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Indiabulls Ventures gets Sebi#39;s go-ahead for rights issue

Indiabulls Ventures has received capital markets regulator Sebi#39;s approval to raise Rs 2,000 crore by issuing equity shares to its existing shareholders on rights basis.

Facebook’s New Page Initiatives Aim to Crack Down on Fake News

Fake news activity will be reduced on Facebook soon: The social media platform is enforcing new initiatives that aim to prevent pages from posting false content. On Wednesday, Facebook in a press release […] The post Facebook’s New Page Initiative

Hola Code tackles the real migration crisis

Tamara Davison Contributor Share on Twitter Tamara Davison is a British journalist reporting from Mexico. She has written for The i Newspaper and Entrepreneur as well as many regional newspapers worldwide, and she is the current editor of Aztec Reports. Afte

Microsoft Edge on mobile now includes a built-in fake news detector

In 2019, we still don’t really know what to do about fake news. With nothing to disincentivize viral hyperpartisan headlines and other exercises in confirmation bias, online misinformation seems to run as rampant as ever. It’s a tricky problem, pa

Hubbell and Donohue back in Michigan to defend US title

Hubbell and Donohue back in Michigan to defend US title

Trump claimed there were no plans for Trump Tower Moscow. There were plans

BuzzFeed is still sticking with its story that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie during his testimony before a congressional committee, and since Rudy Giuliani spent the weekend confessing that, sure, Trump might have coached Cohen on his testimon

PSG beats Strasbourg 2-0 but star Neymar limps off injured

French Cup holder Paris Saint-Germain won 2-0 against Strasbourg but lost Neymar to what appeared to be a right foot injury on Wednesday

Weah scores again for Celtic on Scottish Premiership debut

Weah scores again for Celtic on Scottish Premiership debut

Tiger returns to Torrey to face strong field, strong course

Tiger Woods makes 2019 debut on a strong course at Torrey against a strong field that includes McIlroy, Spieth

GT3 cars set for Bathurst street tour

The parade will take place after the event has officially started, with 10 cars – one for each manufacturer represented at the race – lapping the circuit before pulling off at Murray's Corner and heading for the city centre at 11:20am.Under a police escor

With DACA safe for now, advocates urge beneficiaries to use 'the extra cushion' and renew early

The Supreme Court’s refusal this week to fast track the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) case was a blow to the Trump administration and has bought program beneficiaries more time to renew their protections—and immigrant youth leaders are c

Senior Bowl 'golden opportunity' for small school prospects

John Cominsky has more people watching Senior Bowl practices this week than he figures would typically attend his games at Division II Charleston

Giannis Antetokounmpo adds Luka Doncic to his poster collection

Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo put the NBA's current wunderkind, Mavericks rookie Luka Doncic, on a poster Monday

Jets hire Dowell Loggains as offensive coordinator/QBs coach

The New York Jets have hired former Dolphins assistant Dowell Loggains as their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach

Sevilla beats Barcelona 2-0 in 1st leg of Copa quarterfinals

Sevilla took advantage of Lionel Messi's absence to defeat Barcelona 2-0 in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey

Miller's final NBC call will be third round of Phoenix Open

Johnny Miller's final broadcast as NBC's golf analyst will be Feb. 2 during the third round of the Phoenix Open

Acer looks to boost education sales with new Chromebooks - CNET

They're designed to be extra durable for students.

Mass arrest of federal employees outside Sen. McConnell's office: 'Where is Mitch? We want to work!'

Federal employees are growing increasingly impatient as they stand to miss their third paycheck. Today they took their complaints directly where they belong—to the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who refuses to even bring a bill to open th

New science details discovery of bacterial pathogen in brains of Alzheimer's patients

New science uncovers how an unlikely culprit, Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) -- the bacterium commonly associated with chronic gum disease -- appears to drive Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology.

French Olympic probe raises questions about Japanese firm

TOKYO (AP) - An investigation by French prosecutors into alleged vote-buying connected with Tokyo winning the 2020 Olympics has raised questions about one of Japan's most powerful companies, the giant advertising and marketing agency Dentsu Inc. From its 48-s

Earth Swallowed Another Planet and (Maybe) That's Why Life Exists

A collision with a Mars-like planet could have given Earth the ingredients it needed for life to form.

