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Apple’s holding another big event October 30

And here you thought hardware season was over. A month and a half after its last major event, Apple’s throwing a big party in Brooklyn on October 30. The event will likely suss out some of the technology that slipped through the cracks back in September

This hand-tracking algorithm could lead to sign language recognition

Millions of people communicate using sign language, but so far projects to capture its complex gestures and translate them to verbal speech have had limited success. A new advance in real-time hand tracking from Google’s AI labs, however, could be the b

Why Jeffrey Epstein surrounded himself with scientists

The sex offender-financier's scientific connections don't bode well for the academic culture of science

US tells Greece any help to Iranian tanker may be ‘terrorism support’

The US State Department has informed the Greek government of its ‘strong position’ regarding foreign states providing any assistance to Iranian oil tanker that was recently released by Gibraltar despite all Washington’s pressure. Read Full Article at RT

Twitter bans ‘state media’ from advertising… and guess who decides how they are defined

As mainstream media outlets accused Twitter of allowing a Chinese news agency to advertise its reporting on the Hong Kong protests, the platform announced it would ban all “state-controlled” media advertising within a month. Read Full Article at

Borderlands 3: FL4K, new endgame content and everything else we know - CNET

The latest installment in the sci-fi game series that inspired the «looter-shooter» genre is nearly here.

Juul, Philip Morris sued for marketing to minors, deceptive advertising - CNET

It's one more criticism of the e-cigarette industry's effect on young people.

Star Wars, Disney Plus, MCU Phase 4: What to expect at Disney's D23 Expo - CNET

After the packed Marvel announcements at Comic-Con, we're mostly expecting new details about Disney Plus and maybe some sneak footage of Episode 9 (fingers crossed???).

Harvard scientists design robot shorts to make running less horrible - CNET

The exosuit makes you feel lighter while you walk or run.

State attorneys general will reportedly kick off antitrust investigation into tech giants - CNET

A group of states will add its voices to the DOJ and FTC reviews into big tech companies, a report says.

Watch: Bear Scares Man Off Front Porch in Connecticut

A Nest doorbell camera captured a visitor running away from a bear at a Connecticut home. (Photo Credit: Andrew Crumbie / Facebook) A homeowner’s Nest camera recently captured the moment when a man was scared off a front porch by a bear. An

A map of the brain can tell what you're reading about

Neuroscientists have created interactive maps that can predict where different categories of words activate the brain. Their latest map is focused on what happens in the brain when you read stories.

Eight Democrats to take climate crisis questions in CNN town hall

In the wake of the hottest month ever recorded on Earth, CNN announced the line-up for next month's Democratic primary climate crisis forum—and the candidate who pushed the hardest to make it happen probably won’t be there.  Washington Gov. Jay Insle

Kayakers get up close with collapsing Alaska glacier

Andrew Hooper's wife had warned him about getting too close to an Alaska glacier. She wasn't pleased, he said, when he returned from a kayaking trip earlier this month soaked to the bone but with incredible footage of part of the giant glacier's sudden and dr

The five technical challenges Cerebras overcame in building the first trillion transistor chip

Superlatives abound at Cerebras, the until-today stealthy next-generation silicon chip company looking to make training a deep learning model as quick as buying toothpaste from Amazon. Launching after almost three years of quiet development, Cerebras introduc

Porsche is integrating Apple Music into the all-electric Taycan

Porsche said Monday it will integrate Apple Music into its upcoming all-electric Taycan sports car, the first time the music streaming service has been offered as a standalone app within a vehicle. The announcement illustrates the latest efforts by Porsche t

Revenue-based investing: A new option for founders who care about control

Does the traditional VC financing model make sense for all companies? Absolutely not. VC Josh Kopelman makes the analogy of jet fuel vs. motorcycle fuel. VCs sell jet fuel which works well for jets...

Who are the major revenue-based investing VCs?

So you’re interested in raising capital from a Revenue-Based Investor VC. Which VCs are comfortable using this approach? A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors («RBI») are emerging...

Exclusive: We drive the wild V8-powered S5000

...Keep reading

Gonzalez, Twins aim to keep things rolling against White Sox

Fresh off a 5-1 road trip, the Minnesota Twins return home to host the Chicago White Sox for a three-game series.

