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Fined for discrimination: School ordered to pay after student excluded for her pink hair

A school in the Russian city of Perm, and its director, have been slapped with fines after a court found their suspension of a student, on the grounds that her hair was dyed pink, amounted to discrimination. Read Full Article at

Prosecutor says he ‘never blamed official Moscow’ over Montenegro coup plot

Montenegro’s Chief Special Prosecutor has clarified earlier accusations that “official” Russia was behind an alleged coup attempt in the small Balkan state in 2016. Instead, he’s claiming two GRU agents were involved. Read Full Article at

Video of nurses abusing mentally ill patient sparks outrage, clinic boss ‘ready to resign’

The head of a psychiatric clinic in Russia’s Urals says he’s ready to resign after a disturbing video of nurses abusing an elderly patient surfaced online. Meanwhile, the internet demands a harsh punishment for the perpetrators. Read Full Article at

Russia mulls fines for involving minors in unlawful protests

The Russian parliament is working on a bill which seeks to punish politicians and organizations for calling on minors to participate in unsanctioned protest rallies. If adopted, the offense may carry a fine of up to $15,000. Read Full Article at

Russians like China, dislike US, split about EU – poll

The Russian people continue to view China mostly favorably, with 75 percent saying their attitude was good or mostly good, a fresh opinion poll showed. The US remains a disliked nation among Russians. Read Full Article at

‘No warplane to take off’: Russia’s S-700 missile system can cover entire planet – party leader

A leading Russian politician may have just revealed the biggest Russian military secret. Or just invented a non-existent weapon system while ranting about how powerful the country is during a political talk show. Read Full Article at

Flower power: Russian govt mulls bill to lift poppy plant production ban to grow for medical use

Russia’s government has received a bill that would lift its current ban on poppy plant cultivation. If approved, the law would allow for the mass domestic manufacture of opiate-based medicines. Read Full Article at

Russia’s new nuclear security policy approved by Putin, govt to implement within three months

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree approving Russia’s updated nuclear and radiation safety policy, running through to 2025 and beyond. It will be implemented within three months. Read Full Article at

Russian police probe mysterious death of 32yo ‘Nigerian prince’ in night club

A Nigerian-born ‘prince’, who became a local celebrity in a small Russian steel-casting city after marrying a local woman and moving in, has died under murky circumstances, triggering a police investigation. Read Full Article at

Kremlin promises to defend Russian Orthodox Christians in Ukraine

Russia will protect Orthodox believers in Ukraine if religious disputes go beyond lawful confrontation, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has said, adding that Moscow would only use political and diplomatic methods. Read Full Article at

Russian govt backs bill allowing use of geolocation data to search for missing kids

The Russian government has supported a bill that would allow police and rescuers to quickly access geolocation data on the phones of missing children in emergency situations. Read Full Article at

US repeatedly rejected Russian offer of mutual non-interventionism pact – diplomat

Russia has proposed mutual guarantees to the US on non-involvement in each other’s sovereign affairs, but Washington continues to reject the offer, a senior Russian diplomat has told reporters. Read Full Article at

Russian ombudsman wants nationwide block on AliExpress over fears for kids’ health

The Russian ombudsman for children’s rights has proposed developing a procedure for blocking AliExpress and similar e-trading platforms, as they can bypass regulations to sell goods that are dangerous for children. Read Full Article at

‘We won’t pay for thin air’: Moscow responds to Council of Europe expulsion threats

Russian officials have replied to the Council of Europe’s demands for payment with a promise to suspend its membership unless it introduces anti-discrimination amendments to its parliamentary assembly (PACE) regulations. Read Full Article at

Kadyrov apologizes for hooligan, summons him to Grozny for telling off

The head of the Chechen Republic has personally apologized for a young man who was caught on video making trouble while shouting the name of the Chechen sports club Akhmat. The delinquent has issued his own apology. Read Full Article at

Top managers of failed banks should be banned from leaving Russia – Duma speaker

The Russian lower house speaker has supported the proposal to pass a law that would ban top managers from failed banks to leave Russia for the period when their organizations are being rescued by the government. Read Full Article at

Half of all Russians and Ukrainians want friendship & open borders between two nations, poll shows

About a half of Ukrainian and Russian people want their countries to remain independent but friendly, with open borders and mutual visa-free regimes for citizens, according to a joint poll by Russian and Ukrainian think tanks. Read Full Article at

No PACE cooperation in 2019 due to ‘anti-Russian hysteria’ – snr lawmaker

As Russia will most likely not return to PACE in 2019 because the group had postponed the discussion of national delegations’ rights following the lead of Russophobic minority, a senior State Duma MP has said. Read Full Article at

Pro-Putin activists say warning system should prevent extremist reposts on the web

Experts have proposed creating a system to find extremist text and pictures on the web and social networks and mark them with special warning, to avoid unwitting reposts from users. Read Full Article at

‘Ukrainian president’s statements of Russian plans to rig elections lack proof:’ Experts to RT

Several politicians and experts told RT that the Ukrainian president’s fears of Russian meddling in future elections were completely unfounded and simply imitated the demagogic tactics used previously by Western nations. Read Full Article at

