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ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/21/2018

Orbital-ATK 9 (OA-9) Launch: OA-9 launched from the Wallops Flight Facility this morning at 08:44:06 GMT (3:44 CT).  The Cygnus solar arrays have been deployed nominally.  OA-9 capture and berthing to the ISS is planned for Thursday 24-May. Atomization:  T

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/18/2018

Orbital-ATK 9 (OA-9) Launch: OA-9 launch from the Wallops Flight Facility is set for Monday 21-May at 08:39 GMT (3:39 CT).  OA-9 capture and berthing to the ISS continues to be planned Thursday 24-May. Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism (ExHAM

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/17/2018

Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism (ExHAM) #2:  The crew opened the Japanese Experiment Module Airlock (JEMAL) inner hatch and extended the Airlock slide table into the JEM. They detached and stowed samples for return to the ground from the Han

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/16/2018

US EVA 50 Pump and Flow Control Subassembly (PFCS) Relocate: Today Drew Feustel (EV-1) and Ricky Arnold (EV-2) executed US EVA #50. The following tasks were accomplished during the EVA: A swap of the Pump/Flow Control Subassemblies (PFCS) between the Enhance

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/15/2018

Tropical Cyclone: The crew configured the camera settings in the Cupola to support the capture of a series of photographs of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The images will be used to create 3 dimensional images of the craters that have formed as a result of

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/14/2018

ISS Reboost: On Saturday, May 12th, at 05:07:00 pm CDT the ISS performed a nominal 2 minute and 52 second reboost using the 69P thrusters.  The purpose of the reboost was to set up proper phasing for the 53S landing in June and the 70P 2-orbit rendezvous in

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/11/2018

Japanese Small Satellite Orbital Deployer 8 (J-SSOD#8):  Last night and this morning, Robotics Controllers in Tsukuba, Japan maneuvered the Japanese Experiment Module Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS) to the Small Satellite Deploy Position and deployed the

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/10/2018

Lab Mass Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Loss of Comm: The Lab MCA experienced a loss of communication overnight. A power cycle was performed to bring it back online; before that could happen, however, the Pump Vacuum Pressure rose above the limit allowed for acti

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/08/2018

Japanese Small Satellite Orbital Deployer 8 (J-SSOD#8):  Today the crew depressurized and vented the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Airlock in support of J-SSOD#8 operations this week.  The launch of small satellites from the J-SSOD#8 deployers is planne

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/07/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-14 Dragon Departure: Saturday morning the Robotics Ground Controllers maneuvered the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) to position the SpX-14 Dragon for release.  At 08:22 am CT the Robotic Controllers commanded the release of the

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/04/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-14 Dragon Departure Preparation: Early this morning, the crew completed re-packing of the Double Coldbags required for return of temperature-controlled items on Dragon.  The crew also transferred the remainder of cargo into the Dragon F4 locatio

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/03/2018

Miniature Exercise Device (MED-2):  The MED-2 session planned for today was postponed due to time constraints. SpaceX-14 Cold Stowage:  The crew implemented changes in the cold stowage plan today to support the return of blood samples on the SpX-14 vehicle.

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/02/2018

SpaceX (SpX)-14 Dragon Operations: Yesterday, SpaceX reported unfavorable conditions at the landing site and the decision was made to slip to the alternate release date of May 5th. Today the crew relocated payloads and cold stowage from Dragon to ISS as requi

ISS Daily Summary Report – 5/01/2018

Dragon Preparation for Return:  Weather at the prime Recovery Zone will not support Dragon return tomorrow; release has slipped to the backup date of Saturday, 5 May.  With guidance from stowage experts, the crew re-configured already transferred Dragon car

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/30/2018

Japanese Small Satellite Orbital Deployer 8 (J-SSOD#8):  Today the crew extended the Slide Table into the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) from the JEM Airlock (JEMAL) and installed the Multipurpose Experiment Platform (MPEP).  They then installed two J-SSO

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/27/2018

Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Airlock (JEMAL) Materials ISS Experiment – Flight Facility (MISSE-FF) Operations:  The crew extended the JEMAL Slide Table into the JEM and removed the MISSE Transfer Tray (MTT) from the table. They also removed the JE

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/26/2018

NanoRacks Module-66:  The crew removed NanoRacks Module-66 from the NanoRacks Platform-1 today for return on the SpaceX-14 vehicle. This investigation examines fibril formation and beta amyloid peptides in microgravity using a fluorescence spectrometer.  Al

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/25/2018

Integrated Communications Unit (ICU) R4 Transition: Yesterday, a software patch was loaded for the Ku-Band Command and Data Processer (KCDP) to correct the anomaly experienced where large packets of data were disrupting Ku Band forward data flow.  After the

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/24/2018

Human Research Facility-2 (HRF-2) B-Rack Interface Controller Install: Today the crew installed the new BRIC into the HRF-2 rack to resolve Rack Interface Controller (RIC) issues that started back on March 25th. Following the installation, the ground attempte

