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1st case of omicron variant in US confirmed in California

U.S. officials confirmed the first U.S. case of omicron in California.

Unknown human ancestor may have walked a bit like a bear on its hind legs

Ancient footprints reveal a mysterious relative of humans may have lived at the same time and in the same area as the famous human ancestor «Lucy» in Tanzania.

'Very weird' ankylosaur's tail looked like an Aztec war club

Paleontologists in Chile have found the remains of an ankylosaur that represents a new dinosaur lineage.

This pair of merging black holes is the closest to Earth we've ever found

A pair of supermassive black holes that will soon become one has been discovered hiding in a nearby galaxy.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope on track for Dec. 22 launch

The generational observatory is nearly ready for space after years of delays.

Starship engine 'crisis' poses possible bankruptcy risk for SpaceX, Elon Musk says: report

Elon Musk thinks that problems with SpaceX's Raptor engine production pose potentially dire consequences for the company, according to media reports.

Fitbit deals: Grab a bargain on the Fitbit Versa 3, Sense & more

Grab one of these Fitbit deals and improve your workouts forever.

Running headphones deals: Save on Bose, Samsung and more

Beat boredom while you work out with these running headphones deals.

Oral B electric toothbrush deals: Discounted toothbrushes in stock and available

Top Oral B electric toothbrush deals for you to improve your oral care routine without breaking the bank.

Cheap adjustable dumbbells on sale: The best adjustable dumbbell deals

Cheap adjustable dumbbells deals to help take your home gym to the next level.

History of computers: A brief timeline

The history of computers began with primitive designs in the early 19th century and went on to change the world during the 20th century.

Home weights set deals: Bowflex, RUNWE sales

These home weights set deals will save you money and elevate your strength training from home.

Binoculars deals: Magnificent savings on Celestron, Nikon, Bushnell and more

These amazing binoculars deals will have you stargazing and sightseeing for less.

Ants vomit into each other's mouths to form social bonds

Ants are highly social animals that have social networks, and they exchange info through vomit.

Rowing machines on sale: Save on NordicTrack, Hydrow, ProForm and more

Get a full-body workout for less with these rowing machines on sale.

Philips electric toothbrush deals: Save on oral hygiene

These Philips electric toothbrush deals will save you up to $150 on your next toothbrush.

Treadmill deals: Save on ProForm and NordicTrack treadmills

Great treadmill deals in stock and available so you can upgrade your home gym for less.

Exercise bikes on sale: Savings on Bowflex, NordicTrack, Proform bikes & more

All the best exercise bikes on sale from top-rated brands that you need to know about.

Famous T. rex had a bone infection, new medical scans reveal

Scientists used a special technique to examine the fossil without damaging it.

Save $100 on Bowflex adjustable dumbbells for Cyber Monday

Get 25% off this versatile set of Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, which is like getting 15 pairs of dumbbells.

Watch a black hole rip 4 stars to shreds in epic new NASA simulation

NASA astronomers flung 8 stars into a black hole's path in a new simulation that tests the limits of stellar survival in the face of space's most destructive objects

Save $200 on this Schwinn IC4 spin bike for Cyber Monday

This Cyber Monday exercise bike deal will save you $200 at Best Buy on this amazing spin bike.

Earth's earliest water may have come from solar wind and space rocks

Samples from asteroid Itokawa collected by a Japanese space probe suggest that Earth's water may have come from the sun.

This doomed alien planet has a year that lasts just 16 hours — and it's getting faster

Astronomers spotted a new gas giant with the shortest known orbit. The world takes just 16 hours to circle its star — but someday, the dance may come to an abrupt end.

Get $50 off Bose Sleepbuds II with Cyber Monday deal

This amazing Cyber Monday earbuds deal will help you get an easier night's sleep wearing the Bose Sleepbuds II.

Best shoes for Peloton 2021: Cycling shoes to suit your bike

A guide to the best shoes for Peloton bikes with great options for all budgets

Cyber Monday sports bras for running deals: Save money on Puma, Sweaty Betty, Nike and more

Hit the track or trail with the right support, and save money with these Cyber Monday sports bras for running deals.

Facial reconstruction shows powerful Bronze Age woman's serene expression and huge earrings

A scientific illustrator has made a facial reconstruction of a powerful woman who lived during the Bronze Age in what is now Spain.

UK man stumbles upon 800-square-foot Roman mosaic on his father's farm

A Roman villa was discovered beneath a U.K. farm.

Best rowing machines 2021: Save on Nordictrack, ProForm, Hydrow and more

Invest in one of the best rowing machines to complete your home gym setup.

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How calories are calculated: The science behind your food

A main technique people use when trying to lose weight is to calculate calories in their meals. But what exactly are calories, and how do food scientists determine whether a granola bar has 100 or 300 calories?

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SNAEN science kit selling for $29.99 with Cyber Monday deal

With over 30 different experiments, this science kit for kids will provide lots of fun and learning for under $30.
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