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US news sites are ghosting European readers on GDPR deadline

A cluster of U.S. news websites has gone dark for readers in Europe as the EU’s new privacy laws went into effect on Friday. The ruleset, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), outlines a robust set of requirements that internet companies c

Competition of cruelty: Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz offer rival GOP plans on border crisis — both will fail

Two Republican senators, in a symphony of cynicism, propose harsh anti-immigrant bills disguised as solutions

Amid dramatic growth of U.S. drone fleet, federal safety oversight lags

The United States will soon have 3 million operational drones. But the safety guidelines are not good enough

Love affair with evil: Is the border crisis all about Donald Trump trying to win back Ann Coulter?

Trump keeps ramping up the hate and cruelty, and Coulter loves it. But she won’t be happy until she gets that wall!

To the press, after 18 months of Trump

An open letter to the media and their coverage of Donald Trump

A look back at the Mercedes C 112, a Group C concept car for the road

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Formula 1 confirms new Belgian GP deal

The current deal for the Belgian track - which hosted its first F1 race in 1950 - was set to expire after this year's race.«We are really pleased to have reached this agreement which means that the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix will stay on the calendar

Espargaro left «very angry» by poor Barcelona showing

Espargaro struggled badly in the build-up to the Catalan Grand Prix, qualifying only 16th and picking up a grid penalty for coasting on the racing line during warm-up.He crashed out after four laps in the race, recording his fourth retirement of the season, a

Morning Digest: A rare North Dakota Senate poll gives GOP a small lead

The Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest is compiled by David Nir, Jeff Singer, Stephen Wolf, and Carolyn Fiddler, with additional contributions from David Jarman, Steve Singiser, Daniel Donner, James Lambert, David Beard, and Arjun Jaikumar. Leading Off •

Cristiano Ronaldo's road to 2018 FIFA World Cup™

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's journey from Madeira to 2018 FIFA World Cup™.

Cartoon: The fight against tyranny—it's here!

Follow me on Twitter at @MattBors  and check these animated cartoons I’m working on.

Aaptiv raises $22M from Amazon, Disney and more for its “Netflix for fitness”, now valued over $200M

Health and wellness has been one of the biggest categories for development in the tech industry, with huge range of wearable devices and connected equipment being built to track how we are moving and helping us stay fit. Now, a startup whose app offers users

Taiwan-based media startup The News Lens raises Series C for its international growth plans

The News Lens launched in 2013 as an independent news site for Taiwanese readers disenchanted with the country’s tabloid-ridden media. Now it has 9 million monthly unique readers, offices in Taipei and Hong Kong and just announced it has raised a Series C.

Westworld is all about 'dismantling the mystery box' say creators - CNET

Relax. Your questions will be answered... eventually.

2018 iPhone X with USB-C: Why we want it and why we won't get it - CNET

Commentary: 30-pin. Lightning. USB-C? Get your dongles ready.

CNET Book Club: Jaron Lanier on the future of VR and why we should we all quit social media - CNET

Episode 5: The VR pioneer shows us just how much we're being manipulated by Facebook.

Fortnite makes me feel like I'm 120 years old - CNET

Commentary: I thought music, movies, or weird body augmentation tech would make me feel old. Turns out it was a video game, and that video game is Fortnite.

FIIs see bumpy ride; DIIs pump in $7.9 bn investments this year: Report

While last year FIIs invested net assets worth $8 bn in the first six months, this year the figure is a meagre $15 mn until June 12, 2018

The unintended consequences of Red Bull's Honda switch

Renault may insist that there was no surprise with Red Bull's decision to team up with Honda in Formula 1 next year, but not everyone is so serene about what has happened.Plenty of voices emerged to question whether Red Bull's move is clever to swap a race-wi

WEC must «wake up» after Toyota Le Mans rout – Lotterer

Rebellion driver Andre Lotterer was in the #1 car that finished fourth overall at Le Mans, 13 laps behind the winning Toyota, while the third-placed #3 R-13-Gibson was 12 laps down at the flag.Lotterer's teammate Neel Jani described the 2018 edition of the Fr

Photos: Ancient Shrimp-Like Critter Was Tiny But Fierce

About 508 million years ago, a fierce water beastie with paddles and a shrimp-like tail sped through the water, hunting for prey.

