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China & Russia’s ‘worst nightmare’? National Interest piece fantasizing sale of US nuke subs to allies is an ‘exaggeration’

The National Interest magazine claimed that a potential sale of US nuclear subs to allies may become a “nightmare” for Russia and China. Military analysts told RT there could be a fallout but a grim prospect is an exaggeration. Read Full Article at

Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales thanks Mexico for saving HIS LIFE, pledges to carry on fight despite coup

Bolivia’s ousted socialist president, Evo Morales, has credited Mexico with saving his life, after the country offered him political asylum following his resignation from government. Read Full Article at

Wait, what? Campus newspaper apologizes for DOING JOURNALISM, calls protest coverage ‘retraumatizing and invasive’

A US college newspaper has apologized for photographing and talking to protesters who picketed a speech by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The paper claims that standard journalistic practice hurt their feelings. Read Full Article at

Leaders address global challenges at Paris Peace Forum in absence of US

Read Full Article at

Yesterday's 'double champ': 3 yrs on from Conor McGregor's signature victory, it remains his most recent win

It's three years since Conor McGregor recorded his signature victory over Eddie Alvarez to win the UFC lightweight championship. It’s also his most recent win. ‘The Notorious’ should be careful to avoid becoming yesterday's man. Read Full Article at RT.

Competition for Moscow? UK election meddling accusations spread from Russia, to India…to Hillary

If you believe the daily reports, Britain’s ongoing election campaign is facing more interference than an old analogue television during a rainstorm, and amazingly, it’s not just Russians being accused of being behind it. Read Full Article at

Evo’s odyssey: Morales endures banned airspace, unplanned pit stop during flight to political asylum in Mexico

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has said that Mexico saved his life after being granted asylum in the North American country. Read Full Article at

‘Bird of the Year’ flap: More Russian meddling in wildlife contest?

New Zealand is home to over 200 bird species and most of them are unique to the north and south islands were they have lived for millions of years. But while the Dodo might be dead, modern day drama and meddling certainly isn’t. Read Full Article at

‘Freak accident’: 20-year-old US college gymnast dies of spinal injuries after training fall

US college gymnast Melanie Coleman has tragically died after suffering a spinal cord injury during training while practicing on the uneven bars. Read Full Article at

9yo child admits to arson as dozens of WILDFIRES ravage southeast Australia (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

As southeastern Australian is ravaged by dozens of wildfires, a nine-year-old boy has admitted to using a blowtorch to start another blaze in the state of New South Wales. Read Full Article at

French riot police join Catalan cops harshly DRAGGING independence protesters blocking border crossing (VIDEO)

Catalan independence protesters who blocked a border crossing with France were routed – in some cases physically dragged away – by French riot police working with Catalan police, just a day into a planned three-day protest. Read Full Article at

Back on track: Federer rescues ATP Finals hopes with win over Berrettini

Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer picked up his first win at the Nitto ATP Finals, beating debutant Matteo Berrettini of Italy in two straight sets to keep his tournament hopes alive. Read Full Article at

‘Typical of her’: Hillary Clinton takes to UK airwaves to warn about, yep, Russia… but not everybody is impressed

Not content to beat the ‘Russiagate’ drum in the US, Hillary Clinton has used a book tour in the UK to sound the alarm about supposed Russian interference in British politics. Critics say her tour is election meddling in itself. Read Full Article at

‘Never forget what your enemy looks like’: MPs allow use of swastika to condemn Nazi ideology

The swastika and other symbols of the Third Reich can be used, but only if it’s done to condemn Nazism, the State Duma ruled. The previous legislation was too harsh, even making addressing classic WWII movies a problem. Read Full Article at

Mystery as ‘thousands’ of birds found DEAD on shores of Indian lake

The shocking discovery of more than 1,000 dead birds of various species along the shores of India’s biggest inland salt lake has left authorities scratching their heads. Read Full Article at

Spain’s Socialists, Podemos sign pact on ‘progressive’ coalition govt

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Dead on arrival? Disney Plus experiences major outage right after launch

Disney’s brand new streaming service, destined to rival the mighty Netflix, has fallen at the first hurdle, stumbling out of the gate directly after launch as widespread outages have been reported across the US. Read Full Article at

One giant leap for robot-kind? Russian humanoid robots slated for spacewalks & moon missions

The Russian robot used to dock unmanned spacecraft at the International Space Station (ISS) could soon be upgraded to carry out spacewalks and even participate in missions to the moon. Read Full Article at

Corbyn brands cyber attack as ‘suspicious’ after UK Labour Party’s digital systems targeted during election campaign

Jeremy Corbyn revealed he’s “suspicious” and has been left feeling “very nervous” after Labour’s digital systems became the victim of a “sophisticated and large-scale cyber attack” in the middle of a general election campaign. Read Full Articl

Putin & Xi to launch strategic natural gas pipeline from Russia to China in December

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will take part in the launching ceremony of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, set to be held next month. Read Full Article at

