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Blessed Be The Fruit

In the wake of dangerous decisions surrounding abortion legislation and women’s rights, documentary photographer Olivia Harris discusses the necessity of nuance in one of the world’s most polarizing debates.

Oselyata — Portrait of an Unconventional Community in Ukraine

In a large communal house, 25 people have chosen to live and work together and support each other in a deliberate, loving way.

Images in Transition: Wirephoto 1938-1945

Using a collection of images from World War II, this new photobook toys with the history of the wirephoto, questioning our reliance on photographs as records of hard evidence.

Arabian Transfer: Iconic Architecture and Everyday Street Life

21st Century urban life assumes new realities — on the streets and in the view of the rest of the world — in these six cities on the Arabian peninsula.

It’s Called Ffasiwn

Working with local children, photographer Clémentine Schneidermann and stylist Charlotte James took to the streets of South Wales to create a colourful series of staged tableaux, using fashion as a tool to change perceptions of the region. 

Elf Dalia

Enter the mysterious world of Maja Daniels’ “Elf Dalia,” a striking photobook about the town of Älvdalen, where an ancient form of Vikings’ Old Norse is still spoken today.

I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating

After abandoning portraiture for an entire year, Alec Soth returns to the genre with a new photobook, emphasizing the importance of collaboration while photographing his subjects.

Portraits and Windows

After discovering a lost box of photos made by her grandfather in the 1930s, this photographer constructed new visual composites by integrating her own contemporary images, printing everything on traditional handmade Korean paper.

The Map and The Territory

A vast retrospective at the Jeu de Paume maps out constellations of photographs by pioneer of colour photography Luigi Ghirri, whose thoughtful approach to photography provides ample lessons to live by in our age of distraction. 

Berlin: The Venezuelan Exodus Through Colombia’s Highlands

Fleeing the consequences of violence, poverty and persecution, millions of Venezuelans are taking on a treacherous mass exodus out of their home country in hopes of finding better jobs and freedom.


Drawing the curtain back on the spectacle of the hyper-masculine world of professional wrestling, Diego Saldiva follows the attempted comeback of the Brazilian ‘Gigantes do Ringue’. 

For Birds’ Sake

Setting out to document the centuries-old tradition of bird-keeping in Turkey, this photography duo walked away with so much more. The resulting project is an intricate photobook that visualizes the relationship between love and possession.

Big Sky: Portraits from the Outback

Though only amounting to a small percentage of the Australia’s population, the Outback is an important and diverse segment that defines the character of the country. These portraits attempt to build a contemporary picture of Australian identity.


The memory of fireflies whirring around a tree at his old family house sparked the beginning of Anupam Diwan’s nighttime odyssey around his new hometown of Dhaka, in search of fragments of his childhood.   

Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov

With a series of “dance hall” portraits, this photographer tells the stories of Russians in Berlin who still feel a strong connection to their native roots.


Troubled by the persistent gun debate in contemporary American culture, this photographer creates tintype portraits of gun enthusiasts who then  use their own portraits for target practice.


By combining photographs of frantic gestures and disparaged landscapes, Mimi Plumb’s “Landfall” is a timely investigation into the persistent discomfort of our self-destructive society. 

Grandma Divers

An ancient fishing tradition on the island of Jeju endures today, continued by the Haenyeo women or the ‘women of the sea’—a group of free-divers all over the age of 50.

The Sapeurs of Brazzaville

In the Republic of the Congo, stylish individuals piece together vibrant and sophisticated outfits that function as a form of colonial resistance, social activism and peaceful protest.

The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand

100 photos, 100 short essays—a witty, smart, inspirational look at the iconic work of the man who helped define the genre of street photography.

The Sound of the Seen: Morgan Aschom’s “What the Living Carry”

Through exhibitions and an accompanying photobook, this artist tells the story of Hoys Fork, an imagined American town full of rich and memorable characters. 

Chosen [Not] To Be

As our society continues to misrepresent and underestimate individuals with Down syndrome, this photographer brings light to their individuality and frustration through portraiture.


Curious about the man behind the myth, Daria Garnik set off in search of her childhood hero Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, journeying to Gagarin—the town that keeps his memory burning brightly.  

Redefining Street Photography with Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb

Photography duo Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb offer insight into the evolution of their practice, and why the genre of street photography isn’t so easy to define.

The Walking Woman

In this photobook, the stories of two solitary women effortlessly blend together to form a visual commentary on the relationship between capitalism, the environment and misogyny.


Drawn to the promise of iron ore hidden deep in the jungle, corrupt government officials and international investors are adversely affecting the lives of fishermen in South Cameroon.

Plain Ordinary Working People

Compelled by his interest in the legacy of one of the USA’s largest corporations, this photographer set out on a road trip to unearth the connections between a small town, a file of lost negatives, and Wal-Mart.

Lay Her Down Upon Her Back

By combining drawing, collaging and collecting with her own contemporary photography, Róisín White creates an expansive map of the history of silencing women in medical settings.

The Invasive Species of the Built Environment

By dissecting silver gelatin prints, Leah Schretenthaler erases the man-made structures of the Hawaiian landscape, exposing the scars we leave on the natural environment. 

The Best of Mr. Chao: A Futurologist Collection

Between nature and technology, the old and the new, and human beings and non-human beings, Guilherme Gerais’ imaginary collection of objects proposes a different, DIY vision of the future—a world away from the slick tech representations we are used to. 

The Best of Mr. Chao – A Futurologist Collection

Between nature and technology, the old and the new, and human beings and non-human beings, Guilherme Gerais’ imaginary collection of objects proposes a different, DIY vision of the future—a world away from the slick tech representations we are used to. 


In his latest photobook, Gary Briechle compiles intimate snapshots of the peculiar characters who have entered his life since moving to Maine some 20 years ago.

Outside In

British photographer Stephen Gill created quirky pieces of art that combine the effects of photograms, faded film, light flares, chance, and his own unique vision of where to point his camera.


Step back into a different New York—before the capitalistic white-washing and the family-friendly gentrifying. A New York at the zenith of its mania; a New York that no longer exists…

In The Dark of Night

Compelled by his own insomnia, this photographer decided to approach the classical genre of street photography in the dead of night.

In Bloom

Jean-Vincent Simonet’s nocturnal trips through Tokyo and Osaka capture wild dripping visuals in motion, its faces and places melting into pools of neon light.

Foam Paul Huf Award 2019: Eric Gyamfi

Rousing the jury with his “formal and beautiful, personal and political” work, Eric Gyamfi has been named winner of this year’s edition of the prestigious Foam Paul Huf Award. 

International Women’s Day 2019: Inspiring Female Photographers from Around the World

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve gathered some of our favorite features and interviews with the wonderful female photographers we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to in the past year.
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