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Mizzou controls first half, holds off South Carolina for 17-10 victory

Connor Bazelak threw for 203 yards and a touchdown as Missouri fended off a late surge by South Carolina for a 17-10 victory Saturday night.

A Storm of Paint Entangles the Enigmatic Subjects of Glenn Brown’s Winding Portraits

Winding lines and sinuous strands form the textured labyrinths that surround Glenn Brown’s subjects. The uncanny portraiture that comprises his series And thus we existed seamlessly revitalizes icons of pop culture and art history with the London-based art

Is it better to give than receive?

Young children who have experienced compassionate love and empathy from their mothers may be more willing to turn thoughts into action by being generous to others, a University of California, Davis, study suggests. Lab studies were done of children at ages 4

Link found between drought and HIV among women in less-developed countries

Researchers explored the consequences of drought and lack of environmental resources on women in less-developed countries. The research shows the direct and indirect associations to women's percentage of HIV.

Meningococcus B vaccine prevents disease with 79 per cent effectiveness in under-18s

Meningococcus group B, the most prevalent strain of meningococcal infection, is prevented with 79 per cent effectiveness in children and young adults inoculated with the 4CMenB vaccine, also known as Bexsero, according to a new collaborative study which evalu

Drug development target for retinal dystrophies

Researchers report that deleting one of the inhibitors of the RPE65 gene in a mouse model that carries a human disease mutation prevents degeneration of cone photoreceptors that are used for daytime high-resolution color vision.

Watching the Arctic thaw in fast-forward

The frozen permafrost in the Arctic is thawing on an alarming scale. By analyzing an annual record of satellite images, researchers have now confirmed these findings: thermokarst lakes in Alaska are draining one by one because warmer and wetter conditions cau

Voi, the European ‘micro mobility’ rental company, raises $160M additional equity and debt funding

Voi, the Stockholm-headquartered micro mobility company known for its e-scooter rentals, has raised $160 million in new funding. The round, about two thirds equity and one third debt, is led by The Raine Group. Others participating include VNV Global, Baldert

AWS announces DevOps Guru to find operational issues automatically

At AWS re:Invent today, Andy Jassy announced DevOps Guru, a new tool for DevOps teams to help the operations side find issues that could be having an impact on an application performance. Consider it like the sibling of CodeGuru, the service the company annou

AWS adds natural language search service for business intelligence from its data sets

When Amazon Web Services launched QuickSight, its business intelligence service, back in 2016 the company wanted to provide product information and customer information for business users — not just developers. At the time, the natural language processi

Fiat to electrify most of its range - Roadshow

The Italian automaker is pushing both hybrid and fully electric powertrains.

Elliot Page, star of Umbrella Academy and Juno, comes out as transgender - CNET

The Oscar-nominated actor, who formerly went by the name Ellen Page, announces he is transgender, saying how «remarkable» it feels to be his «authentic self.»

2022 Acura MDX will be revealed on Dec. 8 - Roadshow

Acura's largest SUV will have sharp styling and a beautiful interior.

Another bipartisan 'gang' comes up with a stupid 'compromise' on COVID-19 stimulus

The capacity for the «bipartisan,» «both-sides,» kumbaya kind of Democrat to confuse capitulation and compromise really is something awful to behold. Witness the latest from a new bipartisan «gang» attempting to find a COVI

Trier car-ramming apparently was ‘on purpose,’ officials say, as 4, including child, confirmed dead

Police have confirmed four deaths in Trier, Germany after a car plowed into a pedestrian area. While the driver’s actions appear to have been intentional, the public prosecutor says there are no indications of an Islamist motive. Read Full Article at

Dec begins on a strong note for Sensex, Nifty, end on all-time highs

The Sensex rose 1.15 per cent, or 506 points, to end at 44,655, while the Nifty added 1.1 per cent, or 140 points to close at 13,109

South Korea passes ‘BTS law,’ allowing K-pop megastars to postpone military service

South Korea’s National Assembly has passed a bill, dubbed the ‘BTS law’ in honor of the country’s biggest music act, which will allow the nation’s top stars to postpone their mandatory military service to the age of 30. Read Full Article at

‘Mall ninja stuff’: Denver police armed with NUNCHUCKS face off against protesters during homeless camp clearout (VIDEO)

Disturbing images uploaded to social media show police armed with nunchucks facing off against homeless protesters in Denver, but authorities maintain the “non-lethal weapons” have been in use for years. Read Full Article at

'I love smashing Cansecos': Logan Paul reminds Jose Canseco that he used to date his daughter as ex-baseball star calls for fight

If Twitter handed out awards for spicy comebacks Logan Paul would be today's recipient after the popular YouTuber eviscerated former baseball star Jose Canseco after being called out for a celebrity boxing match. Read Full Article at

WaveOne aims to make video AI-native and turn streaming upside down

Video has worked the same way for a long, long time. And because of its unique qualities, video has been largely immune to the machine learning explosion upending industry after industry. WaveOne hopes to change that by taking the decades-old paradigm of vide

AWS launches SageMaker Data Wrangler, a new data preparation service for machine learning

AWS launched a new service today, Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, that makes it easier for data scientists to prepare their data for machine learning training. In addition, the company is also launching SageMaker Feature Store, available in the SageMaker Stud

Packers Snap Counts: Rodgers spreads the wealth on offense

In Week 12, Aaron Rodgers distributed the ball all over the field. Here's a closer look at the snap counts.

