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910 Carats! African Diamond Is Fifth Largest Ever

The find is the fifth-largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered.

Uganda Confirms Case of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: What Is It?

A 9-year-old boy in Uganda has tested positive for a potentially life-threatening disease called Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Face-lift by Lava: Eruption Makes Volcano a Perfect Cone

A fiery eruption just gave the Philippines’ most active volcano a face-lift, according to news reports.

Apollo 17 Astronaut Laments Size of Moon Rock at Trump Signing Ceremony

Apollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt wishes NASA had brought a bigger moon rock to the December 2017 signing ceremony for Space Policy Directive 1.

What in the World Is Metallic Hydrogen?

Hydrogen in extreme conditions, like below the cloud tops of Jupiter, starts acting…very strange.

Brain Connections Set Creative Thinkers Apart

Being creative is all about making connections — in your brain, that is.

Writing a To-Do List Before Bed Could Help You Sleep

Five minutes should be enough.

You Have the Flu. Should You Go to the Doctor, or Wait It Out?

When you have the flu, one choice looms large in front of your feverish eyes: Should you drag your aching body out in the cold to go to the doctor or hospital, or should you just wrap yourself in blankets, drink fluids and stay put?

Huge Glaciers Found Hiding Beneath Mars Surface

The newfound sheets are buried by just a few feet of Martian dirt in some places, meaning it might be accessible to future crewed missions.

Why Women Have the Survival Advantage in Times of Crisis

Women have a longer life expectancy than men do under normal circumstances, and now a new study from Denmark and Germany reveals that women also outlive men even in the worst of times.

Out-of-This-World Diamond-Studded Rock Just Got Even Weirder

The mysterious Hypatia stone fits no known profile.

UFO Legacy: What Impact Will Revelation of Secret Government Program Have?

The New York Times and Politico Magazine revealed last month that the United States government ran a mysterious UFO-investigation program from 2007 to 2012. Will this information change the way Americans and the world regard UFOs?

Going into Space Crushes the Delicate Nerves in Your Eyeballs

Researchers have shown that space travel puts a powerful, dangerous squeeze on the fragile tips of optic nerves.

Going into Space Crushes the Delicate Nerves in Your Eyeballs

Researchers have shown that space travel puts a powerful, dangerous squeeze on the fragile tips of optic nerves.

Why Are Women Really Accused of Witchcraft?

Most anthropologists believe that witch labeling has evolved to get people to conform. But new research suggests an alternative explanation.

Is There Radium In Your Tap Water? New Map Can Show You

You might be surprised to hear that tap water for more than 170 million Americans contains the radioactive element.

This Colorful Kit Lets Kids Build a Programmable Camera

The Kano Camera Kit gives kids the tools to construct and write code for a digital camera with LED lights.

Merge Made A VR Headset Suited For Kids

Merge wants to introduce your kids to VR. The company announced the Merge Mini, a smaller version of its lightweight smartphone-based VR headset designed to fit the heads of kids better than previous models.

Root Is a Coding Robot That Will Grow With Your Kids

This disc shaped, programmable robot is simple enough for four-year-olds, but challenging enough for teens.

The Oldest Butterflies on Earth Had No Flowers to Feed On

Butterflies and moths are so ancient, they lived before the existence of flowers, a new study finds.

Hepatitis Scare at 7-Eleven: How Do You Get The Virus?

Up to 2,000 people in Utah who visited a 7-Eleven store may have been exposed to hepatitis A, officials warned this week.

A Neutron Star Hiding Out Near a Black Hole Is Pelting Earth with Radio Waves

New work probes the extraterrestrial source of incredibly powerful explosions of radio waves, investigating why that spot is the only known location to repeatedly burst with these blasts.

In Photos: SpaceX Rocket Launches Secret Zuma Spacecraft

On Jan. 7, 2017, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the secret Zuma mission for the U.S. government in a nighttime liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. See photos of the dazzling launch here.

What Happened to Zuma? What We Know About Secret SpaceX Mission

Something weird is going on with a classified SpaceX payload launched Sunday night (Jan. 7), codenamed Zuma.

Pack of Female Wolves Destroys Enemy Intruder in Brutal Fight (Video)

Girl power.

Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition: What to Eat, What Not to Eat

A variety of healthy foods and beverages helps a mother-to-be provide the important nutrients a baby needs for growth and development.

Ectopic Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus or not within the uterine cavity.

Man Declared Dead Snores to Life Right Before His Autopsy

A man in Spain who was declared dead by three doctors was actually still alive.

Strange Sky Spiral May Come from Secretive SpaceX Zuma Launch

Is this ethereal spiral in the night sky the upper stage of the secret satellite launched by the U.S. government?

How High Doses of Ibuprofen May Impact Male Infertility

Men who take relatively high doses of ibuprofen may be at increased risk for fertility problems, early research suggests.

Wreck of Dutch Warship Found Buried Beneath Coral

Divers in the blue waters around the Yucatán Peninsula have discovered three historic treasures: a sunken lighthouse and the remains of an 18th-century Dutch warship and a 19th-century British steamer.

How Onion Peels Landed One Farmer in the Hospital

Workers may like to complain that their job is making them sick, but for one man in Japan, that turned out to be the case: The 62-year-old, who worked as an onion farmer, developed a rare allergic reaction from repeated exposure to moldy onion peels.

Rare Hybrid Bird Discovered in the Amazon in a First

A rare, vivid green bird with radiant yellow feathers on its head is actually a unique hybrid species living in the Amazon rainforest, researchers have found.

Climate Change Turned 99.8% of These Sea Turtle Babies into Girls

A new study found that sea turtles born in areas most heated by climate change are 99.8 percent female.

A Nose for Loot? Dogs Training to Sniff Out Stolen Artifacts

Scientists are hoping the canines can use their noses to find smuggled antiquities and the associated tomb raiders.

Woman Dies After Eating Raw Oysters: What Are Vibrio Bacteria?

A Texas woman developed a fatal infection with flesh eating bacteria after eating raw oysters, according to news reports.

This Huge New Prime Number Is a Very Big Deal

This prime is worth $3,000, but a $250,000 prime is getting much closer.

Why Stephen Hawking Still Matters on His 76th Birthday

Stephen Hawking, the physicist who rewound the universe and skimmed boosted particles from the hot boundary regions of black holes, turns 76.

Megalodon Ancestor: Fossil Teeth Link Beast to Earth’s Largest Shark

The newly identified mega-toothed shark lived about 83 million years ago, during the dinosaur age.
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