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Surreal, saturated imagery of the Ukrainian Revolution combined with archival materials and personal stories tell real stories of life during war today — a new, relevant photobook to savor.

Where There Is No Room For Fiction

Take a look at the dystopian underbelly of Guangzhou, where big city development leaves modern ruins in its wake.

Imagined Homeland

Rejecting colonial documentary methods, this photographer tells the story of Arunachal Pradesh’s Lisu people by harnessing mythological symbolism in his cinematic stills.

Old Father Thames

An epic ode to London’s River Thames, Julia Fullerton-Batten’s meticulous cinematic tableaux reimagine the many people, tales and legends that have washed up on its shores. 

The Iranian Revolution in Photobooks

This travelling exhibition and its accompanying publication trace the legacy of photobooks in Iran immediately following the country’s violent Revolution.

Photography As An Expression of Indulgence

Merging cinematic portraits with achingly-honest subtitle text, Sarah Bahbah’s photography explores emotive narratives of love, sex, and relationships from a woman’s perspective.

Lithium: The Driving Force of the 21st Century

Follow the modern day gold rush of Lithium. A game-changer in the electric transport industry, this in-demand element may play a huge role in saving our planet, but not without its own grave consequences. 

When the Dust Settles

Contemporary landscapes in photography: imprints of human activity and presence in the midst of absence.

Other Ways of Knowing

Optical illusions, common photo glitches, deception and misdirection — a look at magic, perception and belief.

There’s Power in Photography: The Undying Resilience of Dhaka’s Chobi Mela Festival

Photojournalist and activist Shahidul Alam speaks out about the effects of his detainment on Dhaka’s Chobi Mela Festival, and how the event still plans to persevere for years to come.


In this study of sharp contrasts and sculptural abstractions, the story of the banal brick becomes a reflection on the history of human civilization.

Known by Sight (Only)

In Brazil’s densely populated Porto Allegre, urban dwellers know the intimate details of the neighbors they see every day from their windows, but they rarely meet, or know each other’s names.

Black Queer Diaspora in the Netherlands

Powerful, defiant portraits that speak to the prevailing strength and presence of LGBTQ people of color in the Netherlands.

Broken Sea

An intimate project between two friends, “Broken Sea” uses photography as a means to overcome now-closed political borders, producing a deeply personal reverie, bringing past and present together in every frame.

Portrait Photography in Major Art Museums

Practically everyone loves to look at photo portraits, especially in museums. Deborah Klochko, Executive Director and Chief Curator at San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts, offers her insights and perspective.

Take me to my home

Enter the world of the Hotel City Plaza, a refugee squat in Athens housing a community of hundreds of individuals as they await their turn to leave the country and start anew.

Rediscovering Roman Vishniac

Two new exhibitions at The Photographers’ Gallery and Jewish Museum shed light on the overlooked conceptual and candid work of photographer Roman Vishniac.

The Editorial Portrait

A striking portrait is composed of many ingredients. Director of Photography at M magazine, Lucy Conticello, reflects on the role of the photo editor and shares her words of wisdom on creating the conditions for a successful shoot.

White Gaze

Taking aim at “National Geographic” and colonial power relations, artist duo Michelle Dizon and Việt Lê explore the lasting impact of the white gaze in photography.

The Stateless, Placeless Desert

Shot in placeless, deserted landscapes, these images examine the timeless relationship between body and home in contemporary Iranian society as well as for the swelling number of refugees around the world.


“Everything she does as a dancer is so beautiful, so I asked her to not be too beautiful.”

Jugaad: Of Intimacy and Love

Intimate portraits and candid quotes explore the challenges of same-sex love in societies with rigid definitions of masculinity.

“You don’t look Native to me”

In this small town in North Carolina, members of the Lumbee tribe demonstrate that identity doesn’t always have to do with what you look like.


Discover the local faces and places at the heart of the homegrown music of French Louisiana, zydeco; a blend of Creole beats and American blues.

In Search of Context: Advice from The Photographers’ Gallery

A long-time curator at London’s leading public institution dedicated to photography offers great advice for portrait photographers who are looking to take the next step in their careers.


In these photographs, witchcraft is shown in its 21st-century guise, documenting the social-media savvy entrepreneurs of Romania’s thriving witch scene and their eye-catching aesthetics.

Reflecting on Childhood: Aggression and Intimacy at the Playground

Using photobooths and footage of playground hazing, photographer Rafael Soldi addresses his queer, Latinx identity, touching on subjects related to childhood, loss, immigration and assimilation.

Entre Nubes

In this make-shift quasi-legal settlement on the fringes of Bogota, 270 families can be seen as a microcosm of the country’s complicated story: victims of Colombia’s armed conflict, ex-guerrilla members, single mothers, indigenous and afro communities an

A Hard Beauty: A Review of Lynsey Addario’s “Of Love & War”

In her new book, Lynsey Addario grapples with the ethical complexities that come with being a documentary photographer.

Ambient Pressure

Cutting, scratching and burning her negatives, this photographer transforms flat negatives of standard landscapes into miniatures of rough terrain.

The Endless Draw of Portraiture

What makes a great portrait? Photographer Richard Renaldi offers his insights and perspective.

Under the Yuzu Tree

By combining her family archives with contemporary work, this artist investigates the fuzzy memories of her family’s oral history.

Charlie Surfs on Lotus Flowers

Occupying a limbo between freedom and control, Simone Sapienza’s portrait of Vietnam explores the collision of communism and capitalism in its post-war landscape.

Shifting the Photobook Landscape

Why are photobooks important? Charcoal Book Club founder Jesse Lenz maps the insights he’s collected throughout his expansive career in photography and publishing.

Harlem Socialite, Lana Turner

What happens when dressing for church transforms into avant garde expression? This photographer captures the incredible style of Harlem socialite Lana Turner.

pole vault

As they stretch and glide through the air, these athletes are photographed in quiet, small moments of physical grace and temporary weightlessness.

Silver Screen

A visual ode to the rituals of the cinema and the culture of movie-going, Stephan Zaubitzer has travelled across the globe to document these vanishing beauties.


Plunge into the exhilarating and surreal world of a Finnish winter tradition—taking a dip in sub-zero temperatures. 


By recreating the scenes and poses of her late mother in old family photographs — wearing the same clothes her mother wore — this photographer highlights the importance of shared “her-story” and maternal legacy.
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