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ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/19/2018

55 Soyuz (55S) Undock and Landing: The 55S crew, Sergey Prokopev, Alexander Gerst, and Serena Auñón -Chancellor, are scheduled to return to Earth tonight. Undock is scheduled for 7:40 PM CT with landing at 11:03 PM CT. The crew is scheduled to arrive at Ell

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/18/2018

Change of Command Ceremony:  Expedition 57 CDR Alexander Gerst handed off station command to Expedition 58 CDR Oleg Kononenko this afternoon. The Expedition 57 Crew (Alexander Gerst, Sergey Prokopev, Serena Auñón-Chancellor) are scheduled to undock from IS

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/17/2018

Airway Monitoring: Today the crew performed the setup activities for the upcoming Airway Monitoring US Lab (ambient) session. The Airway Monitoring investigation aims to determine in detail the pulmonary nitric oxide (NO) turnover in weightlessness and in com

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/14/2018

Molecular Muscle: Crewmembers removed the Molecular Muscle samples from the Kubik-5 facility and inserted the samples into the MELFI-3 (Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS). Telemetry data for Kubik-05 was downloaded and both the primary and back u

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/13/2018

ICE Cubes (International Commercial Experiment Cubes): A crewmember removed Experiment Cubes (Cube set #2) from the ICE Cubes facility and installed the new set of Cubes (Cube set #1) that were flown on SPX-16. The ICE Cubes Facility is a capable experiment p

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/12/2018

STaARS BioScience-4 (Space Technology and Advanced Research Systems): Today a crewmember removed four Experiment containers from the STaARS facility and inserted them into Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI-3) unit. The STaARS BioScience-4

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/11/2018

Russian Segment ExtraVehicular Activity (RS EVA) 45A: Today, Kononenko and Prokopev exited Docking Compartment (DC)-1 at ~10:11 AM CT in order to execute RS EVA #45A. The following tasks were completed in 7 hours 46 minutes. Inspection of Soyuz MS-09 БО (Or

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/10/2018

Molecular Muscle: Crewmembers performed sample inserts into the Kubik incubator facility, photography documentation, and a status check of the experiment run. The Molecular Muscle investigation examines the molecular causes of muscle abnormalities during spac

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/06/2018

Rodent Research-8 (RR-8): Today crewmembers stowed the two Rodent Research-7 Habitats and then installed Rodent Research-8 Habitats 1 and 3 in preparation for SpX-16 arrival. The RR-8 investigation utilizes mice flown aboard the ISS, and maintained on Earth,

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/08/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-16 Mission:  At 6:21 AM CT, the ISS crew used the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) to successfully capture the SpX-16 Dragon vehicle. Capture was delayed from its originally planned time of 5:00AM CT due to an issue with the Track

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/05/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-16 Launch: SpX-16 launched today from Kennedy Space Center at 12:16 PM CT. Its rendezvous with ISS and capture is planned for Saturday, December 8 at 5:00AM CT. SpX-16 Dragon is bringing over 2500 kg of pressurized and unpressurized cargo to ISS.

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/04/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-16 Launch Status:  SpX-16 launch attempt was delayed from today’s opportunity due to a cargo issue. The next launch attempt is December 5 in order to accommodate replacement of late load cargo. Liftoff on December 5 is planned for 12:16 PM CT

ISS Daily Summary Report – 12/03/2018

57 Soyuz (57S) Launch and Docking: The 57S vehicle launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome this morning at 5:31 CT and completed a nominal docking to the ISS at 11:33 CT. The 57S crew, Oleg Kononenko, David Saint-Jacques, and Anne McClain, returned ISS to 6-cre

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/30/2018

Cemsica sample exchange: Today the crew removed the processed first Cemsica science cartridge from the SUBSA facility and inserted the second science cartridge.  Cemsica tests a novel approach of using particles of calcium-silicate (C-S) to synthesize nanopo

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/29/2018

JEM Airlock (JEMAL) Depressurization: The JEM Airlock was depressurized in preparation for the transfer of the NanoRacks External Platform Inserts (NREP) back to the Exposed Facility Unit (EFU) 4 location. The NREP was brought inside ISS earlier this week so

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/28/2018

Cemsica Sample Exchange:  Today the crew removed the calibration cartridge from the SUBSA facility and inserted the first Cemsica science cartridge for processing. Cemsica tests a novel approach of using particles of calcium-silicate (C-S) to synthesize nano

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/27/2018

CASIS PCG-16 card fill: The crew continued the PCG Card Micro-G card fill that was not fully completed the previous day. This was performed using some of today’s microscope observation time due to the relatively short lifetime of the protein precipitant sol

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/26/2018

At Home in Space (AHIS):  The crew completed an AHIS questionnaire this morning.  This Canadian Space Agency investigation assesses culture, values, and psychosocial adaptation of astronauts to a space environment shared by multinational crews on long-durat

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/21/2018

Loop Heat Pipe Radiator (LHPR) removal: Following a successful completion of the LHPR experiment on GMT 320, today the crew removed it from the MPEP and stowed the hardware.  The Multi-Purpose Experiment Platform (MPEP) was then removed from the Japanese Exp

