NFL executives, but it’s unlikely they would see it that way. By their logic, erring on the side of caution with a six-game suspe

The BIG3 in L.A.: The reverse Danny Almonte comes to Staples Center

The BIG3 had its eighth and final week of the regular season at Staples Center, and I was there. So many dominant teams played at Staples. The Magic-Kareem Lakers. The Drew Doughty Kings. The Shaq-Kobe Lakers. And, of course, the Harrington-McCants Trilogy sq

BIG3 Week 8: A complicated playoff picture

It’s the final week of the BIG3 regular season, and we have three teams vying for three playoff spots. Power has the third best record in the league at 4-3 and has clinched at least the #4 seed, but both Ghost Ballers and 3’s Company are sitting at 3-4, a
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