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Eggert, Benecken win 30th luge World Cup

OBERHOF, Germany (AP) World champions Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken returned to form by edging German rivals Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt to win their 30th luge World Cup on Saturday.

Olympic figure skating medalist Denis Ten killed

MOSCOW (AP) Prosecutors in Kazakhstan say Olympic figure skating medalist Denis Ten has been killed, and they are treating the case as murder.

Exporters from knitwear hub of Tirupur set to increase prices by 10%

Since competition is intensifying from Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries, they have decided to raise the prices by just 10 per cent

Crypto-heist insurance is the hot new play in bitcoin wild west

The collapse in the price of Bitcoin this year hasn't helped matters either

Telescope’s Optic Upgrade Produces Super Sharp Images

The European Southern Observatory’s latest telescope technology works like a pair of contacts to make cosmic images clearer. A new adaptive-optics module on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile means scientists can capture […] The post Telesc

Biology and Philosophy Inform Kim KototamaLune’s Delicate Sculptures Made from Grids of Glass

Glass artist Kim KototamaLune creates ethereal sculptures that resemble abstracted organic shapes and faces. She builds delicate glass grids without molds, which she then works into sculptural form and displays in darkened rooms. This presentation allows lig

Philippines orders Australian nun deported and blacklisted

MANILA, Philippines (AP) - The Philippine immigration bureau on Thursday ordered the deportation of an Australian nun who has angered the president by joining anti-government rallies, but her lawyers called the move «persecution» and said they wou

How to Get Better Vacation Photos, No Selfie Stick Required

If you find yourself vacationing in Budapest, Hungary, you could preserve travel memories by taking a few arm-length, low-quality cellphone selfies that will fail to capture the magic of your visit. Or you could hire someone like Dana J. Ardell, a Budapest-ba

Expected sea-level rise following Antarctic ice shelves' collapse

Scientists have shown how much sea level would rise if Larsen C and George VI, Antarctic ice shelves at risk of collapse, were to break up. While Larsen C has received much attention due to the break-away of a trillion-ton iceberg from it last summer, its col

Aggressive immune cells aggravate Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease, formerly also referred to as shaking palsy, is one of the most frequent disorders affecting movement and the nervous system. Medical researchers have come across a possible cause of the disease - in the patients' immune system.

Low-cost formulas in the manufacturing of non-stick food molds

There is good news for amateur bakers of cakes, muffins and pastries made in extravagant shapes and small and medium-sized baking businesses. Molds will cease to be a problem if the system designed by a research group progresses. This system manufactures non-

The effectiveness of chlorhexidine is limited in preventing infections in oral procedures

A large number of bacteria are present in human mouths and may pass into the blood when procedures such as the removal of a tooth are carried out. Chlorhexidine mouthwashes have a powerful antimicrobial effect, but there are opposing positions on its use in t

Infrared sensor as new method for drug discovery

Using an infrared sensor, biophysicists have succeeded in analyzing quickly and easily which active agents affect the structure of proteins and how long that effect lasts. Researchers have performed time-resolved measurements of the changes to the structure o

Duke basketball to appear in all-access show this fall

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) Duke's basketball team will be the subject of an all-access show.

Sinemia drops prices for its movie ticket subscriptions, which now start a $3.99 per month

MoviePass competitor Sinemia is lowering prices on the already low-cost movie ticket subscription plans that it introduced earlier this year. Its monthly prices are being cut by $1 across-the-board. The cheapest plan now costs $3.99 per month, which gets you

Printrbot has shut down

Printrbot, a popular Kickstarter-backed 3D printer company, has shut down, leaving only a barebones website and little explanation. The founder, Brook Drumm, wrote that “Low sales led to hard decisions.” “We will be forever grateful to all t

Spotify’s new tool helps artists and labels reach its playlist editors

Spotify wants give artists and labels and easier way to submit their new music for playlist consideration. The streaming service this morning launched a feature, still in beta, that allows any artists with a Spotify for Artists account or labels using Spotif

Comcast drops its pursuit of Fox, making way for Disney acquisition

Comcast announced this morning that it’s halting its efforts to acquire the film and television assets of 21st Century Fox. Disney made a deal to acquire those assets last year, but after a district court judge approved the merger of AT&T and Time W

Trump backs the Georgia governor candidate who said he'd use a truck to 'round up criminal illegals'

Donald Trump tweeted out his endorsement for Secretary of State Brian Kemp on Wednesday, a move that comes less than a week before the GOP's July 24 primary runoff for governor of Georgia. There was little indication before this that Trump preferred Kemp ove

Satisfactory Glitches: Tracing the Inspiration Behind Feng Li’s “White Night”

In an endless stream of absurd moments frozen by the flash of his camera, this photographer has a knack for capturing the darker, peculiar side of the mundane events that surround him.

