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Physicists Use Bubbling Quantum Vacuum to Hopscotch Heat Across Empty Space

Heat isn't supposed to move like this.

Physicists Exploit the Bubbling Quantum Vacuum to Hopscotch Heat Across Empty Space

Heat isn't supposed to move like this.

Dazzling 'Temple of Colored Marbles' Honoring Roman God Discovered in Italy

Archaeologists have discovered a 1,600-year-old temple called the «Mithraeum of Colored Marbles,» where Romans would have worshipped the god Mithras.

Thousands of 10-Inch 'Penis Fish' Washed Up on a California Beach

A «penis fish» is neither a penis nor a fish. (Discuss.)

Lightning Strikes Almost Killed the Apollo 12 Mission

The launch sparked two lightning strikes that disrupted critical rocket systems.

Lightning Bolts Create Glowing Auroral 'Elves' and Brilliant Gamma-Ray Flashes

Dark fluffy thunderclouds don't just fuel dramatic storms, they also produce some of the most energetic flashes of light on the planet.

What Was the Black Death?

The Black Death killed over half the population of Europe during the Middle Ages.

A Dark River Nearly 1,000 Miles Long May Be Flowing Beneath Greenland's Ice

It lies far below Greenland's frozen surface.

'Lost' Iron Meteorites May Lurk Beneath Antarctic Ice. Scientists on Quest to Find Them.

Scientists are scouring the remote Antarctic ice cap for rare meteorites chock-full of iron and holding secrets to the history of our solar system going back some 4.5 billion years.

Our Large, Adult Galaxy Is As Massive As 890 Billion Suns

We live in a very big house, but we can't see most of it.

The IRS Accidentally Set Up a Health Insurance Experiment and Saved Lives

A batch of bureaucratic letters from the IRS created an accidental experiment on health insurance.

Thousands of Government UFO Reports Now Available at Canadian University

A private UFO enthusiast has donated his collection of 30,000 documents to the University of Manitoba in Canada. The truth is in there.

Vast Field of Mysterious, Perfectly Circular Holes Dot the Seafloor Off California's Coast

The hole truth hints at ancient instability in the ocean bottom.

Pneumonia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pneumonia is a common infection that causes inflammation in one or both lungs. It's typical symptoms are a cough with phlegm, fever, chills and difficulty breathing.

Woman's Bones Shrank in Rare Case of 'Telescoping Fingers'

A rare medical condition caused the bones of a woman's hands and fingers to shrink.

Tiny, Ancient Native American Weapons May Have Been Used to Train Children to Fight

Predating the bow and arrow, the atlatl was a dart-throwing weapon that could launch projectiles with great force.

New Zealand Has Ordered More Than 1,200 Square Feet of Skin for Volcano Victims

New Zealand medical officials have ordered 1,292 square feet of skin to treat victims of the White Island volcanic eruptions.

New Anti-Aging Clinical Trial Begins. For $1 Million, You Can Be a Participant.

A Kansas-based company launched a clinical trial in Colombia to reverse aging. But will it work?

Humanity's Oldest Cave Art Shows Shape-Shifting Supernatural Hunters

Researchers have discovered humanity's oldest cave art. The paintings depict a hunting scene with what may be part-animal, part-human figures.

Impossibly Big Black Hole Was Probably Impossible After All

It just wasn't that big.

Inside Story Behind Mesmerizing Sky Glow Named 'Steve' Revealed in New Documentary

The story behind an oddball sky glow endearingly named «Steve» is revealed in a new documentary. Here's why the light show captivated aurora chasers.

Gold and Jewels Found on Minoan Island Devoted to the Color Purple

A storehouse of ancient treasures, including precious jewels and gold beads, has been uncovered by archaeologists on an island near Crete devoted to making a precious purple dye from sea snails.

The First Evidence of 'Head Cones' Found in 3,300-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb

Archaeologists have uncovered two ancient Egyptian burials holding bodies wearing head cones, the first physical evidence of the practice.

Neutron Flashes Never-Before-Seen Type of Magnetic Field at Earth

Neutron stars have never been caught behaving this way before.

Puppy Licks to a Woman's Feet May Have Caused Serious Skin Infection

Dogs can bring a person happiness, love, laughter ... and sometimes strange infections.

Buried Christian (and Pagan) Basilica Discovered in Ethiopia's 'Lost Kingdom' of Aksum

An ancient church from the fourth century, containing both early Christian and what may be pagan artifacts, has been unearthed in a buried town in northern Ethiopia.

Buried Christian (and Pagan) Church Discovered in Ethiopia's 'Lost Kingdom' of Aksum

An ancient church from the fourth century, containing both early Christian and what may be pagan artifacts, has been unearthed in a buried town in northern Ethiopia.

Archaeologists Discover Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old Carved Stones That Look Like Humans

Archaeologists discovered nine mysterious stone-carved objects scattered around an ancient hearth.

Enormous Craters Blasted in Seafloor by Nuclear Bombs Mapped for the First Time

«It seemed as if Captain Marvel herself had punched the planet.»

Europe Is Launching a Suicide Robot to 'Hug' Space Trash Out of Orbit

Meta description: The ESA has announced a mission to launch a four-armed robot to grab a single piece of space junk and drag it into the atmosphere.

Weird 'Tiger Stripes' on Icy Saturn Moon Enceladus Finally Explained

New research solves some of the mysteries of the «tiger stripes» on Saturn's moon Enceladus.

Mice Caught Attacking Adult Albatross in Gruesome Video

Conservationists are alarmed at the brazen behavior of invasive mice.

In Photos: Mice Brutally Attack and Devour Albatross on Gough Island

House mice that were introduced to Gough Island in the South Atlantic are attacking and killing both adult and baby albatross.

Flu Season Is Off to an Early (and Weird) Start

Flu season has arrived in the United States, and it's off to a strange start.

Why White Island Volcano Erupted Without Warning

Five people have been confirmed dead, 31 remain in hospital with injuries and eight are still missing after sudden volcanic eruptions on White Island off New Zealand.

First Pig-Monkey Chimeras Were Just Created in China

What’s got the body of a piglet and cells from a monkey? This pig-monkey chimera.

New Zealand Volcano Erupts, Killing at Least 5

A volcano erupted violently on a New Zealand island today local time, sending ash up to 12,000 feet (3,700 meters) into the air, leaving five people dead and many missing.

Hunters Set to Round Up Giant Burmese Pythons in Florida Challenge

The state of Florida is preparing to host the Super Bowl in January … and to wipe out as many invasive pythons as possible.

Stunning Warrior Grave — Complete with Chariot, Horses — Uncovered in England

Inside a 2,200-year-old grave, archaeologists have discovered a stunning Iron Age shield, along with a chariot and two ponies buried in a leaping pose.
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