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Cross-border drug traffic peaking thanks to focus on migrant crisis, US drug czar says

More drugs than ever are flowing into the US from south of the border as federal resources have been diverted to the migrant crisis, leaving Border Patrol hopelessly overstretched, the US drug policy chief has warned. Read Full Article at

That funny smell: 4.5mn-gallon sewage spill shuts Washington beaches

Power glitches at the two biggest sewage treatment plants in Washington state's King County have resulted in the uncontrollable discharge of millions of gallons of wastewater into the ocean, causing several beaches to close. Read Full Article at

Reports of heavy explosions as Saudi-led coalition resumes assault on Yemeni capital

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US pressure & EU inaction left Iran with ‘very few options’ except to retaliate

The seizure of British-owned oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz is the signal that Iran's patience has run out, worn thin by European inaction over a year after the US pullout from the nuclear deal, analysts have told RT. Read Full Article at

Saudi Arabia invites US to 'preserve its peace' against Iran by swamping Gulf with more troops

Saudi Arabia has rolled out the welcome mat for US troops in a move it claims is aimed at “preserving its peace” – mainly by menacing Iran, where tensions have risen near a breaking point after multiple tanker seizures. Read Full Article at

London police Twitter blares ‘F*CK THE POLICE’ in apparent hack

London’s Metropolitan Police has some explaining to do, after its website and Twitter account apparently got hacked and defaced with obscene messages. Read Full Article at

Fool me twice? Elderly killer out on compassionate release convicted of another murder

A 77-year-old convicted murderer released on the assumption he was too old to kill again has been convicted of stabbing a Maine woman to death while her twin children looked on in horror. Read Full Article at

McAfee claims CIA tried to ‘collect’ him, poses armed in boat with his wife (PHOTO)

Cryptocurrency guru John McAfee has claimed that the CIA tried to “collect” him and his wife. The secret services apparently failed, judging by the picture of the couple armed aboard their boat at sea. Read Full Article at

Britain says seizures of UK vessels by Iran are ‘unacceptable’

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed that two naval vessels have been seized by Iranian authorities in the Strait of Hormuz. Read Full Article at

‘Escalatory violence’: Washington reacts to Tehran seizing British tanker

The White House has condemned “escalatory violence by the Iranian regime,” as President Donald Trump promised to speak with the UK after Iran’s elite military wing said they captured a British-owned tanker over alleged violations. Read Full Article at R

Reports of Iran seizing 2nd UK oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

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The Open 2019: Is a Shane Lowry championship victory a statistical inevitability?

A statistical anomaly prior to the start of The Open Championship in Portrush suggested rank outsider Shane Lowry was destined to win the tournament. The Irishman now tops the leaderboard after two rounds of play. Coincidence? Read Full Article at

Lionel Messi chills out on $6,200 PER NIGHT private island ahead of new season (PHOTOS)

Some say that you can't put a price on getting the correct rest and relaxation ahead of what will be another grueling season of top-level football. But perhaps that isn't exactly true when it comes to Barcelona ace Lionel Messi. Read Full Article at

Polish newspaper compared to ‘German fascists’ over ‘LGBT-free zone’ stickers

A conservative Polish newspaper has kicked off heated controversy after announcing it would include ‘LGBT-free zone’ stickers in a future issue, prompting comparisons to anti-Jewish signs and slogans used by the Nazis. Read Full Article at

Iran confiscates British tanker in Strait of Hormuz – IRGC

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has seized the British oil tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz, Iranian media reported. UK authorities said the tanker had ‘veered off course’ before capture. Read Full Article at

‘Little miracle’: Futuristic Orthodox church to appear in Moscow (PHOTOS)

The emergence of a temple featuring a very unconventional design is a “little miracle,” architects say, given the conservativism of the Church and the faithful. Read Full Article at

Is Nigel Farage inching his way into Bojo’s plans for post-Brexit Britain?

As UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid singles out Nigel Farage for praise in a speech on Friday, the Tories under the premiership of Boris Johnson could be readying themselves to hand the Brexit Party leader a key role in government. Read Full Article at

The Open 2019: Tiger Woods to take a break from golf after missing the cut at Portrush (VIDEO)

Golf superstar Tiger Woods showed glimpses of his old brilliance in his second round at the Open at Portrush, but ultimately couldn't do enough to avoid the cut as he admitted it was time to take a break from the game. Read Full Article at

Scrabble or anti-Semitism? Norwegian ‘Jewish pig’ cartoon courts controversy

A satirical cartoon on Norwegian public television has drawn complaints about anti-Semitism, after it showed a man contemplating a derogatory term in a word puzzle game Scrabble, while playing against a Jew. Read Full Article at

VIDEO shows fiery descent of Chinese space station from orbit

Rare footage released by the Chinese media has shown space lab Tiangong-2 going down in flames as the station re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere as part of its controlled demolition. Read Full Article at

NFL's Tyreek Hill avoids suspension after 'comprehensive investigation' into child abuse allegations

