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Go Home, Polish

Michal Iwanowski, who is both Polish and British, walked (and photographed) all the way from his home in London to his birthplace in Poland — registering his own emotions while encountering tremors of racism and populism unleashed by Brexit. 

Flowers for Lisa

In his latest series, Abelardo Morell takes a traditional still life subject — a vase of flowers — and pushes and pulls it well beyond the typical boundaries of that genre, with endlessly delightful results. 

The Y

Like a forensic investigator, Alba Zari methodically started to look for traces of her unknown biological father by using software, real family photos, and a process of elimination, to imagine what he must look like.

Mapping An Interior Landscape

By combining photography with intricate drawings from her personal sketchbook, artist Sara S. Teigen creates intimate work that is simultaneously wondrous and familiar.

Destination Europe

With 35 heart-breaking and riveting photographs, and his own personal account of 18 months on rescue ships, photojournalist Jason Florio provides an unforgettable up-close look at hundreds of African migrants at sea, risking everything for a chance to surviv

The Gifted Mold Archive

In the humid climate of Côte d’Ivoire, artist Cédric Kouamé embraces the natural damage done to historical photographs by repurposing them into new works of art.

New York Noir

Moody, cinematic, timeless — these black and white photos of New York evoke another era and a noirish sensibility, but they were all made within the past two years.


Brazilian Alice Quaresma works with photographs, collage, paint and other materials to create serious art imbued with subversive playfulness.


Focusing on gestures and intimate moments in varying personal contexts, András Ladocsi addresses the multiple personalities we learn to embody as individuals.

Experimental Relationship

Pixy Liao started using her boyfriend as a “prop” in her photos, but that evolved into an ongoing 12-year project documenting their unconventional relationship, resulting in some eye-opening images.

At the End of the Day

The Outer Hebrides – the remote western Islands of Scotland are the settings for 36 real-life stories of everyday life, hopes, dreams and setbacks for the young adults who love the rich ancient culture that has nurtured them since childhood.


Hiking for months on end through a remote archipelago in Finland, artist Anna Reivilä uses Japanese bonding techniques to create striking land art.


By framing inanimate scientific tools as the protagonists in her work, Kata Geibl highlights how we rely on lifeless objects to reveal secrets about human nature. 


Frustrated with his own imperfect images, photographer Zak Dimitrov turned to chemicals to change mundane photographs into vibrant works of art.

The Anarchist Citizenship

Rejecting offensive stereotypes related to piracy and terrorism, this project collaborates with the people of Somaliland to show off their vibrant visual culture, fashion and architecture.


In this video interview with Bastiaan Woudt, the photographer explains how his surreal methods contribute to his latest project in Uganda.

Balancing Cultures

Creating temporary collages with his family archive, photographer Jerry Takigawa confronts his family’s generational experiences with racism in America.

The Splitting of the Chrysalis and the Slow Unfolding of the Wings

By embracing experimental techniques and opaque color palettes, photographer Yorgos Yatromanolakis creates images about finding light in darkness.

Things We Can Relate To

Drawn to restricted areas and quirky subject matter, photographer Daniel Terna offers a different approach to travel photography.

Preview: Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam 2018

A sneak peek at more than 40 new photographic works that will be unveiled at Unseen Amsterdam 21-23 September 2018.

Preview: Unseen Amsterdam 2018

A sneak peek at more than 40 new photographic works that will be unveiled at Unseen Amsterdam 21-23 September 2018.

Querido Cuba

By focusing on Cuba’s natural light and intimate moments, photographer Colby Tarsitano redefines our visual predispositions about the island.


By focusing on the power of gesture and expression, photographer Gianni Cipriano spotlights the dark, theatrical underbelly of Italian politics.

The Mountain Legacy Project

Tracing the footsteps of century-old survey photographers, The Mountain Legacy Project uses contemporary imagery to document critical changes in Canada’s landscape.

Ferox, the Forgotten Archives

By creating his own archive of a fabricated space mission, artist Nicolas Polli encourages us to re-evaluate our acceptance of photography as scientific evidence.

Peter Hujar: Speed of Life

This exhibition at BAMPFA is a methodical reflection on the timeless expressive abilities of photographer Peter Hujar.

Forgotten Like Last Year’s Snow

In a remote tundra community of nomadic deer herders, photographer Oded Wagenstein visually documents the process of aging in isolation.

Worry for the Fruit the Birds Won’t Eat

Using medical photography associated with the history of cancer treatment, Sophie Gabrielle creatively processes the invisible effects of illness.

A Shaded Path: Intimate Views of Kyrgyzstan

In his new book ‘A Shaded Path,’ photographer Elliott Verdier poetically documents the generational divide in Kyrgyzstan’s post-Soviet era.


This multimedia art deliberately blurs the lines between order and chaos, logic and dreams.


Embracing the limitations of photography’s ability to depict the divine, Kenta Nakamura playfully reimagines what traditional stories look like when photographed.

New York Photos: Pike Slip to Sugar Hill

Pictures of New York as you’ve never seen before — unique mural-size images with inverted color that makes the city seem bathed in liquid alien light.


Manipulating candid images with slices of blinding light, photographer Amy Friend explores the possibilities of parallel universes revealed through photography.

Fragments of the Masculine

By altering the original state of his family photographs, Antonio Pulgarin creates dynamic collages that act as the visual representation of his lifelong tension with machismo in Latin American culture.

What Photography Has in Common With an Empty Vase

Edgar Martins uses the social context of incarceration to explore ideas of presence, absence, and loss—as well as photography’s ability to represent a subject that is missing from the frame.


Wandering an ancient Aegean island during a period of intense grief, photographer Anargyros Drolapas ponders the island’s geological composition and his own state of mind.

Roy Kahmann On Spotting Emerging Talents

The founder and owner of GUP Magazine and Kahmann Gallery speaks about what he learned from working on Ed van der Elsken’s book “Amsterdam” as well as the four qualities he looks for in an emerging talent.


Our memories are fleeting by nature—many photographers (amateurs and professionals alike) make visual diaries to remind ourselves of quirky personal moments, ideas and events that capture our attention.

Yo Soy Fidel: Crossing Cuba with Michael Christopher Brown

Following the “Freedom Caravan” that carried Fidel Castro’s remains across Cuba after his death, photographer Michael Christopher Brown offers a revealing portrait of the island nation.
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