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/23/2018

Live Public Affairs Office (PAO) Event from ISS: Following today’s swearing-in of NASA Administrator Bridenstine, the US crew spoke with US Vice President Pence and Bridenstine about their experiences on the ISS and their time at NASA. Bridenstine was confi

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/20/2018

Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Operations / Material on ISS Experiment – Flight Facility (MISSE-FF):  Last night the final MISSE Sample Container (MSC) was successfully installed on the MISSE FF.  All five MISSE Sample Carriers (MSC) were activated and ope

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/19/2018

Miniature Exercise Device (MED-2):  The crew set up cameras in Node 3 to capture video from multiple views of the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) and MED-2 hardware.  They applied body markers, performed dead lifts and rowing exercises and then tr

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/18/2018

Ku Control Unit (KCU) Software Transition: Following yesterday’s swap to KCU2, running the new R4 software, the KCU2 modem card stopped processing Ku forward commands. An eventual power cycle of the entire KCU2 unit recovered KCU2 forward link. Later the KC

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/17/2018

Metabolic Tracking (MT): The crew set up the hardware and materials to support two separate sessions of thawing and inoculation today for the MT investigation. They injected the thawed inoculum into multiwell BioCells, and inserted them into a NanoRacks Plat

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/16/2018

Metabolic Tracking (MT): Earlier today the crew set up the MT hardware and materials for thawing and inoculation. They then injected the thawed inoculum into multiwell BioCells, and inserted them into a NanoRacks Plate Reader.  The crew also took samples fro

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/13/2018

Metabolic Tracking (MT): Today the crew injected thawed inoculum into multiwell BioCells, which were then inserted into a NanoRacks Plate Reader.  The crew also took samples from the BioCell A group and collected surface and air samples while photographing e

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/12/2018

Plant Gravity Perception (PGP): The final Plant Gravity Perception experiment completed today with three of the Experiment Containers (ECs) maintaining power in the European Modular Cultivation System (EMCS).  The crew removed seed cassettes from the ECs an

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/11/2018

Metabolic Tracking (MT): The crew set up MT hardware and materials for thawing and inoculation. They then injected the thawed inoculum into multiwell BioCells, which were inserted into the NanoRacks Plate Reader-2.  NanoRacks Plate Reader-2 is a laboratory i

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/10/2018

Human Research Program (HRP) Collections (Biochemical Profile and Repository):  A 54S crewmember collected urine samples for his FD15 sessions of the Biochem Profile and Repository investigations. The Biochemical Profile experiment tests blood and urine samp

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/09/2018

Plant Gravity Perception (PGP): The crew began the final Plant Gravity Perception experiment run on Saturday with three of the Experiment Containers maintaining power. For this investigation, normal and mutated forms of thale cress, a model research plant, ar

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/06/2018

Mobile Servicing System (MSS) SpX-14 Operations: Overnight, the Robotics ground controllers released the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) from the SpaceX-14 Dragon Flight Releasable Grapple Fixture (FRGF).  They performed a survey of the Drago

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/05/2018

SpX-14 Mission: After yesterday’s successful capture and berthing of Dragon, the crew ingressed the vehicle early this morning and began cargo transfer operations. Once the crew finishes unloading the center stack, they will transfer SpX-14 cold stowage int

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/04/2018

SpX-14 Mission:  At 5:40 am CDT this morning, the ISS crew used the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) to capture the Dragon vehicle. This capture marked the first use of Forced Based Capture, a software enhancement to the Latching End Effector

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/02/2018

SpaceX-14 Launch: SpX-14 launched nominally today at 3:30:38 pm CDT. In preparation for vehicle arrival, the crew performed an Onboard Training (OBT) session to practice offset grapples. After the crew’s training session, ground specialists relocated the Sp

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/03/2018

SpaceX-14 Status: SpaceX has completed the CUCU Broadcast Test and configured CUCU and Dragon UHF for rendezvous.  The Dragon vehicle continues to follow the nominal rendezvous profile that supports an ISS capture tomorrow at 6:00 am CDT.  Advanced Combusti

ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/29/2018

USOS Extravehicular Activity (EVA) #49: Today Drew Feustel (as EV-1) and Ricky Arnold (as EV-2) exited the Joint Airlock at 8:30am CDT to perform US EVA #49.  Egress was delayed for about 1.5 hours due to issues with suit leak checks that were ultimately cle

ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/30/2018

Human Research Facility (HRF)-2:  This morning the crew connected a 5 meter USB cable and an 8 port serial adapter and spider cable between the HRF-2 and HRF-1 racks in order to support troubleshooting of the Rack Interface Controller (RIC) on HRF-2. Ground

ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/28/2018

68 Progress (68P) Undock: 68P successfully undocked from the Docking Compartment 1 (DC-1) port this morning at 8:50 AM CDT. This Progress vehicle will conduct Non-ISS free-flight experiments from April 3 to April 24. A series of burns scheduled for Thursday M

ISS Daily Summary Report – 3/27/2018

Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Preparations:  Today the crew continued preparing for US EVA #49 – Node 3 External Wireless Communications (EWC) installation, planned for Thursday March 29, 2018. They completed additional Airlock and Extravehicular Mobility
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