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Formation raises $4M led by Andreessen Horowitz to train truly ‘exceptional’ software engineers

Sophie Zhou Novati worked as a senior engineer at Facebook and then Nextdoor, where she struggled to hire great engineers for her team. Frustrated, she decided to try training engineers to meet her team’s hiring standards by mentoring at a local coding boot

Johnson & Johnson delays Covid vaccine rollout in Europe as US regulator investigates blood clot risk

Johnson & Johnson said it will “proactively delay” the rollout of its Covid-19 vaccine in Europe after US regulators announced an investigation into the risk of blood clots among people who receive the jab. Read Full Article at

France suspends flights with Brazil ‘until further notice’ amid Covid variant concern

The French prime minister has announced the suspension of all flights to and from Brazil indefinitely amid concerns about the proliferation of the Brazilian Covid variant and returning travelers spreading the strain. Read Full Article at

Hatch, a neobank for SMBs, launches with $20M in funding from investors like Kleiner Perkins, Foundation and Plaid’s founders

After his last startup, Framed Data, was acquired by Square, Thomson Nguyen began exploring new ideas. While an entrepreneur-in-residence at Kleiner Perkins, Nguyen interviewed hundreds of small business owners and realized that many pay hundreds of dollars i

1Password acquires SecretHub and launches new enterprise secrets management tool

1Password, the password management service that competes with the likes of LastPass and BitWarden, today announced a major push beyond the basics of password management and into the infrastructure secrets management space. To do so, the company has acquired s

Glock, Muller wary of threat from «GT3 specialists» in DTM

Glock and Muller have been regulars in the DTM for the majority of the last decade, becoming one of the star performers for their respective manufacturers BMW and Audi during that period.Together, the two drivers have started 250 DTM races, scoring 15 wins, 4

Tata Motors shares jump 6% after retail sales at Jaguar Land Rover rise

Shares of Tata Motors on Tuesday jumped nearly 6 per cent after the company-owned Jaguar Land Rover reported a 12.4 per cent rise in retail sales to 1,23,483 units in the fourth quarter of 2020-21.

With the right tools, predicting startup revenue is possible

How do you predict earnings when you are still figuring it out? You need to work on making your revenue predictable, repeatable and scalable; and use tools that will help you create projections.

Home gym startup Tempo raises $220M to meet surge in demand for its workout device

When the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home last year, many gym-goers looked to at-home fitness makers to fill the void for their cardiovascular and strength-training workouts. To help meet that demand, Tempo, the five-year-old fitness startup founded b

Deeplite raises $6M seed to deploy ML on edge with fewer compute resources

One of the issues with deploying a machine learning application is that it tends to be expensive and highly compute intensive.  Deeplite, a startup based in Montreal, wants to change that by providing a way to reduce the overall size of the model, allowing i

Bandwango raises $3.1M to power tourism- and experience-focused deals

You might think that a startup whose primary customers are tourism bureaus would have had a pretty rough 2020, but CEO Monir Parikh said Bandwango‘s customer base more than doubled in the past year,  growing from 75 to 200. In Parikh’s words, th

Facebook, Instagram users can now ask ‘oversight’ panel to review decisions not to remove content

Facebook’s self-styled ‘Oversight Board’ (FOB) has announced an operational change that looks intended to respond to criticism of the limits of the self-regulatory content-moderation decision review body: It says it’s started acceptin

US ‘will not need’ AstraZeneca Covid jab for vaccine rollout, Fauci says, as pharma giant suffers another setback

Dr. Anthony Fauci has dismissed the AstraZeneca vaccine, claiming America “will not need it” due to the country’s strong supply of shots from other pharmaceutical companies, as he praised the government’s “successful rollout.” Read Full Article a

Knockout motor: Ex-UFC champ Yan hits brakes on mocking ‘clown’ sterling to become first Russian owner of limited edition BMW car

Petr Yan has interrupted his war of words with «laughing stock» Aljamain Sterling to show off a gleaming BMW after becoming the first Russian to take ownership of the motor that will only be made 250 times worldwide. Read Full Article at

Spotify's Car Thing device for drivers is launching now, and it's free - Roadshow

Yes, Spotify's keeping the minimalist name. No, you probably can't get one.

US officials call for halt on Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout due to clotting problems - CNET

Six people developed rare blood clots within two weeks of vaccination, adverse effects that «appear to be extremely rare,» the officials say.

Sony's April update gives PS5 new external storage options - CNET

A fix has arrived for PlayStation 5 storage woes.

Pacific Theaters movie chain closing for good due to the pandemic - CNET

It's the worst-case scenario for the movie business: A much-loved theater chain appears to be shutting down.

Apple Car to enter production with LG, Magna support, report says - Roadshow

The long-rumored EV from Apple may come to life with help from Magna International and an LG electric powertrain.

