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Great Synagogue of Vilna, Ravaged by Foes, Yields Treasures and a Priceless Hebrew Inscription

Inside the buried remains of the Great Synagogue of Vilna in Lithuania, archaeologists have found a priceless inscription, colorful floors, piles of coins and parts of the bimah.

Chihuahua Was Abducted by a Seagull. It Could Happen, Expert Says.

Poor Gizmo likely never knew what nabbed him.

US Embassy Staff in Cuba Show Unusual Brain Changes After Alleged 'Sonic Attacks'

A new study finds distinct differences in the brains of U.S. embassy workers who were potentially exposed to bizarre sensory phenomena while serving in Cuba.

Zombie Ants Are Controlled by a 'Master Puppeteer' Parasite, But We Still Don't Know How

The parasite forces the ants to climb to the tops of shrubs, bite down and die.

Alien Hunter Explains Why He Won't Be Going to Area 51 to Look for 'Little Green Men'

What started as an internet joke has generated a stern military warning after more than a million people «signed up» to «raid» Area 51.

Amputated Limbs and Musket Balls Unearthed at Waterloo, 200 Years After Napoleon's Defeat

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of amputated human limbs at the field hospital that serviced the wounded at the Battle of Waterloo.

Teens Are More Likely to Try Illegal Drugs in the Summer

Summer is the most common season for U.S. teens and adults to try illegal or recreational drugs for the first time, a new study finds.

The Milky Way Was an Adorable Cannibal, Cosmic 'Baby Picture' Reveals

Researchers have developed a «baby picture» of the Milky Way galaxy, tracing its origins back to the time before it cannibalized another, smaller galaxy.

The First Glacier Killed by Climate Change Is Getting a Haunting Memorial in Iceland

«We know what's happening and what needs to be done,» the haunting letter to the future reads. «Only you know if we did it.»

Earth Is Littered with Mysterious Space-Cones, and Now We Know Why

A peculiar atmospheric process is sculpting meteorites into surprising shapes as they fall.

Crocodiles Are Breeding Near a Nuclear Power Plant (No, They're Not Radioactive)

Only in Florida.

This Ancient Mosque in Israel May Have Been Built Just a Few Years After Muhammed's Death

Unlike some of the large, urban mosques of that era, this structure was a simple, rectangular building that likely served farmers who lived nearby.

Massive Snow Cannons Could Save West Antarctica's Ice Sheet

Tons of snow made from seawater could stabilize failing ice.

Microdosing Psychedelics May Boost Mood and Focus. But What Are the Drawbacks?

Participants in a new study said that microdosing psychedelics made them more confident, motivated and productive.

Diver Has Epic Nose-to-Nose Encounter with One of the Most Elusive Sharks Lurking in the Deep Sea

«I'm literally nose to nose with this animal,» the diver said.

This Bloated 'Piglet Squid' Is Way Cuter Than a Real Piglet

A stunning video shows this strange see-through animal floating along with its tentacles waving above its head in the central Pacific Ocean near Palmyra Atoll.

Adorable, Newfound Shark Fits in Your Hand, Looks Like a Mini Sperm Whale

And the tiny shark has a wee pocket near its fin.

What Happens in Intergalactic Space?

It's not just a void of empty space.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Showed That Aliens Might Be More Than Science Fiction

The moon may be dead, but the Apollo 11 astronauts still managed to bring extraterrestrial life back to Earth. Astronomer/alien hunter Seth Shostak explains.

Lifeboat of Titanic Survivors Were Guided by One Woman's 'Flashlight' Cane

A «flashlight» cane that lighted the way for Titanic survivors is hitting the auction block.

Top Moon Conspiracy Theories and Why They Are Stupid

Sorry guys, these moon conspiracy theories are just wrong.

Teen Had a Shard of Glass Stuck in His Face for a Month Without Knowing It

A teenage boy had a knife-like shard of glass stuck in his face for weeks after he fainted into a window.

Chinese Space Station Tiangong-2 Destroyed in Fiery Re-Entry Over Pacific Ocean

A Chinese space station fell out of the sky today (July 19). But unlike the last time this happened, China was in control the whole time.

Stonehenge's Massive Megaliths May Have Been Moved into Place with Pig Lard

Stonehenge's massive megaliths may have been moved with more than just elbow grease.

4,600-Year-Old Greek 'Pyramid' Found in the Aegean Sea … Is Not a Pyramid at All

News of a 4,600-year-old «pyramid» or «pyramid island,» supposedly discovered on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, has been making the rounds online.

It's a Mystery Why We Are Not Constantly Hallucinating, Trippy New Study Suggests

Apparently there's just 20 little neurons standing between reality and constant hallucinations (in mice).

Photos: Ancient Pyramid-Shaped Settlement

The remains of a 4,600-year-old settlement have been uncovered on a tiny, pyramid-shaped island called Dhaskalio.

These 6 Accidents Nearly Derailed Apollo 11's Mission to the Moon

The Apollo 11 mission to the moon was one of humanity's most incredible feats, but it almost didn't happen.

Last Month Was the Hottest June on Earth Ever Recorded

Do you feel hot? Because it's been really, really hot.

Conjoined Twins Fused at the Head Now Separated After More Than 50 Hours of Surgery

Twin girls who were born joined at the head have been successfully separated after a monthslong medical endeavor.

Who Owns the Moon?

A space lawyer answers this apparently common question.

A Mysterious, Cross-Shaped Structure Is Buried Underground in Russia. It Could Be One of the World's Oldest Churches.

A celestial phenomenon is revealing underground structures.

Gorgeous, Freaky Sunset Photo Looks Split Down the Middle

Though it looks unnatural, this photo wasn't created with filters or Photoshop.

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Timeline Book Could Fetch $9 Million at Auction

There will never be another «first book annotated by hand on the moon.»

Earth's Core Has Been Leaking for 2.5 Billion Years and Geologists Don't Know Why

Earth's scorching core is not a loner — it has been caught mingling with other, underworldly layers.

Does Anyone Really Think the Moon Landing Was Faked?

The truth behind moon landing conspiracy theories.

'Spooky' Quantum Entanglement Finally Captured in Stunning Photo

Scientists just captured the first-ever photo of a «spooky» quantum physics phenomenon.

Another Person Goes Blind After Wearing Contacts in the Shower

A woman's habit of keeping her contact lenses in while swimming and showering had serious consequences.

Here's What Neil Armstrong Saw When He Landed Apollo 11's Eagle on the Moon

See the moon through the eyes of the legendary moonwalker for the first time.
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