Kansas City Chiefs star receiver Tyreek Hill has avoided suspension after the NFL determined that, following a four-month investigation into allegations of child abuse, he did not violate the league's personal conduct policy. Read Full Article at

Vietnam accuses Chinese oil survey vessel of violating its sovereignty in S. China Sea

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'Sheer lie’: Iran elite military unit shows VIDEO ‘proving’ no drone downed by US in Persian Gulf

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps released footage which it says disproves the US claim of shooting down an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz, showing the video was transmitted after the alleged time it was destroyed. Read Full Article at

‘Bring it’: Businesses rush to cash in on Storm Area 51 joke as founder feels ‘spooked’

The alleged creator of the world-famous viral Storm Area 51 event is concerned that people might be missing the joke, but business, local and otherwise, are less concerned and happily cashing in on the phenomenon. Read Full Article at

Kosovo’s PM Haradinaj resigns after being called to Hague war crimes court

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Iran state TV claims VIDEO proves ‘no drone was downed’ by US in Strait of Hormuz

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How will the seemingly narcissistic, selfie-mad sports elite survive without Instagram 'likes'?

Latest on the list to offend the PC generation? Liking pictures. Pure aesthetic pleasure has been canceled by Instagram to tackle 'social pressure' - but will they isolate their vainest in an attempt to protect the vulnerable? Read Full Article at

2nd Chinese space station falls from sky in FIERY demolition (this time controlled)

China’s space lab Tiangong-2 has descended from orbit and burned up over the South Pacific. Unlike its predecessor, the terminal fall towards Earth was part of a controlled operation by the Chinese space agency. Read Full Article at

French authorities just shot a resting herd of runaway bison to protect hikers. Were they right?

An ethical debate has broken out in France, after the wildlife and hunting agency opted to gun down a herd of escaped bison, rather than trying to stun and catch them, because they feared the cattle could hurt humans. Read Full Article at

Hungary’s Orban takes low-cost flight home, but some cry foul (PHOTO)

Speculation is abuzz in Hungary after Prime Minister Victor Orban was spotted taking a cheap flight from Milan to Budapest. Some call it an obvious publicity stunt meant to show the PM’s humble habits. Read Full Article at

Keep art or fix street? Massive artwork damaged in Russia’s Urals days after completion (PHOTOS)

A large street art, citing the Suprematism manifesto by Kazimir Malevich, was partially covered with asphalt just a few days after its completion in the Russian Urals. Local authorities blamed the incident on “miscommunication.” Read Full Article at

WATCH: Terrifying footage from INSIDE Boeing 737 shows plane plow into ocean

The shaky footage was filmed by an alarmed aircraft maintenance engineer on his iPhone as a plane plunged into the Pacific Ocean on September 28, 2018. One passenger was killed in the crash. Read Full Article at

Ukrainian court denies bail to Russian journalist slated for prisoner exchange by President Zelensky

A Russian-Ukrainian journalist accused of state treason by Kiev has been denied bail by a Ukrainian court. Earlier Ukraine’s president suggested exchanging the man for a Ukrainian activist convicted for terrorism in Russia. Read Full Article at

‘Brock, stop ducking me!’ UFC star Jorge Masvidal fires tongue-in-cheek warning to WWE star Lesnar

Whether or not Whole Foods offers a “three-piece and a soda” remains unclear but Jorge Masvidal joked that a run-in with Brock Lesnar at the supermarket chain has whetted his appetite for a fight with the giant heavyweight. Read Full Article at

Sanctions did not change Russian policy but hurt German businesses – Bundestag member

Western economic sanctions against Russia are the “wrong medicine,” since they haven’t had the desired effect, said Klaus Ernst, the chairman of the Bundestag’s Economic Committee. Read Full Article at

Flood power? Russian accounts bombard DiCaprio’s Instagram with pleas to #SaveBaikal

There are hundreds of comments in Russian on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram account, calling him endearing names and asking for help. Why? It’s a long story, which also involves Lady Gaga, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper. Read Full Article at

OUT! - Russia says cricket is 'not a sport', but that could soon change

Despite being watched by around 2.5 billion spectators worldwide, the Russian Sports Ministry has refused to recognize cricket as a sport due to a lack of regional affiliations in the country, although that could soon change. Read Full Article at

ICYMI: Trump’s Twitter tactic: The race card gets played because it’s just so effective

Donald Trump tweeted that there is not a racist bone in his body this week, which would have been better news if he hadn’t launched what looked like a racist tirade a few days earlier. Read Full Article at

Pro-Trump Miss Michigan who refused to try on hijab stripped of title over twitter posts – report

Ardent Trump supporter Kathy Zhu has said she was stripped of a Miss World America title after the organizers took issue with her black-on-black violence tweet and her refusal to try on a hijab as part of a school activity. Read Full Article at

Bollywood star Ajaz Khan arrested for posting ‘objectional’ videos about Muslim lynching

Bollywood star and former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan was arrested by Mumbai Cyber Police for inciting enmity between different religious groups through videos posted to the Tik Tok platform. Read Full Article at
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