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BK Racing bid could put GMS on Cup fast track

Beam wasn’t having legal troubles – his presence in court was part of the group’s efforts to purchase BK Racing, the bankrupt Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series team that’s been put up for sale. “The more and more I get into it, it’s pretty complica

Sperm Can Survive Microgravity, but Don’t Expect Any Space Babies Soon

Frozen sperm didn’t seem fazed by several loop the loops in an aerobatic plane, but that’s a far cry from showing that they would make a healthy baby in space.

Mysterious 'Bathtub Rings' of Titan Replicated on Earth

Something dark is spreading across the surface of Titan, and physicists have a new piece of evidence to explain what it is.

WWII Bomb Explodes in German Barley Field, Creates Giant Crater

Officials say the mysterious explosion that rattled the residents of a central German town in the early morning hours of Sunday was “with almost absolute certainty” a World War II bomb. Photos captured […] The post WWII Bomb Explodes in Germ

Mouse that roared: Disney characters win local union shakeup

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - The mouse that roared was heard. Months after workers who play Mickey Mouse and Goofy at Walt Disney World threatened to leave the Teamsters union because of what they called «horrible misrepresentation,» General President Jam

European vacation over, Naeher and US bounce back up

REIMS, France (AP) - Alyssa Naeher's European vacation ended quickly Monday night. After three games with little to do, the 31-year-old American goalkeeper blundered in her first World Cup knockout match, playing a short pass to Becky Sauerbrunn that led to S

Insider exposes Google’s efforts to influence 2020 election against Trump

Google interferes with search results, censors conservative views and even directly manipulates facts in the name of ‘fairness’, according to internal video and documents a whistleblower has turned over to Project Veritas. Read Full Article at

Taika Waititi Is Making a ‘Flash Gordon’ Cartoon Now, Too

One of my biggest criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the uncaring way the machinery chews up and spits out the actual artists who make the movies in the first place. Anyone […] The post Taika Waititi Is Making a ‘Flash Gordon’ Ca

Watch: Stunning, Rainbow-Colored Blanket Octopus Caught on Camera

The undersea world is home to odd but beautiful creatures. One of them, the rainbow-hued blanket octopus, glides through the water like a swimming, swirling rainbow. A photographer recently captured incredible footage a […] The post Watch: Stunning, Rai

Enter to Win an iPad Pro and Save Up to 64% on iPad Refurbs

The iPad Pro stands in a class all its own. It’s like a computer that you can hold in your hand. The newest model offers more power than some laptop PCs, while maintaining […] The post Enter to Win an iPad Pro and Save Up to 64% on iPad Refurbs appear

Watch: 3 Astronauts Are Returning From the Space Station Tonight

After spending more than 200 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS), three Expedition 59 astronauts are coming back to Earth tonight and NASA is livestreaming their return trip. On June 24, NASA […] The post Watch: 3 Astronauts Are Returning

Brawn “can’t wait” to work with Hamilton on future F1 rules

After dominating a processional French Grand Prix last weekend, Hamilton was critical of F1’s rulemaking process and said the series is nowhere near where it needs to be with its 2021 rules overhaul. The five-time world champion attended a meeting at the FI

Ross Chastain’s NASCAR comeback story is still being written

Chastain was expected to be competing fulltime in the Xfinity Series this season with Chip Ganassi Racing, which would be his best ride yet in NASCAR competition.Unfortunately, the departure of the planned sponsor caused CGR to shut down its Xfinity program b

Asteroid That's 3 Times As Long As a Football Field Will Whiz by Earth Thursday

Summer is the season for tourists, and that includes a cosmic traveler — one that's three times the length of a football field — that's expected to visit Earth's neighborhood later this week.

Trump's swamp people: Shockingly, the administration's vetting process was a total mess

How was the most corrupt administration of all time assembled? They drained the swamp — into the White House

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez eviscerates Steve King: «You were too racist even for» Republicans

Ocasio-Cortez sparked controversy when she said migrant detention centers were «exactly» like concentration camps

A real estate deal that should have raised red flags at the IRS

Part 4: Bill Koch may have taken an illegal tax deduction when he overpaid for a Cape Cod estate

Trump accused of rape, major media yawns: Why was E. Jean Carroll's story not front page news?

