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‘Aesthetics of Change’ at MAK Museum Wien

The MAK Museum Wien is currently hosting an exhibition of works titled “Aesthetics of Change. 150 Years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.”The show explores the ethos and cosmos of an Austrian cultural university that is at once the richest in trad

Here’s Google’s new Street View Trekker backpack

Years ago, Google’s Street View program expanded from streets to virtually everywhere, thanks to Google’s Trekker program that put 360-degree Street View cameras into a single backpack. Today, Google announced its upgraded Trekker backpack, which

Levandowski’s plans to ship automated driving systems for trucks in 2019

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer and serial entrepreneur who was at the center of a trade secrets lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, has taken his newest autonomous vehicle technology company out of stealth mode with a product aimed at the commer

The 5G wars have entered the petty stage

If you’re reading this the year it was written, you’re almost certainly not getting it over 5G. If you’re reading this in the future, congrats, you made it. And hey, remember polar bears? 5G is the latest buzzword to send the mobile industry into a tizz

Google still claimed to be blocking search rivals on Android, despite Europe’s antitrust action

Mobile licensing changes made by Google this fall, when it tweaked terms for OEMs wanting to license its Android smartphone platform on devices destined for the European market, don’t appear to be offering succour to search rivals — despite being

Derek Fisher explains how Lonzo Ball benefits from Rajon Rondo’s presence

Derek Fisher explains the rationale behind the Los Angeles Lakers signing PG Rajon Rondo. Hear why he believes that Rondo's presence is beneficial to Lonzo Ball.

Ohio takes on slumping San Diego State in Frisco Bowl

Ohio takes on slumping San Diego State in Frisco Bowl

Column: Mourinho firing doesn't fix malaise at Man United

The rot runs deep at Manchester United

Panthers' Rivera says his future up to owner David Tepper

Panthers Ron Rivera says only Carolina owner David Tepper knows if he'll be back next year as team's coach

Vikings Snap Counts: Rookie tight end Conklin has career day

An in-depth look at the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive and defensive snaps from a 41-17 win over Miami

Genoa announces $220M project to replace collapsed bridge

MILAN (AP) - Genoa's mayor has announced that a 200 million euro ($220 million) project by hometown architect Renzo Piano inspired by a naval ship has been chosen to replace the Morandi Bridge that collapsed last summer, killing 43 people. Mayor Marco Bucci a

Family: Blind Michigan woman vanishes during visit to Peru

DETROIT (AP) - A blind American woman from Michigan has gone missing after traveling to Peru for a wedding. Relatives say 35-year-old Carla Valpeoz has been missing for nearly a week in the South American country. She was last seen on Dec. 12 after she return

Nifty, Sensex get Sebi's approval to launch weekly options on indices

 Monthly options on Nifty are the biggest volume generator in the futures and options (F&O) segment

At cobotics startup Formant, ex-Googlers team up humans & machines

Our distinct skillsets and shortcomings mean people and robots will join forces for the next few decades. Robots are tireless, efficient, and reliable, but in a millisecond through intuition and situational awareness, humans can make decisions machine canR

Netflix Sued by Detective Over ‘Making a Murderer’ Docuseries

A former detective has sued Netflix over the Making a Murderer docuseries. On Monday, Andrew Colborn, a former Mantiowoc County Sheriff’s (MTSO) detective, filed a lawsuit against Netflix and Making a Murderer directors […] The post Netflix Sued b

GHOSTKUBE: A Series of Interlocking and Buildable Block Transformations by Erik Åberg

Swedish designer Erik Åberg (previously) wanted to recreate the concept of origami out of wood, while focusing on how the objects moved, rather than their specific form. During these experiments he developed a system of interlocking, moveable cubes called

Sonic the Hedgehog's movie leans into its body controversy - CNET

Maybe it's always leg day for Sonic.

Peering into Little Foot's 3.67 million-year-old brain

MicroCT scans of the Australopithecus fossil known as Little Foot shows that the brain of this ancient human relative was small and shows features that are similar to our own brain and others that are closer to our ancestor shared with living chimpanzees.

Widespread, occasional use of antibiotics in US linked with resistance

The increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance in the U.S. appears more closely linked with their occasional use by many people than by their repeated use among smaller numbers of people, according to a large new study.

Fossils suggest flowers originated 50 million years earlier than thought

Scientists have described a fossil plant species that suggests flowers bloomed in the Early Jurassic, more than 174 million years ago, according to new research.

