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That Massive Black Sarcophagus Contained 3 Inscriptions. Here's What They Mean.

The massive black sarcophagus that captivated the world contained three inscriptions in gold.

If Identical Twins Married Identical Twins, How Genetically Similar Would Their Children Be?

A couple of identical couples recently doubled up for life.

Melting Arctic Could Rapidly Unlock 'Deep Carbon' Buried in Permafrost

New lakes formed in the melting Arctic could rapidly tap into deep reservoirs of ancient carbon.

Worst Anthrax Outbreak in Decades Strikes Farms in France

France's deadliest anthrax outbreak in two decades has killed dozens of cows, sheep and horses.

A 'Fireball' 40 Times Brighter Than the Moon Shoots Across Alabama Skies

A meteor that appeared over Alabama on Friday blazed a fiery trail.

More Women Are Using Pot During Pregnancy. Here's One Reason Why.

Some pregnant women may be using marijuana to self-medicate symptoms of morning sickness.

Pseudo-Satellite Drone Flies for 25 Days Straight, Sets Endurance Record

The Zephyr drone could be used for military reconnaissance and wildfire monitoring, among other activities.

The Most Dangerous Space Weapons Ever

Since Sputnik 1 launched in 1957, nations have been racing to gain a military advantage in space — the ultimate «high ground.» Check out the top 10 space weapon concepts from over the years.

Here's What Happens When You Flush Contact Lenses Down the Toilet (and Why You Shouldn't)

Contact lenses don't last forever, so what do you do with yours when it's time to discard them?

Why Are Pregnant Women Told To Sleep On Their Left Side?

Doctors have a very good reason for this recommendation.

15,000 Galaxies Shine in This 1 View from the Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has been at work for almost three decades, but it's still learning new skills — like how to squeeze an incredible 15,000 galaxies into a single image.

Helium Was Discovered 150 Years Ago. Here's Why It's So Important

Aside from balloons and making our voice squeaky, what use is helium?

'Foreign Object' on Mars Spotted by Curiosity Rover Is Just a Rock

Curiosity photographed an odd, flat object that mission team members initially thought might have fallen off the car-size robot. But the «debris» turned out to be a Red Planet rock.

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Guidelines, Options and Risks

Colorectal cancer is preventable. Here are the types of colorectal cancer screenings and when you should get tested.

More Than 70 People Overdosed in a Connecticut Park

Several dozen people overdosed within hours of one another at a park in Connecticut today (Aug. 15), according to news reports.

A Field Covered in Dead, Headless Reindeer and Poop Is Teaching Us About the Circle of Life

Scavengers are helping transform a grim landscape in Norway

Stunning NASA Image Lets You Watch the Sun Explode in Real Time

The surface of the sun is a roiling tangle of magnetism, heat and light, stunning new images reveal.

9 Reasons We Have an Undying Interest in the Undead

Zombie fans rejoice! There are some legitimate scientific reasons why you like zombies.

Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2018-2019)

The seasonal flu shot is a yearly vaccine administered to protect against the flu, or influenza. In the United States, flu shots are recommended for everyone ages 6 months and older.

Egyptian Papyrus Reveals Rare Details of Ancient Medical Practices

New translations of ancient medical texts detail Egyptians' scientific and medical knowledge.

Low-Carb Diets Are Trendy, But a 'Medium-Carb' Diet May Be Best, Study Says

Eating carbohydrates in moderation may be best for boosting longevity.

The Chipotle Outbreak That Sickened Nearly 650 People Was Caused by This Bacteria

The source of the outbreak that sickened nearly 650 people at a Chipotle in Ohio last month has been identified.

Facts About Megalodon: The Long-Gone Shark

Megalodon was the largest shark ever documented and one of the largest fish on record. It died out about 2.6 million years ago.

Photos: Christopher Columbus Likely Saw This 1491 Map

A faded map that Christopher Columbus likely saw is now getting a second life.

This 1491 Map May Have Influenced Christopher Columbus

A 1491 map that likely influenced Christopher Columbus's conception of world geography is getting a new lease on life, now that researchers have revealed its faded, hidden details with cutting-edge technology.

California Logged Its Hottest Month Ever, and Things Are Only Going to Get Worse

July 2018 was the hottest month on record in the state of California.

Does Drinking Ayahuasca Really Feel Like a Near-Death Experience?

A new study appears to confirm popular wisdom that using DMT is a lot like dying, but not everyone is convinced.

Please, Please, Please Don't Sleep in Contact Lenses, CDC Says

Why the «it's just one night — it'll be fine» thinking might not work for contact lenses.

Phantom Smells Affect More Noses Than You Think

That whiff of rotten egg could just be your nose playing tricks on you.

No, You Shouldn't Get Plastic Surgery Advice from YouTube

An old adage with a modern spin says that you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. That especially goes for plastic surgery videos on YouTube.

This Ancient Mummy Is Older Than the Pharaohs

Mummification in ancient Egypt began 1,500 years earlier than once thought.

Huge Cache of Magma Hidden Beneath California Supervolcano

Scientists detected 240 cubic miles of magma, enough for an enormous mega-explosion the likes of the supereruption that occurred 760,000 years ago.

Russian Satellite Is Behaving Oddly. But Is It a Space Weapon?

A Russian satellite that launched to Earth orbit last October has been behaving oddly, raising the possibility that the craft could be some sort of space weapon, a U.S. diplomat warned.

Autism Risk May Increase If Child's Mother Has High DDT Exposure

Pregnant woman who have high levels of a byproduct from the banned insecticide DDT in their bodies may be more likely to have a child with autism, a new study finds.

In Photos: Response Teams Try To Save Starving Killer Whale

Teams in Washington and Canada are working together to save Scarlet, a starving 3-year-old killer whale.

Heat Wave Reveals Cropmarks of Lost Civilizations in England

Dry conditions have revealed unknown archaeological sites hidden beneath England's fields.

Photos: Cropmarks Reveal Traces of Lost Civilizations in England

Fields laden with cropmarks serve as a map for archeological finds.

At Least Two Dozen People Overdosed in a Connecticut Park Today

Several dozen people overdosed within just hours of each other at a park in Connecticut today (Aug. 15), according to news reports.

Scientists Are Trying Desperately to Save a Starving Orca. Will Their Efforts Pay Off?

Will this starving young killer whale respond to researchers' attempts to save her?
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