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Patrick Beverley hints he could still return this season

Patrick Beverley’s microfracture surgery was supposed to be a season-ending procedure, but the All-Defensive First Teamer does not seem to be convinced.Before a game against the Sacramento Kings on Saturday, the LA Clippers guard hinted to Tomer Azarly of C

Nobody Knows Why These Bees Built a Spiral Nest

This Australian stingless bee builds spiral towers of its unborn young. That may be the least weird thing about it.

Carved and Embroidered Leaves by Hillary Fayle

Artist Hillary Fayle (previously here and here) slices and stitches patterns into found leaves, producing elegant designs that strike a delicate balance between natural specimens and the human hand. The works range from minimal tweaks to individual leaves t

Apple debuts a dashboard for artists that tracks both streams and purchases

 Apple today launched a new dashboard that will allow artists on Apple Music to track fans’ listening and buying habits, and view a variety of analytics about their music, according to Billboard which had the launch exclusive from Apple. The dashb

Entrance gates to Grand Canyon open during federal shutdown

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) - Entrance gates to the Grand Canyon remained unlocked Monday with no one collecting fees during the federal government shutdown. Visitors were free to hike trails at the national park, stay in the campgrounds, and use r

Fans Behaving Badly: Pats, Eagles bring out worst in fans

PHILADELPHIA (AP) Binge drinking for hours in stadium parking lots, a few Philly fans flexed their beer muscles with throws that were as on point as Nick Foles connecting with his Eagles receivers.

Cardinals hire Panthers D-coordinator Wilks as head coach

PHOENIX (AP) Steve Wilks is the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Keenum not committed to re-signing with Vikings in 2018

Case Keenum is coming off a career year with the Minnesota Vikings, and it’s clear he’s looking forward to taking advantage of that in free agency this upcoming March.On Monday, following a very disappointing end in the NFC Championship Game against the P

Ex-Uber Maps exec Brian McClendon running for office

 Brian McClendon, a notable engineering executive at startups and large tech companies including Google and Uber, has announced his candidacy to run for the open seat of Secretary of State of Kansas. He will compete in the Democratic primary scheduled fo

Ted Cruz reinvents his stance on the 2013 government shutdown he championed

As Senate votes to re-open federal government, Cruz tries to revise history

Patrick Chun chosen as Washington State athletic director

PULLMAN, Wash. (AP) Washington State has chosen Patrick Chun as its new athletic director.

Megyn Kelly relitigates Vietnam War in petty, petty spat with Jane Fonda

“This is a woman whose name is synonymous with outrage,” says the often outrageous morning-show host

Terrell Owens defends Dak Prescott, rips Jason Garrett

If Terrell Owens keeps hearing Dallas Cowboys fans criticize Dak Prescott on social media, we may end up getting a repeat of his infamous teary-eyed “that’s my quarterback” speech.Owens answered some questions for fans on Twitter over the weekend, and i

‘Star Trek’-Style Tractor Beam Could Levitate Humans

Stranger than science fiction: University of Bristol researchers engineered a powerful acoustic tractor beam that could pave the way for levitating humans. The real-life technology—often depicted in Hollywood narratives as a literal beacon […] The pos

Trump’s attacks on Chuck Schumer were amplified by Russian bots

Russian bots like Trump an awful lot

Top gymnastics board members resign in wake of abuse case

The chairman, vice chairman and treasurer of USA Gymnastics have resigned.

Ganassi aims for win 200 at Rolex 24

Ganassi enters the race as defending GTLM class winners (Sebastien Bourdais, Joey Hand and Dirk Muller in the #66 car), on the back of a strong Roar Before the 24 test, in which Richard Westbrook and Ryan Briscoe, in the #67 car they will share with Scott Dix

Ziro’s robotics kit for kids now works with Alexa

 Ziro is a nifty programmable robotics kit for kids that had a successful Indiegogo campaign last year. And the company behind it, ZeroUI, is still adding new features. By default, Ziro kits come with a smart glove to control your robots. You can use th