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/23/2018

Food Acceptability Questionnaire: The crew performed the Food Acceptability questionnaire. Food Acceptability seeks to determine the impact of repetitive consumption of food currently available from the spaceflight food system.  The results will be used in d

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/19/2018

Northrop Grumman 10 (NG-10):  NG-10 Antares 230 Rocket successfully launched on Saturday, November 17 at 3:01AM CT from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.  Once in orbit, Cygnus S.S. John Young performed a series of phasing burns over the course

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/20/2018

ISS 20th Anniversary:  The largest and most complex international construction project in space began in Kazakhstan 20 years ago today. Atop its Proton rocket, on November. 20, 1998, the Zarya Functional Cargo Block (FGB) lifted off its launch pad at the Bai

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/16/2018

Progress (71P) Launch:  71P successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome today at 12:14PM CT.  71P will be performing a 34 orbit rendezvous with ISS, which sets the stage for docking on Sunday at 1:29PM CT.   Life Sciences Glovebox (LSG) Integration

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/15/2018

Northrop Grumman 10 (NG-10) Robotics Onboard Training:  Robotics Ground Controllers powered up the Mobile Servicing System (MSS) in support of the crew’s Cygnus Offset Grapple practice.  During the Off Set Grapple activity, the crew used the Permanent Mul

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/14/2018

Life Sciences Glovebox (LSG) Gas Trap Degassing IFM-return line:  A crewmember installed a gas trap into the return line of the LSG in preparation for removing trapped gas from system lines.  During the activity, ground teams observed a 93mL accumulator dro

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/13/2018

MObile companion (Cimon):  A crewmember reviewed a summary for this week’s operations and also retrieved and charged the two Cimon batteries.  Cimon is a technology demonstration project and an observational study that aims to obtain the first insight

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/12/2018

H-II Transfer Vehicle 7 (HTV7) Status:  HTV7 performed a nominal deorbit, on Saturday November 10, concluding a very successful mission.  Final telemetry from HTV7 was received at 21:41 GMT (03:41 PM CT) at an altitude of ~104 km.  A nominal separation of

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/09/2018

Plasma Kristall-4 (PK-4): The crew exchanged the data hard drive and then setup Particle Trapping for Run #4. The Chamber was then cleaned and the video monitor was setup to document the de-installation of the hardware. PK-4 is a scientific collaboration betw

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/08/2018

Meteor: The crew removed and replaced the hard drive in the Meteor laptop and completed a software anti-virus update. The Meteor payload is a visible spectroscopy instrument used to observe meteors in Earth orbit. Meteor uses image analysis to provide informa

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/07/2018

H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV)-7 Departure:  This morning, the crew finished closing out the Node 2 vestibule by demating all umbilicals and depressurizing the vestibule between HTV-7 and Node 2 in preparation for the unberth. Commands were sent to the release

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/06/2018

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Low Temperature Protein Crystal Growth (JAXA LT PCG): The crew retrieved JAXA LT PCG samples from the General Laboratory Active Cryogenic ISS Experiment Refrigerator (GLACIER)1 unit and stowed them in the H-II Transfer Vehic

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/05/2018

Plant Habitat: Today, the crew wrapped plant samples into foil packs and placed them into Minus Eighty Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI)-3 and the Plant Habitat facility was cleaned. Plant Habitat is a fully automated facility conducting plant bioscience res

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/02/2018

Advanced Colloids Experiment-Temperature-7 (ACE-T7) Sample Configuration:  The crew configured LMM (Light Microscopy Module) for the ACE-T-7 science run.  The ACE-T-7 module was processed prior to this increment, and this run will allow investigators to obs

ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/01/2018

Combustion Integration Rack (CIR) Burst Disc Removal: The crew removed the burst discs from the argon and checked gas manifolds in the CIR Gas Chromatography (GC) system.  These burst discs are considered redundant with the pressure relief valves in the syst

ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/31/2018

Combustion Integration Rack (CIR) Manifold Bottle Replacement: In support of part 2 of the CIR / Advanced Combustion via Microgravity Experiments (ACME) / Electric-Field Effects on Laminar Diffusion (E-FIELD) Flames operations, the crew removed the 30% ethyle

ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/30/2018

Binary Colloidal Alloy Test – Cohesive Sediment (BCAT-CS):  Today, the crew transferred images to the Station Support Computer (SSC), replaced the SB-800 Flash batteries, verified the camera alignment and focus are still intact, and re-set the interval

ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/29/2018

Actiwatch Spectrum:  Following the discovery of some bad data from a previous Actiwatch spectrum data collection, this activity set up the nine remaining Actiwatch spectrum units to verify they are producing good data. The Actiwatch Spectrum is a waterproof

ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/26/2018

Echo External Hard Disk Connection: The crew connected the Echo External Hard Disk and USB Cable to SSC 11 in preparation for a file update and subsequent Echo software update.  The purpose of the investigation is to evaluate a tele-operated ultrasound syste

ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/25/2018

Veg-03G:  Today, the crew installed a Root Mat and Plant Pillows, then powered up Veg-03G and set light intervals.  They then filled the Plant Pillows and Root Mat with water in order to initiate the Veg-03G experiment.  This is the first day of a 28 day g
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