The evidence supporting a new rape allegation against Trump is strong, but most media barely covered the story

«Baskets» star Louie Anderson «had a lot of gut punches» playing Christine this season

Salon talks to the Emmy-winning «Baskets» star and comedy legend about Christine's toughest season yet

Soon-to-be sanctioned Iran FM says Trump is ‘100% RIGHT’ on less US presence in Persian Gulf

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has said Donald Trump is “100% right” in that the US military has no business in the Perisan Gulf, after Trump questioned whether they needed to maintain such a strong presence in the region. Read Full Article at

Apple says Spotify exaggerated how much ‘App Store tax’ it pays

In March, Spotify filed a complaint against Apple with the European Commission over the so-called “Apple tax” and claims of restrictive rules regarding the App Store. In the time since, Apple has responded with the launch of a website that takes a

Bookmaker gives $50K from copyright suit to writing class

Bookmaker gives $50K from copyright suit to writing class

Milan-Cortina triumph highlights Italy's north-south divide

Italy's winning bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics highlighted the growing gap between the north and south of the country

Raiders to host Rams for 2 joint practices

The Oakland Raiders will host the Los Angeles Rams for two joint practice sessions before the teams play in their exhibition opener

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™: Sweden take a 1-0 lead off of Canada’s turnover | HIGHLIGHTS

Not the best run of play from Canada, who gave up a big turnover that led to a solid counterattack by Sweden, capped by an unfortunate angle by the keeper before finished the goal in their knockout stage match at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup™.

Judge approves $24 million settlement over Rams' PSLs

Judge approves $24 million settlement over Rams' PSLs

Auction Preview: A Collection of Gold Boxes at Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Munich, June 27

What: A Collection of Gold BoxesWhere: Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Schellingstr. 44 / Villa Hampel, 80799 MunichWhen: June 27, 10:00 AMPublic Viewing: June 22 to 25 June 2019, 10 am to 5 pm; June 26, 9 am to 12 pmTop Lots at the Sale:— “Golddose mit Spielwe

Auction Preview: Silver at Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Munich, June 27

What: SilverWhere: Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Schellingstr. 44 / Villa Hampel, 80799 MunichWhen: June 27, 10:00 AMPublic Viewing: June 22 to June 25, 10 am to 5 pm; June 26, 9 am to 12 pmTop Lots at the Sale:— “Reiterdenkmal Kaiser Wilhelm I zu Munster in

Auction Preview: Jewellery & Wristwatches at Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Munich, June 27

What: Jewellery & WristwatchesWhere: Hampel Fine Art Auctions, Schellingstr. 44 / Villa Hampel, 80799 MunichWhen: June 27, 10:00 AMPublic Viewing: June 22 to June 25, 10 am to 5 pm; June 26, 9 am to 12 pmTop Lots at the Sale:— “Sapphire and diamond ne

This robot crawls along wind turbine blades looking for invisible flaws

Wind turbines are a great source of clean power, but their apparent simplicity — just a big thing that spins — belie complex systems that wear down like any other, and can fail with disastrous consequences. Sandia National Labs researchers have created a

The Latest: Medical examiner finishes Hawaii crash autopsies

HONOLULU (AP) - The Latest on a fatal plane crash in Hawaii (all times local): 10:15 a.m. The Honolulu Medical Examiner has completed autopsies for the 11 people killed when a skydiving plane crashed and burned in Hawaii. City spokesman Andrew Pereira says th

Spider Man: Far From Home poster goof unleashes Samuel L. Jackson's Fury - CNET

The actor points out Sony has no idea which eye Nick Fury lost.

Huawei CFO’s attorneys ask for US extradition to be withdrawn - CNET

The latest installment in the sci-fi shooting game that inspired the «looter-shooter» genre is returning.

Audi's new Euro SQ8 gets a serious diesel engine and other tech tweaks - Roadshow

The SQ8 benefits from adjustments to its mild hybrid system, differentials and other changes.

House Oversight demands information about Trump-Putin conversations buried by White House

A trio of House committees have already asked once to review any notes or transcripts of a conversation between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that took place in 2017 during the Hamburg G20 Summit. Now the House Oversight Committee has se

Bad unless Obama does it? Biden slams Trump for immigration policies he once supported

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has penned a scathing op-ed attacking President Donald Trump’s “morally bankrupt” border policies, but he has spent much of his career enabling the ‘deportation state’ he now decries. Read Full Article at R

It’s in your blood: New Alzheimer’s test lets doctors detect dementia in ‘under 1 hour’

A team of scientists claim to have developed the world’s first blood test that can detect Alzheimer’s disease. The pioneering method may prove vital in dealing with the impending dementia crisis the world could face this century. Read Full Article at RT.c

Royal Marines investigated as UK top brass fear video of ‘Nazi initiation’ could leak online

An investigation is underway after a group of Royal Marines allegedly filmed themselves drawing a swastika on one of their fellow servicemen, causing military top brass to fear that the embarrassing footage could be leaked online. Read Full Article at

Mars Rover Detects Primordial Signs of Life Under the Red Planet's Surface

Don't get too excited just yet.

Debate: Do you agree with Perez's lap one penalty?

Any desire for the stewards to be out of any post-race debates were scuppered when they were forced to make calls on incidents involving Renault's Daniel Ricciardo and Racing Point's Sergio Perez.Possibly the most controversial decision of the race was to han
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