Technique allows integration of single-crystal hybrid perovskites into electronics

Researchers have developed a technique that, for the first time, allows single-crystal hybrid perovskite materials to be integrated into electronics. Because these perovskites can be synthesized at low temperatures, the advance opens the door to new research

Broading the biodiversity catalogue of spider populations in the Iberian Peninsula

The biodiversity catalogue of the Iberian Peninsula spiders is now adding the discovery of a dozen new species -- from seven different families -- that are mainly found in edaphic environments (soil), according to a new article.

White House staff might have landed on a way out of shutdown: Lying to the boss about wall funding

Whether or not 800,000 federal employees get a paycheck for Christmas is entirely up to Individual 1. No one but him wants a government shutdown, and now it's all about someone being able to convince him not to do it. For the Democrats' part, they've heard no

Judge shreds Mike Flynn at sentencing, 'You sold your country out!'

Michael Flynn showed up for sentencing at a D.C. courthouse Tuesday to receive a verbal lashing from the federal judge for the argument his attorneys made in court filings that the FBI was somehow partially to blame when Flynn lied to federal agents abou

Salt Lake City bids for 2nd Olympics in changed climate

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - When Salt Lake City pursued the Winter Olympics more than two decades ago, competition was so fierce that hardly anyone thought twice about lavishing International Olympic Committee members with gifts and favors. Salt Lake City got caugh

Sebi asks mutual fund players to beef up risk management practices

The market regulator is probing the role of rating agencies in the IL&FS fiasco

Toy Tuesday: 11 Goriest ‘Resident Evil’ Toys

Capcom’s Biohazard series – known here in the West as Resident Evil – was a major factor in establishing their dominance in the PlayStation 1 era, and the franchise has continued to evolve […] The post Toy Tuesday: 11 Goriest ‘Re

BNP Paribas sets 2019 Sensex target at 40,000, but stays wary on earnings

The brokerage is of the view that India's price-to-book value is expensive compared to its Asian peers

LIC makes open offer to acquire 26% stake in IDBI Bank

The open offer has been made at a price of Rs 61.73 a share, which is in connection with LIC#39;s acquisition of 51 percent controlling stake in IDBI Bank.

Sirotkin set for WEC outings with SMP in 2019

SMP-affiliated Sirotkin, who has lost his Williams F1 seat to Robert Kubica for 2019, could make his WEC LMP1 race debut as soon as March's Sebring 1000 Miles in the Russian squad's #11 BR Engineering BR1. He would replace Jenson Button, who is skipping both

SpaceX said to be raising $500m to help fund internet service

SpaceX is raising $500 million at a valuation of $30.5 billion, according to a WSJ report citing people familiar with the matter. The company is said to be raising the capital in part to help fund its ambitious Starlink internet service project. According to

Uber looks to improve JUMP’s unit economics with next-gen bikes

As Uber continues to expand the footprint of JUMP bikes, it’s aiming to make the fleet of bikes smarter and easier to unlock, ride and charge. At Uber’s Pier 70 offices in San Francisco, JUMP Head of Product Nick Foley showed off the new bikes, w

Walmart is testing its own, in-house visual search technology on Hayneedle

Hayneedle, the home furnishings retailer that joined Walmart by way of an acquisition by Jet back in 2016, is now serving as the testing grounds for Walmart’s own in-house visual search technology. Built in collaboration between Hayneedle and Walmart La

Five rockets are set to launch within 24 hours starting later today

Today was supposed to be a historic day with four rocket launches by four different companies. But that’s not going to happen. As of publication, three of the four rocket launches are canceled. The flights were pushed until tomorrow, setting up another

Facebook shares progress on civil rights audit: 'We need to do more' - CNET

The report shows improvements on tackling problems like false information, fake accounts and voter suppression.

Better than Black Friday: Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones for $265 - CNET

The top-rated Series II almost never dips below $299. Grab one before they're gone!

El Chapo trial becomes New York's latest tourist attraction

NEW YORK (AP) - There was a time, after a spectacular prison escape, when Joaquin Guzman was the most wanted man in the world. The thrill of being able to see the man known as El Chapo up close - and live to tell the tale - has been drawing ...

YouTuber Builds Glitter Bomb Trap That Farts on Package Thieves

Stolen parcels is a frustrating problem in the U.S., but a YouTuber has created the ultimate “sparkly” karma for package thieves: a glitter bomb box that releases fart odors. On Monday, Mark Rober, […] The post YouTuber Builds Glitter Bomb T

Column: Day eyes return to No. 1, even if it costs him sleep

Column: Jason Day, with 3 kids along for ride, willing to give up sleep to get back to No. 1

Tottenham fan banned by court for throwing banana skin

A Tottenham fan has been banned from soccer games for four years for throwing a banana skin at an Arsenal player who is black
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