Broncos QBs Drew Lock, Blake Bortles, Brett Rypien to return after negative COVID tests

Barring any major setbacks, the Broncos should have Lock officially back as the team's starter for their scheduled game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.

Report: Carson Wentz was not happy about Eagles picking Jalen Hurts

Even the Hurts pick is one of the reasons for Wentz’s poor play this season, that doesn’t bode well for his future with the Eagles. 

Broncos QBs Drew Lock, Blake Bortles, Brett Rypin to return after negative COVID tests

Barring any major setbacks, the Broncos should have Lock officially back as the team's starter for their scheduled game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.

Uber completes its $2.65B deal to buy Postmates - CNET

You'll still be able to order from both the Postmates and Uber Eats apps.

The original Google Home smart speaker is on sale for $35 - CNET

That's a great price on an oldie but goodie. But the Nest Hub smart display for $50 might even better. Plus: Raise your TikTok game with this ring light and tripod for $18.

Cyber Monday Home Depot deals still available: Save over 25% on LG and GE refrigerators, 50% on vacuums, and more - CNET

From power tools to kitchen appliances to smart home gadgets, there's still time to grab Cyber Monday deals at Home Depot.

Google Play reveals its best games, movies, apps and books of 2020 - CNET

The digital distribution service offered its editors' and users' favorites of the year.

Facebook's oversight board unveils its first slate of cases - CNET

It's no surprise that half of them involve hate speech.

Shannon Sharpe reacts to Lakers’ Dennis Schroder wanting to play PG over LeBron | UNDISPUTED

In his introductory press conference, new Los Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder told reporters that he plans to start at point guard this season to allow LeBron James to play off-the-ball more. This was a bit of a surprise, considering that not only

Russian diplomatic staff injured in IED bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan

Employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Afghanistan have suffered minor injuries after their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in Kabul, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow has confirmed. Read Full Article at

AWS launches Glue Elastic Views to make it easier to move data from one purpose-built data store to another

AWS has launched a new tool to let developers move data from one store to another called Glue Elastic Views. At the AWS:Invent keynote CEO Andy Jassy announced Glue Elastic Views, a service that lets programmers move data across multiple data stores more seam

AWS announces high resource Lambda functions, container image support & millisecond billing

AWS announced some big updates to its Lambda serverless function service today. For starters, starting today it will be able to deliver functions with up to 10MB of memory and 6 vCPUs (virtual CPUs). This will allow developers building more compute-intensive

‘Not useful’: Iranian govt speaks out against its parliament backing an end to international inspections of nuclear sites

The national parliament of Iran on Tuesday approved a bill demanding the suspension of UN inspections of its nuclear facilities, but the country’s government has opposed the move as “neither necessary nor useful.” Read Full Article at

Genetic manipulation: HIV-like virus edited out of primate GENOME in major advance towards winning war on AIDS

Researchers have made a major breakthrough in treating and possibly eventually curing HIV, by deploying Nobel-prize-winning CRISPR gene editing techniques to purge the virus from the genomes of non-human primates. Read Full Article at

Five successful NFL head coaches who are losing credibility fast late in 2020 season

There are five successful NFL head coaches who are quickly losing traction in their job security despite a proven track record of results, and most of the names on this list may surprise you.

We're in bizarro world. Thanks to Trump's hidden deplorables, high-turnout no longer benefits Dems

It’s hard to fully grasp the massive increase in voter participation this general election. This graph, on Georgia’s turnout, does a pretty good job of visualizing it:  xI'm trying a new type of visualization here: this is three decades of Geor

Trump admin is fighting court ruling forcing it to respect the rights of kids seeking asylum

The Trump administration is fighting a court ruling forcing it to recognize the rights of children seeking asylum in the United States, the Associated Press (AP) reports. Last month, a federal judge blocked a politically motivate

Owner of Casey Jones Village tourist stop in Tennessee dies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Clark Shaw, a Tennessee tourism leader who built Casey Jones Village in Jackson into a popular roadside attraction featuring a restaurant, a train museum, a country store, an ice cream parlor and even a farm, has died. He was 66. Shaw di

AWS goes after Microsoft’s SQL Server with Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

AWS today announced a new database product that is clearly meant to go after Microsoft’s SQL Server and make it easier — and cheaper — for SQL Server users to migrate to the AWS cloud. The new service is Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL. The
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