How the 'cultural Marxism' hoax began, and why it's spreading into the mainstream

It all seems plausible enough on the outside, especially for people conditioned to think of Communism as a conspiracy-driven enterprise aimed at overturning Western capitalist societies. Why wouldn’t Marxism, which is mainly devoted to economics, also have

Nicolas Cage to star in film based on H.P. Lovecraft's Color Out of Space - CNET

The 1927 novella involves a misbehaving meteorite.

Xiaomi's double-bending foldable phone just stole Samsung's thunder - CNET

Commentary: We've never seen a foldable prototype like this.

Andes Grew to Towering Heights in Two Explosive 'Growth Spurts'

As the now-iconic Andes Mountains rose skyward along the western coast of South America dozens of millions of years ago, violent volcanic activity rocked the continent, a new study finds.

Border security conference canceled due to 'border security' shutdown. It's worse than it sounds

You might think the CNN headline says it all: «State Department cancels border security conference due to shutdown over border security.» But actually, it gets better … or worse, depending whether you care more about summing up Donald Trump

House Speaker Pelosi won't allow Trump to deliver his State of the Union address until shutdown ends

«The House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution . . . until the government has opened»

Civil rights group sues Trump admin on behalf of thousands of detained unaccompanied migrant kids

A top civil rights organization has filed a class action lawsuit against the Trump administration, seeking the release of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children who continue to remain under U.S. custody—some now for months—due to official policy th

Orangutan at Ohio Zoo Bites Volunteer, Detaches Her Thumb

A volunteer at an Ohio zoo is recovering after an orangutan reached through a barrier in its mesh enclosure, bit her arm, and somehow detached her thumb. Officials at the Toledo Zoo said […] The post Orangutan at Ohio Zoo Bites Volunteer, Detaches Her T

NASA Astronaut Eric Boe Is Pulled From Boeing’s Starliner Test Flight

NASA just announced a major crew assignment update: Astronaut Eric Boe, who was scheduled to be part of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner’s Crew Flight Test, is not flying due to medical reasons. On […] The post NASA Astronaut Eric Boe Is Pulled From B

Oops, Toyota sold too many special-edition Supras in the UK - Roadshow

A computer glitch is to blame, and Toyota is trying to make everyone happy.

The Barisieur alarm clock brews coffee bedside to wake you up - CNET

No need to hit snooze.

NASA discovers fresh 'blast pattern' on Mars - CNET

Blamo! NASA catches sight of a smashing new impact crater on the Red Planet.

Verizon Media Group is laying off 7 percent of its workforce

The Verizon division formerly known as Oath is laying off 7 percent of its workforce, which amounts to roughly 800 employees. Oath was created after Verizon acquired AOL, followed by Yahoo, bringing them together two years ago as a combined digital media enti

Oracle says racial discrimination lawsuit is ‘meritless’

Oracle says the racial discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is “meritless.” This comes after Oracle declined yesterday to comment on the OFCCP’s filing that alle

Rare Rolls-Royces Steal Limelight at RM Sotheby’s Arizona Auction

Rare Rolls-Royces from the last century made an impactful sale at the RM Sotheby’s Arizona Auction that took place on January 17-18, 2019. The first in the list is 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Salamanca that was offered from the Calumet Collection, a

RM Sotheby’s Makes $37 Million at the Arizona Sale

RM Sotheby’s first sale of the year turned out to be extremely successful as it saw standout prices and strong bidder amounting to $37 million. “RM Sotheby's kicked off its 2019 auction calendar with the company's 20th annual Arizona sale, 17–18 January

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder at RM Sotheby’s Paris Auction

This car will be a part of lot 180 at the auction and its pre-auction value is estimated to be around €950,000 - €1,100,000. “Competing against the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder proved to be able to hold its own against t

Taking magnetism for a spin: Exploring the mysteries of skyrmions

Scientists have discovered the relaxation dynamics of a zero-field state in skyrmions, a spinning magnetic phenomenon that has potential applications in data storage and spintronic devices.

When coral species vanish, their absence can imperil surviving corals

As coral species die off, they may be leaving a death spiral in their wake: Their absence could be sapping life from the corals that survive. In a new study, when isolated from other species, corals got weak, died off or grew in fragile structures. The study
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