Russia will fight other nations’ attempts to contain its activities in global arena – prime minister

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said Russia will not hide behind protectionist barriers as the world becomes more turbulent and competitive. The country will fight for a dominant place in the global economic system, he added. Read Full Article at

Fit as fiddles: Populist MP says big companies should pay for staff exercise

A populist Russian lawmaker wants to expand a recent proposal to exempt gym fees and other payments for fitness with a law that would require big companies to offer free physical training to their staff. Read Full Article at

Almost half of younger Russians never heard of Stalinist purges, poll shows

A recent poll in Russia has revealed a very surprising fact – despite the ongoing campaign to immortalize the memory of the victims, almost half of young Russians claim that they have never heard of the Stalinist repressions. Read Full Article at

Russian ‘Male State’ leader faces criminal charges over extreme misogyny

A man in central Russia is facing up to five years in prison for launching and maintaining a group called ‘Male State’ on one of the country’s social networks. The group’s members used it to collectively degrade and bully women. Read Full Article at R

‘Theater of the absurd’: Top Russian senator blasts Norway spy probe against employee

The Russian Upper House speaker described the Norwegian spy probe against one of the chamber’s employees as absurd and arbitrary. She speculated that the man is being held so that evidence could be fabricated to back the charges. Read Full Article at

Positive attitude between Russians and Americans in serious decline - research

The positive attitude between Russians and Americans seriously declined in the past year as did Russians' opinion of Donald Trump, according to a US study. Share of Americans who like Vladimir Putin remains almost unchanged. Read Full Article at

Russian police fire air shots after Ingushetians gather to protest new Chechnya border deal

Security forces fired into the air to disperse thousands of demonstrators in the main square of Magas, capital of Russia’s Caucasian republic of Ingushetia, protesting what they say is an unfair border deal with neighbor Chechnya. Read Full Article at

Off with their hats! Russian military to ditch traditional headgear - reports

A large part of Russian military will soon stop using traditional Russian fur hats with ear flaps, known as “ushankas,” as well as woolen side caps. The government plans to replace these items with more simple headgear. Read Full Article at

Lethal shots: Russia ranks second in international ‘selfie death rating’

Russia has the second highest rate of selfie deaths in the world with India taking the number one spot, according to research. The United States and Pakistan are close behind, occupying other top places in the morbid rating. Read Full Article at

Russian pension reform bill signed into law by Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a motion ordering an increase to retirement age while allowing for a rise in payments and offering additional guarantees for citizens approaching the end of their working lives. Read Full Article at

PM Medvedev says United Russia party should recoup regional election losses

A recent setback suffered by United Russia in regional elections is a good lesson that should be studied and used to regain the lost positions, the party chairman and Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has said. Read Full Article at

Putin pledges to continue using counter sanctions for protection of Russia’s interests

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow’s response to foreign sanctions is ‘very reserved’ and added that new attempts to exert external pressure would only mean introducing new measures to protect national interests. Read Full Article at

Putin intervenes in extremist reposts controversy to stop ‘manifestations of senility’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed softening the law ordering criminal liability for internet reposts of extremist materials. His spokesman described the move as an attempt to “stop the manifestations of senility.” Read Full Article at

Russian space boss accuses Elon Musk and Pentagon of dumping conspiracy

The head of Russian space research corporation claims that the Pentagon is hiding its payments to Elon Musk’s SpaceX project to keep the declared prices artificially low and oust Russia from the space launch market. Read Full Article at

Ukraine’s panic over nukes in Crimea is groundless, Russian MP tells RT

A Russian MP from Crimea has told RT that Ukraine’s fears about nuclear weapons deployment in the republic were groundless and advised those who spread such rumors to take anti-panic drugs. Read Full Article at

People worldwide trust Putin more than they trust Trump, says US think-tank poll

A recent worldwide opinion poll conducted by Pew Research Center shows that Vladimir Putin enjoys more trust than Donald Trump, and analysts blame this fact on America’s selfish and reckless foreign policy. Read Full Article at

People trust Putin more than they trust Trump, says US think-tank poll

A recent worldwide opinion poll conducted by Pew Research Center shows that Vladimir Putin enjoys more trust than Donald Trump, and analysts blame this fact on America’s selfish and reckless foreign policy. Read Full Article at

Russian MP blames internet for teenage masturbation, calls on nationwide campaign

A senior MP in charge of education and science has apparently started an anti-masturbation crusade as he alleged the practice to be extremely harmful to health and called for special classes in schools to deal with the issue. Read Full Article at

Internet ‘like’ is not a crime – Russian prosecutors

Not a single criminal case into extremism has been launched in Russia because of an internet “like” and reports about such cases were exaggerations, a senior spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office said. Read Full Article at

Chechen leader ridicules US threats to impose naval blockade on Russia

The US threat of a naval blockade to stop Russian energy exports might work on lesser states, but can only be seen as futile and dangerous in the case of Moscow, Ramzan Kadyrov has told US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. Read Full Article at
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