Nick Wright: Steph Curry's legacy is built on winning, he can't win in Golden State | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Steph Curry lead the Golden State Warriors to a 116-107 win over the Denver Nuggets, simultaneously passing Wilt Chamberlain to becomes franchise’s all-time leading scorer. Nick Wriight discusses Steph's legacy with Chris Broussard and decides whether or n

ISS Daily Summary Report – 4/12/2021

Payloads AC Touch: Per standard procedure, the crew touched both the coated and uncoated coupons for this long-term investigation.  Boeing Environment Responding Antimicrobial Coatings tests an antimicrobial coating on several different materials that repres

AI chip maker SambaNova raises $676 million, valued at over $5 billion

SambaNova does not sell its chips, manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TMSC), instead using them to build servers and AI software it then leases to companies for a subscription fee.

Xilinx, Mavenir partner to boost open 5G network capacity

In previous generations of networks, carriers purchased hardware and software as an integrated package from suppliers such as Nokia, Ericcson or China#39;s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

Explainer: Will govt decision to fast track foreign COVID-19 vaccine approvals ease supply-demand situation?

The government decision means that the local clinical trials or bridging studies that involves testing the vaccine in Indian participants to assess the safety and immunogencity in the local population will now be waived-off.

COVID-19 | 50 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine to be available every month by summer: RDIF

CEO of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev has said the fund is in discussion with a few more companies in India to manufacture the Sputnik V vaccine.

John Cena, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. JBL & The Basham Brothers: SmackDown, March 17, 2005 (Full Match)

John Cena, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. JBL & The Basham Brothers: SmackDown, March 17, 2005 (Full Match)

Chris Broussard: Joel Embiid is out of the MVP conversation | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Joel Embiid led the Philadelphia 76ers to a big win over the Dallas Mavericks, scoring scores 36 points in 25 minutes. The MVP conversation has started up again around Embiid, but Chris Broussard joins First Things First to break down why he's got no chance o

Officer who killed Daunte Wright couldn't tell a Taser from a gun despite 26 years of experience

The police officer who shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright has been identified as Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department who recently served as the head of its police union. In body camera video, Potter can be heard shout

Candid Moments Captured in Vintage Photos Are Magnified in Mohamed L’Ghacham’s Murals

Whether depicting a birthday party or a child’s first steps, the expressive murals by Mohamed L’Ghacham (previously) enlarge sincere, unposed moments into monumental celebrations of everyday life. The Moroccan artist recreates vintage photographs as w

Hawaii bill would increase fines for illegal tour buses

HONOLULU (AP) - A bill proposed by Hawaii lawmakers would significantly increase fines for tour bus companies that repeatedly break state law. Hawaii politicians this year have sought to crack down on tourist buses that illegally take up rows of parking spots

US to send 500 extra troops to Germany ‘as early as fall’, Pentagon chief says, as Berlin praises ‘strong signal of solidarity’

The American military presence in Germany will be increased by 500 soldiers, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has said, reversing the policy of former President Donald Trump. Read Full Article at

‘A gift to anti-vaxxers’: BoJo angers Brits after claiming lockdown NOT vaccinations reduced Covid cases

Boris Johnson is facing heavy criticism after telling weary Brits that the reduction in Covid-19 cases and deaths was not due to the UK’s massive vaccination program, but the restrictive lockdowns endured for months. Read Full Article at

Dublin says limiting use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 jab will have ‘minimal impact’ on vaccine rollout

Irish health officials have dismissed claims that the new restrictions limiting the use of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine to those aged 60 and over will have a considerable impact on the country’s vaccine rollout. Read Full Article at

US may pause J&J coronavirus vaccines due to rare cases of blood clots

The CDC and FDA are recommending a pause in administering the J&J vaccine to investigate reports of 6 cases of rare blood clots.

Nick Wright: Julian Edelman had an incredible career, but he’s not a Hall of Famer | FIRST THINGS FIRST

New England Patriots' Julian Edelman has announced his retirement from the NFL, and while we should be celebrating his incredible career, Nick Wright instead has to explain why Edelman is not a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Hear why Nick believes Edelman is 7 s

Reggie Miller never had any interest in teaming up with Michael Jordan

This response should not come as a shock to anyone familiar with Miller, who is infamously competitive and has made it abundantly clear how much he wanted to be the guy who took Jordan down.

Ex-F1 driver Alguersuari to make racing return in karts

After both he and team-mate Sebastian Buemi were dropped by the junior Red Bull team today known as AlphaTauri in 2011 to make way for Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne, Alguersuari spent two years as a Pirelli F1 tester and raced in the inaugural season

Manchin helps Republicans foster another lie—corporate tax cuts create jobs

Senate Republicans, with an assist from Democrat Joe Manchin, are doing their level best to insist that it would destroy the economy to repeal the 2017 Trump tax scam, and that spending now on keeping all of the systems for the whole goddamned nation from cru

Josh Allen tells Trey Lance to 'ignore' the doubters: 'Let your game do the talking'

Similar to Lance, Allen was seen as a raw prospect heading into the 2018 draft, and some wondered if he would ever be able to develop enough as a QB to last in the league. Allen managed to prove his own doubters wrong.

Forgery trial of Olympic powerbroker now set for August

GENEVA (AP) - The delayed trial of Olympic powerbroker Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah, charged with forgery in an alleged Kuwaiti coup plot, is now set to open in August. The correctional court in Geneva has scheduled the trial for eight days starting on Aug
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