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What Does Elizabeth Warren's 'Native' Ancestry Mean?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA test results indicate she has Native American ancestry. But what does that really mean?

11 Fascinating Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy

We should all get to know our galactic home better.

Mount St. Helens Eruption: Facts & Information

Picturesque Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980 and remains the most destructive example of volcanic activity in the United States.

Why Life Expectancy in 2040 Could Be Lower Than It Is Today

Life expectancy is expected to rise in 2040, under most circumstances

Photos: Peer at Glittering Insect Eyes and Glowing Spider Babies in Prizewinning Photos

See the spectacular closeup views of very tiny things, in the winning images of the 2018 Nikon Small World microphotography contest.

How the Small Intestine Works

The small intestine is about as big around as a middle finger, but it is about 22 feet (6.7 meters) long.

Why Haven't We Found Aliens? Because We're Just Not Looking Hard Enough.

We still have a long way to go in the search for intelligent aliens.

Meet Sphen and Magic, the Same-Sex Penguin Couple Raising an Egg in Captivity

Two male penguins are raising an egg together in Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium.

Defense Department Password Is Cracked in 9 Seconds. So How Safe Are US Weapons?

An evildoer with hacking skills could potentially take control of U.S. weapons systems, according to report that finds critical cybersecurity threats at the Department of Defense.

What Is Meiosis?

Meiosis is a specialized form of cell division that produces reproductive cells, such as plant and fungal spores, sperm and egg cells.

Do Canadian Carvings Depict Vikings? Removing Mammal Fat May Tell

Carvings uncovered in the Canadian Arctic may be the earliest portraits of the Vikings created in the Americas.

Stephen Hawking Said 'Superhumans' Will Replace Us. Was He Right?

Are we all going to be replaced?

Woman's Vomiting Bouts Tied to Mysterious Marijuana Syndrome. And Yes, Hot Showers Helped.

A woman who frequently ended up in the hospital with intense bouts of vomiting turned out to have a mysterious syndrome tied to heavy marijuana use.

Last Man to Walk on the Moon Mistaken About Climate Change on Earth

Astronaut Harrison Schmitt saw Earth from space, but doesn't see that human activity is shaping climate change.

The Higgs Boson May Have Saved Our Universe from Cosmic Collapse. For Now.

Dark energy may be decreasing, which puts a crimp in the notion that the universe will expand forever.

Strep Throat: Symptoms and Treatment

Strep throat is a bacterial infection. It is very contagious and can lead to severe complications.

Looks Like Climate Change Will Ruin Beer for Us, Too

Terrific, now climate change is ruining beer for us, too.

Jewelry Worn by Marie Antoinette Is Yours — To Try on in New York City

Want to Feel Like Royalty?

Hunters May Lure 'Man-Eating' Tiger with Calvin Klein's Obsession

Officials in India are considering an unusual method to lure a man eater.

The New Fastest Camera in the World Sees Lasers Move at 10 Trillion Frames Per Second

Older cameras could watch light cross the surface of a sesame seed. This is much faster than that.

Best Kids' Space Books for the Holidays

Feed and inspire a kid's thirst for space with these book picks by's writers and editors.

Photos: Ancient Tomb of 'Grand Lady' Discovered in China

Archaeologists in China have uncovered the tomb of a 900-year-old «Grand Lady,» along with various artifacts, such as the remains of a model house.

Real or Not? The Science Behind 12 Unusual Sightings


Child 'Vampire' Was Buried 1,550 Years Ago in Italy

A 1,550-year-old «vampire burial» of a child with a rock stuffed into his or her mouth has been discovered in an ancient cemetery in Lugnano, Italy.

Photos: The Power and Beauty of North America's Bighorn Sheep

The powerful bighorn sheep are icons of the American West. They are known for their epic rutting battles and being able to climb steep cliffs with the smallest of ledges. Here's a look at why they are so revered.

Another NASA Space Telescope Sidelined by Glitch

The Chandra X-ray Observatory, which has been observing the universe in high-energy light since 1999, entered a protective «safe mode» on Wednesday (Oct. 10).

Why Do Gnats Swarm?

Why do gnats insist on flying together in the same tiny air space?

Moonmoons (Moons That Orbit Other Moons) Could Exist, Scientists Say

What do you call a moon that orbits another moon?

There's a Good Chance Your Relatives' DNA Is Online. That Means People Can Find You, Too.

Over 60 percent of people in the U.S. with European ancestry can probably be matched to at least a third cousin through genealogy databases

Humanoid Robot Atlas Can Now Do Parkour and That's Not at All Terrifying (Oh, Yes, It Is)

Atlas, the humanoid robot that can run like a person, recently demonstrated a few new tricks.

Plantar Fasciitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Heel pain felt during the first few steps in the morning might be plantar fasciitis, one of the most commonly diagnosed reasons for foot pain. Doctors have developed many treatment options that can help eliminate the pain.

The FDA Found Hundreds of Supplement Brands Tainted with Rx Drugs. Most Weren't Recalled.

Over the last decade, more than 750 supplement brands have been found to be tainted with drugs, but less than half were recalled.

Every NASA Mission Should Be Looking for Alien Life, Scientists Say

Searching for signs of alien life should be part of every NASA mission, according to a new report.

Stephen Hawking's Final Paper Was Just Released

Stephen Hawking's final paper provides a possible way to measure how black holes store information

Adorable Newborn Sea Monster from the Dinosaur Age Discovered in Kansas

About 85 million years ago, when a vast sea covered Kansas, a wee, little sea monster died almost immediately after it was born.

Astronomers Just Caught the Tiniest Cannibal Galaxy in the Universe

This cannibal galaxy is tiny, and it's right in our cosmic neighborhood.

Lab-Grown 'Mini-Eyes' Show How Color Vision Develops

Researchers grew human retinal tissue in a lab «from scratch.»

Puppy-Size Roaches (and Other Bizarre Creatures) Pop Up in 'Beyond the Sixth Extinction'

In a toxic landscape of the future, what strange animals might evolve?

Liver Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment

Liver cancer is cancer that begins in the tissues of the liver, though it may also result from cancer spreading to the liver from other parts of the body.
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