Rallis India posts Q3 consolidated net profit at Rs 249.4 million

Expenses rose to Rs 3.66 billion from Rs 3.20 billion earlier

Rallis India posts Q3 consolidated net profit at Rs 249.4 million

Expenses rose to Rs 3.66 billion from Rs 3.20 billion earlier

Havells Q3 profit at Rs 1.94 bn

Total income during the quarter under review stood at Rs 19.94 bn against Rs 16.51 bn in the year-ago period

Havells Q3 profit at Rs 1.94 bn

Total income during the quarter under review stood at Rs 19.94 bn against Rs 16.51 bn in the year-ago period

Hits and misses for equity mutual funds

The stocks that gained the most among top picks include TCS and L&T

Hits and misses for equity mutual funds

The stocks that gained the most among top picks include TCS and L&T

1.7-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of North America Found Sticking to Australia

Rocks from opposite sides of the globe reveal that part of Australia was once attached to North America.

Microsoft AI Can Draw Pictures Based On Verbal Descriptions

Many of you installed Google’s Arts and Culture app to see which famous portrait its AI though you most looked like. Microsoft’ AI researchers have been working on something in the same vein. […] The post Microsoft AI Can Draw Pictures Base

Unbound’s Polly Rodriguez talks about the future of sexuality

 Unbound is a self-described sextech webshop for rebellious women and its founder, Polly Rodriguez, is a unique and fascinating representative for the site. In this Technotopia podcast I talk to Rodriguez about the future of sex toys and why sex robots p

Google is launching an AI research center in France and expanding its office

 Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a blog post about Google’s investments in France. There are three different pieces of news in this announcement. First, Google is going to expand its office in Paris. If you already know Google’s current offic

New Mexico oil and gas lease sale spurs numerous protests

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Dozens of protests have been filed by tribal officials, environmentalists and others as federal land managers consider leasing parcels in northwestern New Mexico for oil and gas development that critics say are too close to sites the

Flat Earth Rocketeer Says He Will Launch in Two Weeks

"Mad" Mike Hughes, a flat-Earth conspiracy theorist, appears to have a new rocket and a new launch date for his mission to prove our oblate spheroid world is actually a disc.

Waymo heads to Atlanta to test its self-driving cars

 Waymo continues to expand the pool of locations where it’s testing its autonomous vehicle tech, and the latest destination is metro Atlanta. The former Google self-driving car company revealed the news on Twitter, noting that it’s expanding

Democrats vote to reopen government, and activists say they’ve caved

GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell promises new immigration debate as chamber moves toward approving funding bill

3 board members at USA Gymnastics quit as more assault victims testify against sports doctor

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) 3 board members at USA Gymnastics quit as more assault victims testify against sports doctor.

Pay Mo’Nique, Netflix

Citing the high, high rates Netflix paid her peers and the low, low offer they gave her, the comedian speaks out

More congressional delay means another 2,200 DACA recipients will become vulnerable to deportation

Senate Democrats appear poised to vote for a continuing resolution bill that will reopen the government through February 8 but fails to address protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. All Senate Democrats have is yet ano

Atletico without Diego Costa for Copa match against Sevilla

MADRID (AP) Atletico Madrid will need to overcome the absence of Diego Costa in the decisive Copa del Rey match against Sevilla on Tuesday.

Teddy Bridgewater expects to start in 2018

Teddy Bridgewater expects to be back on an NFL field as a starting quarterback in 2018.Bridgewater said Monday that he “definitely” sees himself as a starter in 2018 no matter what happens. There is a lot to unpack here. First, Bridgewater is set to hit f

Why Flesh-Eating Bacteria Can Look Like the Flu

An Arizona woman who was initially diagnosed with the flu turned out to have a life-threating infection with "flesh eating" bacteria, according to news reports.

Cryo-EM reveals critical protein-modifying complex and potential drug target

Scientists have revealed the atomic-level structure of a molecular complex responsible for modifying proteins, possibly paving the way for the development of new medications for cancer and a host of other diseases.

How MyHeritage found a new business in DNA

 At first glance, genealogy may seem like a quiet hobby you take up in your retirement, but it’s also a big industry, with the likes of Ancestry, MyHeritage, Helix and others all vying for new users. You’d think that there isn’t much t
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