People should ditch dollar, fiat currencies in general & buy gold which is ‘a real safe haven’ – Peter Schiff tells Boom Bust

The real driver behind the rise of gold prices is the world’s central banks’ buying spree, says Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital. Read Full Article at

Ex-pornstar Khalifa quashes pregnancy rumors while moving wedding forward one year

Former adult actress Mia Khalifa has quashed rumors that she is pregnant while simultaneously announcing that she has moved up the date of her wedding by a full year. Read Full Article at

MMA fighter Tara LaRosa restrains ‘aggressive’ anti-Trump protester at Veterans Day event (VIDEO)

American female MMA champion Tara LaRosa used her fighting skills to restrain a left-wing activist who was reportedly attacking people during a Veterans Day flag-wave gathering. Read Full Article at

Israeli settlement products must be labeled as coming from occupied lands, top EU court rules

Any produce made in Israeli-occupied West Bank settlements must be labeled as such so that the European consumer isn’t misled by the generic ‘Made in Israel’ tag, a top EU court said in a landmark ruling. Read Full Article at

Cris and make up: Juventus teammates ‘expect apology’ from Cristiano Ronaldo over substitution strop

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus teammates expect an apology from the Portuguese star for his strop after being substituted during the game against AC Milan at the weekend, according to reports in Italy. Read Full Article at

‘Sickening’: UK Labour politician slams rival Lib Dem for suggesting she was partly responsible for Grenfell Fire

Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Kensington, the west London constituency that includes Grenfell Tower, has hit back at her Liberal Democrat opponent after he suggested she was partially responsible for the tragic 2017 fire. Read Full Article at

Beautiful, silvery ‘mouse deer’ rediscovered in Vietnam after no sightings for almost 30yrs

A small, deer-like animal thought to have been extinct has been spotted for the first time in three decades in the northwestern jungle of Vietnam, providing hope that reports of the animal’s demise may have been overstated. Read Full Article at

China’s gold-backed crypto looming as ‘Pearl Harbor type event’ for US dollar in 2020 – Keiser Report

There are two economies in the United States, says RT’s Keiser Report, the real economy, where the 99 percent live, and the one-percent economy, where bankers and the corporate elite live. Read Full Article at

‘That’s bullsh*t’: Rafael Nadal rages at question about his wife after ATP Finals defeat

Rafael Nadal responded furiously to a question about whether his recent marriage had affected his on-court focus after he was beaten by Alexander Zverev in their opener at the ATP Finals in London. Read Full Article at

Don’t stop retrievin’: Russian construction workers save dog from frozen lake with excavator bucket (VIDEO)

A crew of construction workers went above and beyond the call of duty Monday after they heard the desperate yelps of a miserly mutt who had fallen through the ice on a frozen lake, and quite literally swung into action. Read Full Article at

‘That’s bullsh*t’: Rafael Nadal rages at question about marriage after ATP Finals defeat

Rafael Nadal responded furiously to a question about whether his recent marriage had affected his on-court focus after he was beaten by Alexander Zverev in their opener at the ATP Finals in London. Read Full Article at

China looks to import Russian pork to cover domestic shortages due to African swine fever

Russian meat producer Cherkizovo is in talks to supply pork to China. The world's biggest pork consumer is facing a major deficit of the meat after African swine fever wiped out half its pig livestock. Read Full Article at

Dramatic CCTV footage shows packed passenger trains colliding head-on in India (VIDEO)

Two overcrowded trains rammed into each other in the central Indian city of Hyderabad, causing chaos among the passengers who rushed for safety. A CCTV camera captured the dramatic head-on collision. Read Full Article at

Pakistani pop star Rabi Pirzada, who posed in suicide vest, turns to religion after quitting showbiz over leaked nudes

Rabi Pirzada, the Pakistani singer who quit the music industry after nude photos and videos of her were leaked on the internet, has reportedly set off on a spiritual quest as part of a self-professed fresh start in life. Read Full Article at

Here’s how to NOT get banned from WhatsApp

Tech censorship is nothing new, but a recent spate of permanent bans from the WhatsApp messaging service has users the world over spooked. Here’s your guide to keeping your nose clean and avoiding a ban. Read Full Article at

Stunning moment meteor lights up skies over Missouri caught on VIDEO

Stunning moment meteor lights up skies over Missouri caught on filmSome sleepless folks in the state of Missouri were lucky enough to spot and film what appeared to be a bright meteor streaking through the night sky. Read Full Article at

Inartificial intelligence: Russian students win big at 2019 world robotics championship

Russian teams showed off the best of their engineering talent, scoring huge wins at this year’s World Robot Olympiad where they competed with teams from 71 countries. Read Full Article at

US convoy hit by suicide attack in Afghanistan - report

Read Full Article at

Attack hits home of Islamic Jihad official in Damascus, killing his son, after Israel struck top Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza

A strike on a Damascus home belonging to an Islamic Jihad official has killed the man’s son, in what appears to be part of an Israeli operation to assassinate leaders of the Palestinian militant group in Gaza and Syria. Read Full Article at
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