Hamilton off to Atlanta as Braves claim him from Royals

The Braves have claimed outfielder Billy Hamilton off waivers from the Kansas City Royals to bolster their injury-plagued roster.

‘Sowing discord’ again? Twitter wades into Hong Kong protests with hunt for ‘Chinese bots’

In another high-profile purge, Twitter has announced the deletion of nearly 1,000 accounts from its platform, citing fears that “Chinese bots” are “sowing discord” in Hong Kong after months of heated protests there. Read Full Article at

Bruce Springsteen's lyrics offer a British-Pakistani teen hope in «Blinded by the Light»

Asbury Park meets the Thatcher-era British suburbs in the latest film from the director of “Bend It Like Beckham"

Icelanders hold funeral for Okjukull, country's first glacier to die from the climate crisis

«This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done.»

LA-based Brainbase raises $3 million for its intellectual property licensing management tech

It’s been nearly a century since Walt Disney first introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. In the ensuing decades, Disney, and the mythmakers of Hollywood have churned out storytelling franchises that are worth billions. But the ways in which many of thes

FEC Chair: 'Facts matter,' Trump is 'damaging to our democracy' by lying about voter fraud

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is so obsessed with having lost the popular vote that he'll buy any crackpot conspiracy theory, but they pretty much all boil down to one massive lie that plays into his paranoid racism: voter fraud. The chairwoman of the Feder

Baidu beats estimates on strong video streaming growth

Chinese search giant Baidu on Monday posted a revenue of 26.33 billion yuan ($3.73 billion) for the quarter that ended in June, beating analysts’ estimates of 25.77 billion yuan ($3.65 billion) as its video streaming service iQiyi continues to see strong g

Men’s personal care startup Huron raises $1M

Huron founder and CEO Matt Mullenax is hoping to build a big business around body wash. “For us, the broader mission is A+ personal care for guys everywhere — not just guys in New York or guys in the Bay Area or guys in Los Angeles,” he said. Th

Segway-Ninebot’s new scooter drives to its docking station for a recharge

At an event in Beijing last week, Chinese scooter company Segway-Ninebot Group unveiled a trio of new products. The most compelling of the bunch was no doubt the KickScooter T60, which harnesses AI to drive itself back to the charging station. The company say

Russo brothers reveal an Avengers: Endgame Easter egg - CNET

Watch closely and a familiar face will show up in the background of one scene.

FCC's Pai targets Lifeline fraudsters, but doesn't propose a funding cap - CNET

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has a new proposal to ensure everyone enrolled in the subsidy program for the poor is actually alive.

In HBO's Westworld Awakening VR game you play a host stalked by a serial killer - CNET

It's filled with hours of gameplay, tons of Westworld Easter eggs and follows an entirely new storyline created along with writers from the show.

Tesla's latest wiring patent application: Things get faster and more redundant - Roadshow

The Big T's patent hopes to add levels of redundancy to vehicle wiring without adding complexity along with it.

Note 10 vs. upcoming iPhone 11: Spec comparison - CNET

We took a look into our crystal ball and compared Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 to what we expect to see in Apple's upcoming iPhone 11.

Kristen Stewart Faces Deep Sea Terrors in ‘Underwater’ Trailer

Kristen Stewart comes face-to-face with a mysterious sea creature in the 'Underwater' movie trailer. (Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox) Underwater, a new action-meets-horror film, will give you nightmares about the ocean floor and the creatures tha

7th-Century Skeleton From Mysterious Merovingian Era Unearthed in France

A 7th-century sarcophagus containing the well-preserved remains of an elderly woman with arthritis has been found in Cahors, southwestern France. (Photo Credit: Department of Lot / Facebook) In what is being called an “unprecedented”

Royals' 32-game spring schedule to open Feb. 22, 2020

The Kansas City Royals will play 32 exhibition games in 2020, including two in Milwaukee after playing 30 in the Cactus League.

Cartoon: Greenland

If you’re concerned about the current state of editorial cartooning, consider supporting my work on my Patreon Page. Also, please sign up for this free editorial cartooning email newsletter. You can also buy some merchandise like T-shirts with my cartoon

Commerce Department extends reprieve to let US companies work with Huawei - CNET

A temporary license was due to run out Monday, but the department announced a last-minute extension.

Apple, Amazon and more pledge to support employees, communities - CNET

The pledge mentions customers and shareholders, too.
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