SpongeBob NoPants? Bizarre 'Nude' Sea Creature May Be a Sponge Relative After All

A «nude» sponge-like animal that lived 500,000 years ago is offering compelling new clues about early animal evolution.

Nissin Foods and Attack on Titan Team Up For Bizarre Noodle Commercial

We’ve seen some weird commercials in our time, but nothing quite like this new collaboration between Nissin Foods — yes, that Nissin Foods, who makes the delicious noodles — and Attack on Titan. […] The post Nissin Foods and Attack on

South African who lost his legs fulfills football dream

WINDERVELDT, South Africa (AP) Tebogo Mofokeng's legs were amputated when he was a toddler in South Africa, but that didn't stop him from fulfilling his dream of coaching young football players.

Europe takes another step towards copyright pre-filters for user generated content

In a key vote this morning the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has backed the two most controversial elements of a digital copyright reform package — which critics warn could have a chilling effect on Internet norms like memes and

Meditation app Calm hits a $250M valuation amid an explosion of interest in mindfulness apps

Just a few years ago, it might have been a bit of a challenge to convince investors that a mindfulness app would end up being a big business — but thanks to an increasing focus on mental health from both startups and larger companies, companies like Calm ar

Canaan Partners gives $20 million to its two youngest employees to invest in consumer startups

Canaan Partners, the venture capital firm that has backed companies like Skybox Imaging, and Lending Club, has a new investment strategy. Called Canaan Beta, it entails setting aside $20 million of its $800 million fund to its two youngest employees

India’s budget hotel network unicorn OYO expands into China

The tech world sees plenty of Chinese companies move into India — including the likes of Alibaba and Xiaomi — but few expand the other way. OYO Rooms, the billion-dollar Indian startup that pioneered budget hotel networks, is looking to buck the

First-Known Nursery for Baby Manta Rays Discovered Off Texas Coast

The little rays use the shallow reefs as hiding spots to avoid big sharks in the area.

Head of Duma Family Committee proposes Father’s Day holiday in Russia

The head of the lower house Committee for Women, Family and Children has proposed that Russia institutes a separate holiday honoring fathers, in addition to Mothers’ Day, which was introduced 20 years ago. Read Full Article at

Ann Coulter criticizes her own party, claiming to “be done” with Republicans

“We need to disband the entire Republican Party”: Ann Coulter flattens her own party

To avoid humans, more wildlife now work the night shift

Many animals are becoming nocturnal in order to avoid humans

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer condemns Trump administration over child separation at the border

Michael Avenatti pounds Stephen Miller for writing immigrant child detention policy, and vows legal action

What Jeff Sessions gets wrong about immigration and the Bible: We’re commanded to love the stranger

A sermon from Mississippi: “We all have histories as aliens, strangers and foreigners” and must remember that

For farmers on SNAP, House farm bill cuts would hurt in more ways than one

Many small farmers rely on food assistance to feed themselves and their families

Volvo, Volvo, made in Carolina - Roadshow

The S60 is just the beginning for Volvo's new plant in Charleston.

BBVA and Repsol to build blockchain finance apps, BBVA issues record €325M credit line on its blockchain network

Spanish banking giant BBVA has an early adopter when it comes to exploring and using blockchain in its legacy business, being the first global bank to use its blockchain network, built with distributed ledger architecture, to issue a corporate loan earlier th

Why F1's driver market is boring compared to MotoGP

Daniel Ricciardo is going to Mercedes, Kimi Raikkonen is out of Ferrari, Max Verstappen is leaving Red Bull for Sauber, Formula 2 leader Lando Norris is headed to Toro Rosso, Charles Leclerc is moving to Renault and Artem Markelov is joining Force India.Somet

China cuts US investments by 92% amid escalating trade war

The US market saw a significant plunge in investment from China in the first five months of the year amid a growing trade row between the world's two largest economies. Read Full Article at

South Korea wants railroad link to Russia through North Korea

Seoul, Moscow and Pyongyang can implement several major trilateral infrastructure and energy projects if stability is reached on the Korean peninsula, according to South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Read Full Article at
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