Clemson's Brownell gets 6-year, $15 million contract

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) Clemson coach Brad Brownell has received a new six-year contract that will pay him $15 million through 2024.

The Latest: Malzahn says Auburn is hungry to take next step

ATLANTA (AP) The Latest on SEC Media Days (all times local):

Ice Man out to conquer British Open, and the famous collapse

Iceland's soccer team made a splash in the world cup and now Hatti Magnus talks to PodcastOne Sports Now about becoming the first in his country to play in a major championship in the British Open.

The Latest: Deacons look to young QBs while Hinton suspended

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) The Latest on ACC Media Days (all times local):

Zuckerberg warns break-up of Facebook will lead to Chinese tech dominance

Calls to break up Facebook in order to even out the playing field for competitors would result in a Chinese tech companies filling the void, said the social network’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Read Full Article at

Williams introduces new front wing design

Just a fortnight on from a disastrous British Grand Prix, where both its cars had to start from the pitlane in the wake of a floor stall issue that wrecked qualifying, the team is hoping for a breakthrough with its new parts.For rather than the wing bringing

Donald Trump won't call Putin a liar, but he has plenty of names for US intelligence officials

On Wednesday evening, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with CBS anchor Jeff Glor, and while accounts of that interview have indicated that Trump expressed faith in US intelligence, the actual contents don’t agree. Throughout the interview, Trump sho

CT scans may increase risk of brain cancer

A new study suggests that CT scans, commonly used in medical imaging, may increase the risk of brain tumors.

Russia plans national road reconstruction project essential to economic growth

About 9,000 kilometers of highways and roads in Russia will be transferred to federal ownership by 2021 before a major rebuilding project to boost the country's road infrastructure and the national economy. Read Full Article at

PureSec exits stealth to secure serverless code

PureSec, a startup out of Israel emerged from stealth today to provide a way to make serverless computing more secure. Serverless computing reduces programming to writing functions, so that when a certain event happens, it triggers an automated action. The cl

Apple reportedly confirms keyboard reliability fix in internal document

An internal Apple document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers and obtained by MacGénération and MacRumors confirms that there’s a membrane under the keyboard to “prevent debris from entering the butterfly mechanism”. This is the first t

Chris Mannax discusses Toronto’s potential after acquiring Kawhi Leonard

Chris Mannax joins Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe to discuss the Toronto Raptors' ceiling after acquiring Kawhi Leonard.

Russian lawmakers move to ban weapons & alcohol ads on children’s TV

The Lower House Committee for Information Policy has backed a motion banning advertisers from promoting alcohol, pharmaceuticals, gambling and weapons on kids’ radio and TV programs. Read Full Article at

Venezuela will refine gold in Turkey to protect reserves from US sanctions

The Central Bank of Venezuela will start refining gold in Turkey to avoid US sanctions –  penalties that deter the country from carrying out banking operations in Switzerland, according to the Venezuelan mining minister. Read Full Article at

Magnussen likens Alonso's complaints to Neymar antics

Haas driver Magnussen has drawn the ire of Alonso on several occasions in his F1 career, and the Spaniard was incensed with the Dane's driving in two separate sessions of the British Grand Prix weekend.He admonished Magnussen for «very dangerous driving

US military is depending on Russian ambassador to tell them what happened between Trump and Putin

In an interview with CBS on Wednesday, Donald Trump complained that all the coverage of his meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin had not been “fair.” All the networks and papers had focused on his fumbling, fawning appearance at the press confere

Comic-Con 2018: Hands-on with DC's bold new streaming platform - CNET

DC Universe is like Netflix, a comics shop and a message board all rolled into one service.

Comic-Con 2018: Watch the first trailer for DC’s Titans - CNET

Get your first look at DC’s latest Teen Titans adaptation, coming exclusively to its streaming platform.

DC's Comic-Con 2018 experience lets you rage like Harley Quinn - CNET

Swinging a baseball bat inside a padded cell may be the highlight of my show.

Making a feature film with iMacs is brutal, says Searching director - CNET

The rainbow of death nearly killed ex-Google employee Aneesh Chaganty while he was editing his movie.
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